ChrisFix – Why Doesn’t He Show His Face?

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ChrisFix is a popular online car repair resource with over 7 million subscribers. He’s known for his informative and engaging car repair videos. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at one of his most popular videos: how to fix your face. Many people struggle with various skin conditions, and Chris offers some great tips on how to improve your complexion. We hope you find this information helpful!

Who is ChrisFix and why doesn’t he show his face in any of his videos or posts?

ChrisFix is the top YouTuber for DIY car repair channels as of August 2018. He also makes a point to hide his identity on social media and YouTube, never showing his face in any videos he posts online with over 600 million views so far! Chris lives somewhere near New Jersey where there are many other passionate people who share similar interests- it seems like this would be an ideal place to live if you enjoy working on cars all day long every single day…

Who is ChrisFix

Chrisfix On Why He Hides His Face

Chrisfix responding on Instagram to why he doesn’t show his face during filming.

ChrisFix is a man of few words, but he doesn’t mind saying what’s on his mind.
In this string from Instagram comments someone said “Chris Fix why don’t you ever show your face?” To which somebody else replied with an interesting response that really made me think about how we treat each other in social media space- “probably because it’s more about the video content than his appearance.”

Chrisfix repliedExactly!

You might be asking yourself, “if I had 600 million views on YouTube would people want me to show my face?”. The interesting thing is that he had the foresight not put his face in any of his earlier videos (before he was big). So maybe you should think twice before putting out there too much information so soon!
The most important part about creating a video for marketing purposes or building an audience – whether it’s Youtube or Facebook Live streaming
is thinking ahead and making sure what viewers see aligns with who YOU wish them believe about YOUR brand…not necessarily reality?

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Is Chris fix a real mechanic?

Chrisfix, real name Chris Magello is a renowned YouTuber who specialises in the automotive industry. He hails from New Jersey and was born 1996 which means he’s just hitting his prime years of eligibility for this niche! His channel has over 1-2 billion cumulative views with close to 8 million subscribers – making him one if not thee most popular car mechanic on YouTube right now
In 2017 alone, there were 338 videos posted by ‘ChrisFix’ (as he prefers being called) all related mostly but not exclusively around cars

Is ChrisFix The Top Car Repair YouTuber in 2018

ChrisFix is tops in 2018 for car repair videos. His tutorials are easy to follow and will help you learn everything that needs fixing on your own vehicle, at home or work!

His videos focus on extensive DIY guides that take you through every step. They’re a great resource, and I have always enjoyed his videos.

“Hey, Guys ChrisFix Here” sound familiar?

Like most of the other YouTubers that started the DIY automotive revolution on YouTube. He started the same way, making videos just to help people with no commercial interest. It was about the fun of making videos, sharing knowledge, and helping other people out.

The guy is connected, yet you’d be hard press to find a photo of him without his face disguised on any of those platforms.

ChrisFix did an entire interview with his face down:

Yes, he did the entire 10-minute video with his face down. It also probably works well as a publicity stunt since so many people want to know who he is.

There You Go, ChrisFix Is Just Another Normal Person!

I tend to agree with other people, he probably doesn’t really care if you know who I am. But as much as possible of my fame should remain a mystery for all those viewers out there in cyberspace that have been watching me on YouTube since before it was even called “YouTube.”

He has almost had 600 million views on his videos.

ChrisFix is a YouTube star who has over 300 thousand subscribers to his channel, but he doesn’t want us seeing what’s behind-the-scenes and prefers not involve himself with personal publicity.

Chris Fix makes enough money from videos on how fixing things around the house or performing various car repairs so it would seem very likely that we’ll see less “face cam” work in public spaces where people can watch without any knowledge about him personally; like I said before – this guy knows what works!

ChrisFix is the top YouTuber in 2018 for Automotive Repair / DIY videos.

He’s never shown his face in any of the videos on YouTube. There were two accidental slips where you can see him through a car window, but for some reason he avoids showing off all that gorgeousness?
A few weeks ago there was an article about how Casper Brinkerhoff is one if those people who likes to hide their looks with makeup and dark filters because they feel like it makes them less attractive than others when really its just insecure ego playing tricks at work again…

I wondered if this was simply just a ploy for more views, or if it had a practical purpose.

It seems to me that it is because with having 4 million subscribers he would rather not be recognized everywhere.

If he posted his face on every video like Scotty Kilmer or Eric The Car Guy, he would probably have a lot of people calling him out in public. I would find that annoying, and he probably does too.

To read about why Scotty Kilmer called out Chrisfix read here.

I respect anyone that has posted anything on YouTube for the sake of helping others!

Thank you ChrisFix and ErictheCarGuy and the hundreds of others that no one recognizes for their awesome content.

Like anything on the internet you should always cross check it to be sure it is legit information first. Scottykilmer’s video about using compression brake fittings is questionable at best, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t encouraged a lot of people to try out fixing their own cars.

A skill I think the more people try, the more respect the general public will have for mechanics and technicians. A good thing!

I personally respect anyone that has the guts to post anything on YouTube. Except for all the trolls. Just go take a nap or something.

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 What tools does ChrisFix recommend for auto repair?

Answer: I watched thousands of hours of his videos and compiled some of his favorite tools. Just kidding, I didn’t watch thousands of hours, but I have seen pretty much every video ChrisFix has made.

While some of the tools he recommends are clearly from paid advertisers, he also makes some good recommendations:

Here are some of my favorites that he recommends: (Click to check reviews & price on Amazon)

  1. Tekton 24″ Breaker Bar (Long enough to always get the job done).
  2. Stanley Socket Set (He Says it is good for a beginner- I mostly agree) **I just tend to not like buying “kits” of sockets unless it is like the really expensive full toolbox posted above. I find the sets generally are cheaper quality than coming up with a list of what you need and buying them separately from different manufacturers.
  3. ChrisFix recommends this Tekton Wrench Set, however, I recommend buying a ratcheting wrench set like this Gearwrench master set.
  4. We both like the Bluedriver OBD2 Scan Tool, if you don’t have one it’s not a bad middle of the road one to get.
  5. He recommends this 3 Ton Pittsburgh Floor Jack, I personally prefer more racing style aluminum (lighter) jacks like this- 3 Ton Arcan Aluminum Racing Jack (only slightly more expensive). Compare 56 lbs to 78 lbs for the ChrisFix version.
  6. The Milwaukee 18v Fuel 1/2″ Impact Gun he recommends I also personally own and love. However, that price point isn’t the best you can find. I would recommend buying the 1/2″ Impact Driver tool only here, and then buying a drill and impact driver combo set that comes with batteries and charger that all work together. For the same price, you get like three tools instead of one.

What camera does ChrisFix use?

If you’re curious as to how this guy is able to film his videos with a camera right on the front of him, it’s actually easier than you might think. He shoots those portions using just about any type of GoPro-compatible device like these ones (from Amazon).


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