Destiny 2 Failed To Download Configuration Files

Destiny 2 Failed To Download Configuration Files

I’m sure that by now you have all heard the news that Destiny 2 failed to download its configuration files, preventing many players from accessing the game on release. Bungie has since stated that they are working to resolve the issue, but what does this mean for those of us who were looking forward to playing Destiny 2 today? We may be waiting a while longer. In the meantime, let’s take a look at what might have gone wrong and what we can do to prepare for when the game finally launches.

This notorious error message which often appears to users playing Destiny or Destiny 2 is usually accompanied with the error code Nightingale and the “Failed to Download Configuration Files” message is not allowing users to continue playing the game before something is done to get rid of the error.

Destiny 2 Failed To Download Configuration Files
Destiny 2 Failed To Download Configuration Files

Bungie’s official response to the problem consists of a generic fix to the problem which hasn’t helped anyone ever and they will also tell you that you might have malfunctioning hardware related to your Internet connection. That is why it’s best for you to follow the solutions presented below until one of them works for you and you are able to solve the problem.

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Solution 1: Use a Wi-Fi Hotspot on Your PC or on Your Mobile Phone

If you are not using your home network to play Destiny or Destiny 2, it’s quite possible that the administrator of the network you are connecting to has blocked several ports used by Destiny to connect to its servers. If that is the case, you can avoid this issue by generating a hotspot on your computer in order to connect to it and avoid the restrictions.

Even if you are currently the owner of the network, something might be wrong with Bungie’s servers so you can use this workaround until they solve the issue on their own end.

For information on how to configure and start a hotspot on your PC which should have an Internet connection, read the article we have on the topic by clicking the following link.

Solution 2: Change the DNS to Correspond to Your Router

Custom Internet connection settings work for most users on their consoles but sometimes you need to step in and take things into your own hands. For example, various users have reported that they needed to manually change their DNS settings and change the DNS to correspond to the address which corresponds to their router.

First of all, you will need to find out which DNS address corresponds to your router by following the set of steps below:

  1. Click either on the Start menu or the Search button next to it and type in “cmd”. Right-click on the first result and select the Run as administrator option.

  1. Type in the following command in the Command Prompt window and made sure you type Enter in order to gain access to detailed information regarding your network:

ipconfig /all

  1. Locate the Internet connection you are currently using which should be named exactly the same as the adapter and locate the DNS Servers entry in the list.

  1. Write down these two addresses as you will need them later while setting up your consoles.

Now that you have successfully located the DNS addresses, it’s time to setup your consoles correctly and use them in order to get rid of the Nightingale error code for good. The process is slightly different for PS4 and Xbox One users so please follow the information related to your console.

PlayStation 4 Users:

  1. Turn on your PS4 and navigate to Settings >> Network Set Up Internet Connection
  2. After that, Select the type of connection you are currently using to connect to the Internet (LAN Cable or Wi-Fi). If your PS3 is plugged in to the router, select LAN Cable and if you’re using a wireless connection, select Wi-Fi instead.
  3. The next screen should prompt you on “How do you want to set up the Internet connection”. Choose Custom.

  1. If you selected wireless, set up your connection as normal but you will also need to choose the wireless connection you are going to use in the future. If the network is password-protected, you will need to provide the key and it will display a padlock icon on the right side of the screen.
  2. Make sure you set your settings as following and make sure you enter the same addresses you located in the Command Prompt:

IP Address Setting: Automatic DHCP Host name: Do Not Set DNS Settings: Manual Primary DNS: <the first address from cmd> Secondary DNS: <the second address from cmd> MTU Settings: Automatic Proxy Server: Do Not Use

  1. Test your connection and check to see if the error code still appears.

Xbox One Users:

  1. Go to the Xbox One Dashboard and press the Options button on the controller you are using.
  2. Navigate to Network >> Advanced Settings >> DNS Settings >> Manual.

  1. Enter the first address from Command Prompt for the Primary DNS and the second one for the Secondary DNS. Click Enter the both times to confirm and press the B button to save the changes
  2. Restart your Xbox One, restart Destiny, and check to see if the error code Cabbage still appears on your console.

Note: If your own DNS addresses won’t work properly, you can try the following one:

Primary DNS: Secondary DNS:


Primary DNS: Secondary DNS:

This are the Google DNS addresses (first pair) and Open DNS ones (second pair) which are free to use and which have also helped people deal with the error code.

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Solution 3: Completely Restart Your Respective Console

A complete restart of the console is sometimes necessary since it clears the cache and resets certain processes which might have gone corrupt due to excessive use of the console.

  1. Press and hold the power button at the front of the Xbox console until it shuts down completely.
  2. Unplug the power brick from the back of the Xbox. Press and hold the power button on the Xbox several times to make sure there is no remaining power and this will actually clean the cache.

  1. Plug in the power brick and wait for the light located on the power brick to change its color from white to orange.
  2. Turn the Xbox back on as you would do normally and check to see if the Centipede error code still appears when you start Destiny or Destiny 2.

Alternative for Xbox One:

  1. Navigate to your Xbox One settings and click on Network >> Advanced Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Alternate Mac Address option and choose the Clear option which appears.

  1. You will be prompted with a choice to really do this as your console will be restarted. Respond affirmatively and your cache should now be cleared. Open Destiny or Destiny 2 after the console has restarted and check to see if the Centipede error code still appears.

If you are using a PlayStation 4 to play Destiny, make sure you follow the instructions below to hard reset your PlayStation 4 since PS4 does not possess an option to clear the cache:

  1. Completely turn off the PlayStation 4.
  2. Once the console is completely shut down, unplug the power cord from the back of the console.

  1. Let the console stay unplugged for at least a couple of minutes.
  2. Plug the power cord back into the PS4 and turn it on the way you normally do.

Solution 4: Restore Licenses on PlayStation 4

This option will successfully restore the licenses of all games, add-ons, and DLCs you have under the possession of your PSN account so make sure you try this solution as it’s quite simply and it has actually helped quite a few users deal with their Destiny error codes, especially if you encountered the “Failed to Download Configuration Files” message.

  1. Turn on your PS4 and navigate to the Settings area.
  2. Click on PlayStation Network >> Account Management >> Restore License.

Fix: Destiny 2 failed to download configuration files

Destiny 2 PC Error code Nightingale “FIX” *UPDATED*


How do I fix failed to download config file?

“Download Configuration Failed” Error in Cod Mobile: How to Fix
  1. Players can encounter this error when launching COD Mobile. Fix 1: Change Your Phone’s DNS Server. …
  2. Fix 2: Force Closing the Game. …
  3. Enable all in the settings. Run the game again and check if the issue has been resolved.

What is configuration failed?

The error shown on the screen is actually a network error that doesn’t allow players to connect to the game’s servers, though the device has been connected via mobile data or over wifi. … To reconnect with the COD Mobile servers, follow the steps listed below: Open your Android or iOS device.

How do I download a config file?

To download a configuration file:
  1. Go to Device Manager > Device & Groups and select a device group.
  2. In the lower tree menu, select a device. …
  3. In the dashboard, locate the Configuration and Installation Status widget.
  4. In the Total Revisions row, click Revision History.
  5. Select the revision you want to download.

Q: Destiny 2 Failed To Download Configuration Files, what do I do?

A: Delete the game and re-download it.

Some players are reporting that they are unable to play Destiny 2 because it fails to download its configuration files. If you are experiencing this issue, the first thing you should do is delete the game and re-download it. Bungie is aware of this issue and is currently investigating it.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, be sure to check out our FAQs below.

Q: Why can’t I play Destiny 2?

A: You may not be able to play Destiny 2 if your console fails to download its configuration files. Bungie is currently investigating this issue.

Q: What should I do if I’m experiencing this issue?

A: The first thing you should do is delete the game and re-download it. Bungie is aware of this issue and is currently investigating it.

Q: What are the Destiny 2 configuration files?

A: The Destiny 2 configuration files contain information about the game’s content, including the maps, activities, and gear that are available in the game. Without these files, your console won’t be able to load the game.

Q: Why did my console fail to download the Destiny 2 configuration files?

A: Bungie is currently investigating this issue and has not yet released a statement on why some players are experiencing this problem. However, it is possible that this issue is caused by a server overload.

Q: What should I do if my console fails to download the Destiny 2 configuration files?

A: The first thing you should do is delete the game and re-download it. Bungie is aware of this issue and is currently investigating it. If you continue to experience this problem, please contact Bungie Support. They may be able to help you resolve the issue.

What is the Destiny 2 config file?

The Destiny 2 config file is a text file that allows you to customize various game settings. It’s located in the same directory as the game executable.

How can I edit the Destiny 2 config file?

You can edit the Destiny 2 config file using a text editor such as Notepad.

What settings can I customize in the Destiny 2 config file?

The following settings can be customized in the Destiny 2 config file:

– Display settings

– Gameplay settings

– Audio settings

– Network settings

– Mouse and keyboard settings

– Graphics card settings

What are some of the best customizations for my PC?

This will depend on your specific system, but generally speaking you’ll want to adjust your graphics card settings to get the best performance. You may also want to adjust your mouse and keyboard settings to optimize your gameplay experience.

Can I share my Destiny 2 config file with other players?

Yes, you can share your Destiny 2 config file with other players. However, note that some of the settings may not work correctly on other systems.

I’m having a problem with my Destiny 2 config file, what should I do?

If you’re having problems with your Destiny 2 config file, you should consult the game’s official documentation or contact the game developer for assistance.

What are the Nightingale’s abilities?

The Nightingale possesses a variety of powerful abilities, including a cloak that renders her invisible, the ability to heal allies, and the ability to deal massive damage to her enemies. She is also able to summon spectral blades to fight for her, which can deal significant damage.

Failed to download configuration files for Destiny 2?

There are a few things you can try. First, make sure that your console is connected to the internet and that you’re signed in to your Bungie account. If you’re still having trouble, try restarting your console or router. If that doesn’t work, reach out to Bungie Support for help.


If you are experiencing this error, please try the following steps to resolve it. Please note that these instructions have been compiled from a variety of sources and may not work for everyone. However, if you follow them closely there is a good chance they will help solve your problem. 1) Make sure all files on both USB devices are in their original folders before proceeding with step 2. This includes any saved games or other content as well as the Destiny2 installation folder itself (this should be found under C:\Program Files(x86)\Destiny 2). It also means deleting anything else off those drives first so only the required files remain – make sure nothing has been added since last time! Once done, reconnect one drive.

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