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Glistering melon minecraft is a multiplayer, building and crafting game with a focus on exploration. The goal of the game is to find all the hidden treasures in a procedurally generated world, while collecting resources for survival.
Top 5 uses for Glistering Melons in Minecraft | Napo News Online
Top 5 uses for Glistering Melons in Minecraft | Napo News Online

Unlike melon slices, glistering melons are inedible in Minecraft, so what are is its uses?

Glistering melons has been in the game since Beta 1.9 prerelease 4. In the earlier versions, players could craft glistering melons using one melon slice and a gold nugget. After the 1.6.1 release, glistering melon’s recipe changed to one melon slice and eight gold nuggets.

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Players can get glistering melons through trading or find them inside the Ruined portal chest. This article discusses the top five uses of glistering melons in Minecraft.

Top 5 uses for glistering melons in Minecraft.

#5 – Spending emeralds and receiving XP

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Villagers are the best source of emeralds in Minecraft. Players can quickly accumulate a lot of emeralds by villager trading. Often, players get confused about what to do with so many emeralds.

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Players can buy glistering melon slices from master-level farmers. They will buy three glistering melons for four emeralds. Players can reduce the emerald price up to one emerald by zombifying and curing them. Villager trading is a great way to farm XP in Minecraft.

#4 – The “Oooh, Shiny” Achievement and “Oh Shiny” Advancement

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The nether update added piglin, a gold loving mob, to the game. These mobs love picking up gold items. Piglins can barter many types of items for one gold ingot. Even though they pick up other gold items, they don’t give anything back.

Players can complete the “Oooh, Shiny” achievement (Bedrock) and “Oh Shiny” advancement (Java) by giving piglins any golden item, including glistering melons, in Minecraft.

#3 – Escaping Piglins

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Piglins attack players not wearing golden armour in Minecraft. If a group of piglins is coming to attack, throw glistering melons, and they will forget about attacking the player. This way, players can avoid fighting piglins and enjoy exploring nether peacefully.

#2 – Mundane Potions

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Players can brew mundane potions using glistering melons. Place three water bottles, one blaze powder, and a glistering melon to brew three mundane potions. Bedrock players can use mundane potions to make potions of weakness.

#1 – Potion of Healing

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Glistering melons are largely used for brewing healing potions in Minecraft. To brew potions of healing, players need awkward potions as well. Place three awkward potions, one blaze powder, and a glistering melon to brew three potions of healing.

One potion of healing instantly recovers four hearts. Players can upgrade potions of healing from level I to level II using glowstone dust. A level II potion of healing restores eight heart. Players can turn healing potions into instant damage potions using fermented spider eye.

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