How to Fix – Dark Souls 3 Stuttering

How to Fix – Dark Souls 3 Stuttering

Darkish Souls III is a role-playing sport the place the participant takes on other heroes and completes an in-game marketing campaign. It briefly become standard, with variations to be had for Home windows PC via Xbox One or PS4 as neatly!

Darkish Souls 3 stuttering

The brand new model of Dark Souls is understood for experiencing stuttering problems the place the FPS drops from a forged 60 to at least one. This will make gambling unplayable and reasons glitchy results in your display screen, equivalent to distorted pixels and even glitching movements in-game when this occurs all over gameplay. A lot of avid gamers have reported struggling with a lot of these issues during their day as of late!

What reasons Darkish Souls III to Stutter?

Video games stuttering all the time comes down to 1 factor; incompatibility between your GPU and CPU. Since each processors can be utilized for anything else, the problem may originate in any module similar them that you simply use whilst gambling a sport like “Darkish Souls 3.” One conceivable reason is operating an older model of Home windows than what is lately put in on there or having too many methods open immediately which might impact how briefly the whole thing quite a bit all over gameplay (as the general public would not have a lot RAM).

What reasons Darkish Souls III to Stutter?

Prior to we transfer on with the workarounds, just remember to have an lively web connection and are logged in as an administrator.

Answer 1: Disabling Software Affiliation Carrier

Maximum avid gamers have reported that disabling this carrier mounted the problem for them. You’ll be able to attempt to disable it and take a look at if it really works for you as neatly.

    1. Press and dangle the “Home windows + R” keys in combination to open Run. Now sort “products and services.msc” and press input.
    2. As soon as the is opened to find the carrier named “Software Affiliation Carrier”
    3. If you to find it right-click on it and pass to houses.
    4. Now press the drop-down menu beneath “Startup Kind” and make a choice “Disabled”
    5. Restart your pc and take a look at if the problem nonetheless persists.

Answer 2: Disabling all HID-complaint Units

HID (Human Interface Units) are most commonly enter gadgets attached for your pc. At any time, the instrument supervisor will record quite a lot of HIDs despite the fact that you don’t have that many peripherals hooked up! This could be a topic with Darkish Souls – we will check out disabling these kind of gadgets and notice if it fixes issues for us.

  1. Press Home windows + R, sort “devmgmt.msc” within the discussion field, and press Input.
  2. As soon as within the instrument supervisor, amplify the class of Human Interface Units and disable all gadgets with the key phrase ‘HID-complaint –‘.
Disabling all HID-Compliant gadgets
  1. Save adjustments and go out. Now release Darkish Souls 3 once more and notice if the issue is resolved.

Notice: If this doesn’t rectify the problem, imagine appearing the similar steps for USB Enter Units.

Answer 3: Uninstalling Controller

In case you are the usage of a controller to play your sport in your pc, it can be the reason for the issue. Darkish Souls, previously, had a number of problems when a controller was once used as an alternative of a keyboard. It sort of feels that the sport can not correctly synchronize with the enter from the peripheral and reasons problems equivalent to stuttering. We will check out uninstalling your controller and notice if this fixes the problem.

  1. Navigate to the instrument supervisor as executed within the earlier answer.
  2. Extend the class of Xbox 360 peripherals (if you’re the usage of an Xbox controller), right-click at the controller, and make a choice Uninstall.
Uninstalling controller – Software Supervisor
  1. Now release Darkish Souls once more and notice if the stuttering nonetheless persists.

Answer 4: Disabling Graphics Optimizations

For some other people, leveraging graphical optimizations might supply an revel in this is higher than what they’d have in a different way been in a position to reach with Darkish Souls. The drawback of this procedure comes when those 3rd birthday celebration distributors start disrupting gameplay and inflicting problems for individuals who don’t need their pc suffering from anything else however gambling video video games. Those choices had been noticed as some way make stronger efficiency with out negatively affecting different facets equivalent to processor utilization or bandwidth usage; then again in apply they steadily best serve one goal: making the sport worse as a result of extra assets are faithful against graphics processing quite then exact content material supply .

Disabling graphics optimizations

One method to make stronger your gaming efficiency is by means of disabling all of those choices after which checking which one was once inflicting the issue. As an example, thread optimization could be a offender as it’ll reason some video games now not paintings appropriately when enabled in positive settings as a result of they’re designed for greater than two threads immediately.

Another choices which you’ll take a look at are VR pre-rendered frames and efficiency settings.

Along with the above answers, you’ll additionally check out:

  • Updating your drivers to the newest construct to be had. Just remember to have the newest ones by means of updating every one manually.
  • Be sure that your sport is up to date to the newest patch. Darkish Souls 3 builders continuously unlock updates to mend insects and system faults like this one.
  • Just remember to have the right kind model of show drivers
  • In case you are having a topic with audio stuttering, you’ll both replace the drivers (if now not up to date) or roll again to a prior one (if the more moderen motive force is inflicting the problem).
  • Make certain Home windows may be up to date to the newest construct with the newest model of DirectX.


Why is Dark Souls 3 freezing?

There could be a number of reasons why your game might be freezing. It could be a problem with your graphics card, driver, or settings. Try updating your graphics driver and resetting your in-game settings to see if that helps.

How do I fix Dark Souls 3 stuttering?

There are a few things you can try to fix stuttering in Dark Souls 3. First, make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. Then, try resetting your in-game settings or changing your window mode. Finally, if all else fails, you can try verifying the integrity of your game files.

My game is crashing, what should I do?

If your game is crashing, there could be a problem with your graphics card, driver, or settings. Try updating your graphics driver and resetting your in-game settings to see if that helps. If the problem persists, you can try verifying the integrity of your game files.

Why is my frame rate so low?

There could be a number of reasons why your frame rate is low. It could be a problem with your graphics card, driver, or settings. Try updating your graphics driver and resetting your in-game settings to see if that helps. You can also try changing your window mode or lowering the resolution.

Does VSync fix stuttering?

Yes, using VSync can often help to resolve stuttering issues. This is because VSync synchronizes the frame rate of your game with the refresh rate of your monitor, which can help to eliminate screen tearing and choppy frame rates. However, it’s important to note that VSync can also introduce some input lag, so you’ll need to strike a balance between eliminating stuttering and maintaining a responsive gaming experience.

What causes stuttering in games?

There are a number of potential causes of stuttering in games. One common cause is a lack of performance from your graphics card. If your graphics card is unable to render the game at a consistent frame rate, you may experience stuttering. Another potential cause is an unstable connection to the game server. If your connection is frequently dropping or experiencing high latency, this can also cause stuttering. Finally, some games may simply be poorly optimized, which can lead to stuttering on even powerful hardware.

How do I fix stuttering in Dark Souls 3?

If you’re experiencing stuttering in Dark Souls 3, there are a number of potential fixes you can try. First, make sure that your graphics card is able to run the game at a consistent frame rate. If it’s not, you may need to upgrade your graphics card or lower the graphical settings. Second, try connecting to the game server using a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi. This will help to reduce latency and improve your connection stability. Finally, make sure you’re running the latest version of the game. If the game is poorly optimized, this can often lead to stuttering.


The sport is truly just right, however I am beginning to get annoyed with the stuttering. What will have to I do? – In case you are the usage of an older pc or having hassle operating the sport because of your {hardware} now not being up-to-date, there are methods you’ll optimize settings and graphics for higher efficiency. You might also need to take a look at turning off every other methods that could be operating within the background when gambling Darkish Souls 3. Additionally it is value bringing up that if you are on a Macbook Professional computer, it has video reminiscence which means that it’ll most likely battle greater than Home windows computer systems when gaming.

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