Treasure Hunt at the Castle

Do you love a good treasure hunt? If so, you’ll want to check out the treasure hunt at the castle. It’s sure to be a thrill! Participation is free, and there are plenty of prizes to be won. Delve into a new world of adventure and mystery when you visit the castle. Take on the … Read more

How the Legiana Mantle Affects Monster Hunter

The Legiana Mantle is a type of armor that can be crafted in Monster Hunter World. The mantle has the unique ability to generate an electric attack, which will inflict paralysis on any monster it hits for a limited time. It also offers protection against fire and ice attacks due to its material makeup. This … Read more

Modern Bow The Forest

Trendy Bow Description Recurve Bow v0.69 Weapon Cave 7 – Chasm Cave¬†Gathering Sure No No Wall Weapon RackGround Weapon HolderWeapon Rack Statistics Power has no impact on damageCan carry out Headshots N/A Ranged 1 Ammunition ArrowsBone ArrowsPoison ArrowsFire ArrowsModern Arrows 1 The Trendy Bow is a recurve bow. A ranged weapon makes use of arrows … Read more