Blue Devil Transmission Sealer Reviews: Is It a Good Buy?

Blue Devil Transmission Sealer Review - Blue Devil Transmission Sealer is a product that can help to stop leaks and seal the transmission of your vehicle. This product is designed for use on all types of transmissions, including automatic, manual, and dual
Blue Devil Transmission Sealer Reviews: Is It a Good Buy?
Blue Devil Transmission Sealer Reviews: Is It a Good Buy?

The risk of fluid leakage increases drastically as soon as the gearbox’s factory seal is opened because it’s often difficult to get a gasket that fits the car’s transmission system perfectly. Numerous Blue Devil Transmission Sealer reviews indicate that this product resolves this issue effortlessly.

Even the slightest leakage from a vehicle’s transmission system is a reason for concern since, over time, it can wear out the system’s key components and affect the vehicle’s performance. Also, defects in the transmission system will prevent you from maximizing the engine’s power output.

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So, in this Blue Devil Transmission Sealer review, we will establish how effective this product is at stopping transmission system leakages.

What does a car’s transmission system do?

The combustion process initiated by spark plugs enables the engine to produce thermal energy that is later converted into kinetic energy. A transmission system on any vehicle receives this energy, and it allocates it to the wheels that move the car.

The centerpiece of any transmission system is the gearbox, enabling the driver to adjust the amount of kinetic energy the wheels are receiving. All car manufacturers seal gearboxes intending to prevent the debris from contaminating it and retaining the gearbox lubrication.

Transmission System

However, it’s necessary to break the gearbox’s factory seal to repair it or replace it. Transmission leak sealers are utilized to seal an automatic or manual gearbox after the reparation process is completed.

The most common reasons for transmission leaks

A transmission leak can occur for several reasons, but in most cases, the cause of the leakage is either broken seals or a faulty transmission pump. Let’s take a closer look at the four most common reasons for transmission leaks.


Besides the gearbox seal, all transmission systems feature several other rubber or metal seals that ensure the transmission fluid’s uninterrupted movement through the system.

However, temperatures within the system vary between 195F and 220F, which can cause a seal to crack open and cause leakage.

Incorrect installation

Failing to install any component of the vehicle’s transmission system properly can result in the leakage of the transmission fluid. A wrongly installed transmission pan gasket is arguably the most common cause of a transmission system’s leakages and failures.

Go through our guide to buying auto parts online if you’re searching for one or more aftermarket transmission system components.

Faulty transmission fluid lines

The transmission lines ensure that the fluid can circulate through the system and keep all of its components cool and lubricated. However, constant exposure to heat and general wear and tear are often reasons why these lines lose their ability to retain transmission fluid.

Malfunctioning transmission pump

A pump pushes the fluid that circulates through the transmission system. This pump can break for several reasons and cause leakage. Replacing the transmission pump is the only way to stop further leakage of the transmission fluid.

How effective are transmission leak sealers?

Fixing faulty transmission lines or pumps with a leak sealer isn’t possible, as these products are designed to make the seals in the transmission system tight.

So, if you’re dealing with a problem that is related to one of the seals in the vehicle’s transmission system, the chances are that you’ll be able to fix the issue by adding a leak sealer to the transmission fluid.

Also, a leak sealer can help you replace a gasket if you’re having difficulties finding a model that is compatible with your car model. When added to the system, these products are absorbed by rubber seals, which causes them to swell to their originals size and stops the leakage.

The leak sealers are not compatible with all types of transmission oils, so you must check if you can add a particular leak sealer model to your car.

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Moreover, these products may not work with contemporary iron-cast head gaskets, so their effectiveness depends on the car’s transmission system. Check out our car maintenance guide for more information on how to keep your vehicle in great condition.

Fixing transmission leaks with the Blue Devil Transmission Sealer

blue devil transmission sealer

It is relatively easy to determine if the leakage comes from the car’s transmission system because the transmission fluid has a distinctive red color.

The cooling fluid is blue, while the engine oil has a dark brown color, so the color of the puddle under your car will help you determine where the leakage is coming from.

Once you’ve made sure that the leak is coming from the transmission system, you’ll need to make a visual inspection of all seals within this system. The driveshaft, input shaft, valve body, and transmission pan seals are the most likely places where leaks in the transmission system occur.

You should also check the transmission fluid level in the system by removing the dipstick that is usually located near the engine’s firewall. The dipstick features cool and warm indicators, so you must check the fluid level while the engine is running and when it is turned off.

Read our guide to finding the best car oil filter to ensure that your engine keeps working seamlessly.

Adding the Blue Devil Transmission Sealer to the transmission system

The Blue Devil Transmission Sealer works with vehicles with automatic and manual transmission systems and is compatible with all types of transmission fluids. In addition to making permanent seals, this product also restores shrunken, cracked, or dried seals.

All seals in the transmission system absorb this transmission fluid additive, which causes them to swell and ultimately stop the leakage. Adding the Blue Devil Transmission Sealer to the vehicle’s transmission system is remarkably easy, as you have to turn off your car and pop the hood.

Locate and remove the vehicle’s transmission dipstick and then pour the Blue Devil Transmission Sealer into the transmission system.

It is advisable to go through the vehicle’s manual and find out how much liquid you can add to its transmission system since adding too much of the sealer can damage some of the system’s components.

An ounce to the Blue Devil’s product treats a quart of transmission fluid, and you need to check how many quarts of the fluid your car can hold to determine the right amount of the transmission sealer you should add.

The additive works as you drive, and it may take several days of driving time until it manages to repair or restore seals to their original state. The product won’t clog the transmission system, so it is safe to use it with all types of transmission fluids.

Packaging and pricing options

You’ll need just one bottle of this additive to treat the transmission fluid in your vehicle. The product is available in 16oz bottles, which means that it can be used with all cars that can hold 15 quarts or less transmission fluid.

The Blue Devil Transmission Sealer is not expensive since you can purchase a 16oz bottle of this transmission fluid additive for $12.95. It would be best if you also kept in mind that purchasing this product from an unauthorized seller will void its warranty.

Also, suppose the leak continues several days after you added the Blue Devil Transmission Sealer to the transmission system. In that case, you should apply it again to check if it produces the desired result.

The Blue Devil Transmission Sealer – Pros and Cons


  • Simple application process
  • Affordable price
  • Compatible with automatic and manual transmission systems
  • Strengthens all seals in the transmission system


  • Effectiveness may depend on the material from which a seal is made
  • Transmission sealers can’t fix seals that suffered excessive damage

The best alternatives to the Blue Devil Transmission Sealer

Although the Blue Devil Transmission Sealer offers an easy way to avoid costly repairs, the product isn’t effective in all situations.

Even though the manufacturer claims that all seals made by this product are permanent, this might not be the case, and your vehicle’s transmission system might start losing fluid a few weeks or a few months after you added the Blue Devil Transmission Sealer to it.

Transmission sealers produced by competing brands may produce better results, which is the reason why we’ve selected a few of the best alternatives to the Blue Devil Transmission Sealer. Here’s what they have to offer.

Lucas LUC10009 Transmission Fix

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Lucas Luc

Besides stopping leaks, the Lucas LUC10009 Transmission Fix can fix transmission problems related to slipping or hard shifting. The application method is straightforward since you have to directly pour the right amount of this additive into the transmission system.

The LUC10009 eliminates the foaming of the transmission fluid using a solvent-free formula, and it keeps the temperature of the fluid at acceptable levels. The additive also reduces the need to replace the fluid in the transmission system as it revitalizes its properties.

The additive will achieve the same results when added to manual and automatic transmission systems, but you must check if it is compatible with the transmission fluid your car uses.

Also, it is better to use the LUC1009 Transmission Fix to prevent damage to the transmission rather than fix the already existing damage.

No Leak 20601

No leak

A single bottle of the No Leak 20601 transmission fluid additive will stop the leakage and ensure that your transmission system’s fluid retention capacity is restored to normal. The additive needs a few days of driving time to bring leakages to a halt and restore dried rubber seals.

The No Leak 20601 additive is gradually absorbed by all seals in the system, and as a result, they slowly start to soften and swell. Besides, this product ensures all parts of the transmission system are properly lubricated, which in turn reduces the daily wear and tear they’re taking.

You can add this additive to all transmission systems since it is compatible with all transmission fluids.

Pouring too much of the No Leak 20601 into the car’s transmission system can have undesired effects, so you need to know the exact amount of transmission fluid you want to treat before adding this additive to it.

Bar’s Leak 1420


It will take at least 200 miles or three days of drive time before the Bar’s Leak 1420 prevents further leakage of the transmission fluid. Also, you must add the entire 11oz bottle of this product to the transmission system to achieve optimum results.

The additive’s primary purpose is to stop leakages in worn-out transmission systems and reduce the need for frequent fluid changes. You can add this additive to manual and automatic transmissions, but you should keep in mind that it is not compatible with all types of fluids.

Also, the product can’t stop leakages if the seals are heavily damaged, and it won’t rejuvenate old seals that have been in use for years. This product doesn’t regulate the fluid’s heat or help lubricate different parts of the transmission system.

Frequently asked questions about the Blue Devil Transmission Sealer.

Our Verdict: Is Blue Devil Transmission Sealer an effective solution for transmission leakages?

Any car leakage is potentially dangerous because it suggests that one or more of its parts are damaged. Although determining that your car’s transmission system is leaking is relatively easy, tracing the leak’s source might be difficult.

In most cases, dried or loose seals are why the fluid is dripping from the car’s transmission system. You can use the Blue Devil Transmission Sealer to stop the leakage caused by a loose pan gasket or malfunctioning of the driveshaft seal.

You shouldn’t expect too much from this product or regard it as a long-term solution to the difficulties you’re experiencing with your car’s transmission system.

Worn-out components of a transmission system have to be replaced, and a product like the Blue Devil Transmission Sealer can only get you some extra time before you have to replace the broken parts.

Did you find this Blue Devil Transmission Sealer useful? Let us know in the comments or continue reading our guide to the best radiator stop leak products if your car’s leakage isn’t coming from the transmission system.

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