Ageluville a Scam Shop? [Ageluville Review]

Ageluville a Scam Shop? [Ageluville Review]

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Ageluville Review: An Introduction

Hello everybody and welcome to Wisdom Ganga. Many people are looking to know about the working and functioning of the Ageluville website. Therefore, Ageluville Review is written to answer some fundamental questions regarding this site. Is Ageluville a Scam? Or is Ageluville a Legit?

Well, we looked into the Ageluville website. There are some major faults found in the working of this website. Despite everything, the Ageluville site worked hard to look genuine. Still, the maker left some major issues on its site.

The question, is Ageluville scam? We left the answer to you, as we are not a judge. We found some red flags that we are going to point out.

To use the Ageluville website or not totally depends on you. Is Ageluville Scam or Not? You can tell us in the comment box.

We do not recommend Ageluville. By writing Ageluville Review our aim is to make you aware of the points found among the scam websites.

If you don’t understand the reason ‘why’ a site is not-recommended? Then you might get save yourself from this site but you will fell for some other bad website.

If you get scammed by Ageluville site or you think you have been scammed then read our article What to do when you get scammed? To take the right next step.

What is Ageluville?

Basically, Ageluville is an online store or shop that is selling Women dresses and other products. The theme looks good, the placement of images on the website is also good. Overall, appearance-wise it looks good.

But we are not discussing it. Our main objective is about the authenticity and genuineness of the Ageluville site. In the ‘authenticity’ front, Ageluville fails miserably.

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How does Ageluville work?

Ageluville is a social media platform that helps people connect with others in their local community. It provides a way for users to post information about events and activities happening in their area, as well as find and connect with others who might be interested in attending those events.

What are the benefits of using Ageluville?

There are many benefits to using Ageluville. Some of these benefits include:

-Helping you connect with others in your local community who share your interests.

-Allowing you to find out about events and activities happening in your area that you may be interested in.

-Giving you a platform to share information about events and activities happening in your area.

-Providing a way for you to connect with others who might be interested in attending those events.

Is there a cost to use Ageluville?

No, Ageluville is a free service. There are no fees or charges associated with using the platform.

Is Ageluville available in other languages?

No, at this time Ageluville is only available in English. However, we are working on translating the platform into other languages and hope to offer it in more languages in the future.

Who can use Ageluville?

Ageluville is open to anyone who wants to connect with others in their local community. There are no restrictions on who can use the platform.

Red Flags of Ageluville

Information of the Owner Not Present on Ageluville and Site

Almost every scam site, never reveal their owner information. If somebody does share the information, most of the time the information is fake.

Therefore, before using any unknown, unpopular website please check its owner information. Especially, on those websites where either you are paying or receiving the money.

On the Ageluville website, the information of the owner is not shared by them. Even they have guarded their information in WHOIS records. It simply means they do not want to reveal their identity.

Ageluville is an e-commerce website. People are going to buy products with their hard-earned money. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Ageluville site to share its owner’s information on its website.

Why Information of the Owner is Important?

Nobody is perfect. Mistakes are bound to happen. But if mistakes are not corrected in a timely manner then it is a crime.

When people don’t receive their product or get the wrong product. They start searching the ways to contact the website. The only possible way left is to mail them your issue.

By asking for the time, scammers waste people’s golden time. Later, when people patience gets over, they try to search for the information about the site.

Now, people can’t even sue the person behind the site or file complaints against them only because they don’t know who owns the website.

So, to prevent yourself from such misery, you should check the background of the website before using it.

Low Price offer by Ageluville

Scammers play on human nature. They know most of the people (generally middle class) try to get the best product at a low cost.

There is nothing wrong with it. But believing in ‘too good to be true deals’ without checking the authenticity of the site is bad.

The price of the product on the Ageluville site is lower than usual. It always works against the customer. A discount or lower price is a double-edged sword.

It is because lower prices or discounts not only get people’s attention but also urge people to buy more. Discounts are nothing but a trap set by scammers.

The common point we found from people’s comments is that most of the time people know the site is offering ‘too good to be true deals’ but still they buy from that site.

It happens because firstly, the money is not much. Secondly, they also want it to be true. Therefore, they believe in the offer and their mind helps them to have logic for their decision.

Even after getting scammed people don’t file a complaint to their bank or to the respective government authorities. Simply because the money they spent is not worth the time to waste in getting it back.

There are many reasons why we fall for such kind of scams. To understand more about it, read the following article to clear your perspective, Why We Fall Into Scam?

Copied Content

Content is considered to be a king of any site. Every site is unique in the eyes of Search Engines like Google and others.

To rank, in Search Engines, and get top ranking, every site has to generate unique content for its site which is not present in any other site.

Even if the owner of two or more sites is the same, both sites will be considered unique, and content on both sites should also be unique.

But on Ageluville the content inside the site is copied from Other sites. You can check the content plagiarism by using any Plagiarism tool present on the web.

Ageluville About Us
Ageluville About Us
Curvestyle About Us
Curvestyle About Us

Copied Images

Not only the content, but images present on the Ageluville site are also copied from other sites. To check them you have to just Google Search the Images.

What is the point behind revealing content and images that are copied?

Genuine sites never copied their content and images. It is because in the competitive world if you are not unique then your product will not list correctly.

Security Measures

There are no security measures present on the Ageluville site, except for an SSL certificate which is the basic security measure present on almost every website.

The security of the site is important in present times. It is because every year many hackers try to get the data of the big companies or sites.

To prevent such hacking incident and customer’s data (i.e. you), a site needs proper security measures.

But on Ageluville no such security measures are needed because it is capable of misuse people’s data on its own.

The New Trend

Earlier scam sites shut their website in a few days, weeks, or months. But now, they can work for years. Why it is?

It is because earlier sites never deliver the product for which banks or companies like PayPal refund the customer fully. But now, scammers send the product but not the correct product.

Now, they are delivering the product (not the correct one) and banks or PayPal are not able to refund the people’s money.

It is not enough, when you contact the website then they either reply or ignore your mail. The most common reply they send is that “We delivered the wrong product by mistake. You can send the product back to them and they will replace it”.

They offer few options to their customer. First, send the product back to hem. It is not possible as the courier charges will be way more than the cost of the product.

Second, get a 5-7% refund of your money. Third, they give you more discounts on future shopping.

Now, you cannot complain to the bank or PayPal against the website. It is simply because they are offering you different options.

The only aim behind all the replies is to waste your time so that you will not be able to file a complaint against them in time.

We came to understand that if you don’t receive your product then you are the lucky customer as your chances to get Chargeback is very high.


In conclusion, the comfyrs is not only a bad site to shop but also an unsafe site to use. Please maintain a distance from this site and don’t use its services.

Our work is to make people aware of the fundamental red flags found among the scam sites. There is no proper definition of a scam site.

Nobody can judge the intention of any new site or any other site. If somebody has to scam people then they will do it no matter if the site is new or old.

But there are some subtle points always present on the bad sites that give us the picture of its potential to turn into scam or not.

The above points are purely based on the research and facts seen on this site. Anyone can cross-check them.

Every year the number of scam sites is increasing and nobody can save you until you save yourself. The only way is to become aware of the fundamental points found among the scam or bad websites.

Scammers cannot harm us until we help them. Until you don’t see things objectively, scammers will harm you in many different ways.

If you have any doubt about this site then you can ask us. To get the answer of other things from some expert then you can use the service of the JustAnswer.

Please comment, your thought and views are very important to us. Your comment keeps us motivated to work round the clock and write about the scam site and save as many people as we can.

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