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Tethir, a forest located in the western part of Faerun is home to a variety of creatures and plants. The most notable feature of this forest is its immense size with many towering trees that stretch up into the sky.
Baldur’s Gate 2  Online Walkthrough by Montresor | Napo News Online
Baldur’s Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor | Napo News Online
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Baldur’s Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor CREATING A CHARACTER | GENERAL TIPS AND TRICKS | NPCs | ITEM LISTS | SHOPS Shadows of Amn: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 Throne of Bhaal | Watcher’s Keep About the Walkthrough | Organization of the Walkthrough | About the Maps | About the Author | Where to Begin Overview of Chapter 6 | Quests in Chapter 6 Areas in Chapter 6 The Underdark Exit Area | Small Teeth Pass | The North Forest | The Forest of Tethir | The Graveyard District


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This is the area where you will finally find the entrance to Suldanessellar and Chapter 7. However, there is plenty of other stuff to do here.

You have to find your way around by walking on the fallen trees, which can be quite a pain.

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To leave the area, go to any border of the map.

Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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  1. Here is where you arrive in the forest.
  2. Here is a Wolfwere camp. You won’t find the Wolfweres here until you have spoken to Coran at 7. Once you return here, you will find Safana and the Wolfweres. It turns out to be a trap set by Safana, but she is immediately killed by the Wolfwere leader herself. Kill the Wolfweres, and if you manage to save Coran, he thanks you profusely before leaving. If you don’t save him, he drops Leather Armor +1, a Short Sword +1, and a few Bullets +2.
  3. Here is a Yuan-Ti war party.
  4. Here is where you can step up on the trees and walk on them. This is also where you will meet an couple of Mists and Crimson Deaths.
  5. Here is a Goblin war party. They drop a bit of random treasure.
  6. Here is a group of Wyvern Cultists with a Greater Wyvern, a Baby Wyvern, and a Goblin war party thrown in for good measure. The Goblins drop some minor treasure. The two Cultists drop a Quarterstaff +1, a Spear +2, and Studded Leather Armor +2.
  7. Down here you will meet Coran, an old joinable NPC from Baldur’s Gate. He asks you to help him save Safana, another of the Baldur’s Gate NPCs. Before entering the cabin, prepare for battle against the numerous Mists, Wandering Horrors, and Crimson Deaths inside. After killing everything in the cabin, search the various containers: The little cupboard at (x=210, y=170) is trapped and contains Chain Mail +2, a Wand of Lightning, 3 Potions of Extra Healing, 2 Potions of Healing, and 75 GP. The chest at (x=240, y=150) is trapped and contains 10 Bolts +1, 20 Bolts +2, and a Large Shield +1. The closet at (x=360, y=130) is also trapped and contains a Long Bow +1, 10 Arrows +2, 2 Arrows of Piercing, 3 Arrows of Biting, and 20 Arrows. The box at (x=110, y=370) contains 20 Bullets +2 and 10 Bullets +1. The barrel at (x=150, y=340) contains 3 Potions of Healing. Finally, the shelf at (x=480, y=160) contains 3 Potions of Extra Healing and 2 Potions of Healing.
  8. Here are a couple more Mists.
  9. Here you will have to fight a Crimson Death and a Mist Horror.
  10. Here is an Orc war party. They drop some Arrows +1 and minor treasure.
  11. Enter this cave and search the lake for the Mana Bow +4 (long bow), 10 Bullets +2, and 10 Darts of Wounding. Venture further into the cave and you will run into a large number of Kuo-Toa. They drop some Kuo-Toa Bolts and minor treasure.
  12. Here are two Ettercaps and two Sword Spiders.
  13. Here is the entrance to Suldanessellar and Chapter 7. You can’t use the entrance until you have solved the Find the Rhynn Lanthorn quest for Elhan. At that time, Elhan brings you here and opens the entrance. NOTE: Before entering Suldanessellar, you should make sure that you have everything you need, and that you have sold off any useless items. You won’t be going back to Amn.

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