Half Size Guitars – Reviews, Tips, and Buying Guide

Playing the guitar is a popular pastime for people of all ages, and for good reason – it’s a lot of fun! If you’re just starting out, or find that a standard-sized guitar is too large or cumbersome for you, consider investing in a half size guitar. Half size guitars are smaller than traditional guitars, making them perfect for younger players or those with smaller hands. They’re also great for travel, as they take up less space and are easier to transport. So if you’re looking for an easy way to get into playing the guitar, a half size model may be the right choice for you. Check out some of our favorite models below!

What is a half size guitar?

A half size guitar is a smaller version of a regular guitar. They are typically used by children or people with small hands. Many manufacturers make half size guitars, so they are widely available. They can be made of different materials, such as wood or metal, and usually have six strings. Half size guitars can be played like any other guitar, and can be used to learn how to play the instrument. Many people find them to be a good starter guitar because of their smaller size.

Why will have to your kid play a 1/2 length guitar?

1/2 length guitar has a horny easy clarification. it’s necessarily 1/2 the scale of a regular-sized guitar. There are lots of the reason why you might need to imagine making an investment in a 1/2 length guitar. Nearly all of half-size guitars available on the market an excellent for babies which might be simply intending to start out taking part in guitar.

Part-size guitars are nice for babies as a result of the kid’s smaller hand length. An electrical guitar could be too massive for some length kids to play, so a smaller length is a lot more manageable. It’s because the neck 1/2 length guitars are so much smaller and what you possibly can to find on a standard guitar.


Because of this, it’ll make it a lot more uncomplicated in your kid to discover ways to play chords. On an everyday length guitar, the scale of the neck will a lot too massive in your kid’s small arms to totally grip the neck.

When you’re any person who has small arms and struggles with taking part in guitar, you may additionally need to imagine choosing up a 1/2 length guitar. The scale of the device might be a lot more uncomplicated so that you can maintain.

As soon as your kid starts to develop and higher perceive the fundamentals that include taking part in guitar. This makes it more uncomplicated for them to transition to taking part in a full-sized device.

What are the most efficient 1/2 length guitars?

There are lots of several types of 1/2 length guitars available on the market. Many Manufacturers will produce deficient high quality guitars which might be very affordable come on across the vacations however aren’t value what you’re paying.

That’s why it’s vital so that you can in moderation do your analysis to get an working out of what tools are value your cash.

We’re right here to wreck down the highest 1/2 length electrical guitars and acoustic guitars.

Absolute best 1/2 length acoustic guitars

Homes acoustic guitars are an excellent possibility for children which might be inquisitive about studying easy methods to play acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitars are a relaxed way to pass with even supposing you aren’t certain in case your kid is inquisitive about studying easy methods to play acoustic or electrical.

Many musicians to find it more uncomplicated to discover ways to play acoustic after which transfer directly to electrical.

Cordoba Mini II MH

This half-size guitar is a smart way to pass with in the event you’re having a look to introduce your kid to nylon strings. Nylon strings are relaxed and simple for starting musicians to play and be told on.

Cordoba Mini II MH

The Cordoba Mini II MHBody has a satin polyurethane end, which supplies a swish and tasty glance. You’ll to find that there’s layered mahogany at the aspects, again, and best of the guitar. The usage of mahogany supplies this small device with a boosted tone.

Starting musicians will to find that the neck in this half-size guitar has a c profile, this means that that it’s each relaxed and simple for small arms to start out taking part in the strings.

When you’re an skilled musician, you’ll understand that there’s a heat and entire tone that the guitar produces. The motion could also be nice for pulling it proper out of the field, so that you shouldn’t have to fret about twiddling with it in the event you’re having a look to drag it out and play.

Yamaha ½ length Classical Guitar

With this Yamaha half-size guitar, you’ll understand the undying and vintage look of this device. Something is what number of half-size guitar struggles do is keep and inconsistent tuning.

yamaha half size classical guitar

Alternatively, this isn’t an issue with this guitar. Additionally, as a result of the scale of it, it’s simply playable for plenty of rookies. You’ll to find that there are nylon strings already pre-installed on his guitar.

The largest problem of this classical guitar that it doesn’t include a case. Additionally, there isn’t an possibility so that you can set up a frame strap.

Taking into consideration the cost, this device does an excellent process of offering the fundamental necessities that the majority oldsters are searching for out of a 1/2 length guitar for the kid. There’s numerous potentials for brand spanking new musicians to develop fall studying this device.

Hohner HAG250P Classical

When you’re in reality undecided in case your kid will experience taking part in an acoustic guitar, you’re more than likely much less more likely to make investments a horny penny into an device.

Hohner HAG250P Classical

Alternatively, you shouldn’t Project into buying a toy guitar, as though the deficient high quality that is going into generating me toy device can discourage your kid from studying easy methods to play at some point.

This acoustic guitar is the easiest stability between a real 1/2 length acoustic guitar and a toy. It’s the most cost-effective possibility that you’ll to find available on the market.

You’ll to find that this has a Dreadnought acoustic look and is derived with an Agathis frame. Additionally, there’s a hardwood fretboard and mahogany neck.

With a 19 inch scale, the whole thing of this acoustic guitar weighs not up to 5 lb.

Sturdy Wind 30 inch Acoustic Guitar

The Sturdy Wind 30-inch acoustic guitar is at a difficult to overcome the cost. No longer most effective that, however this device additionally comes with be concerned markers and a case.

Strong Wind 30 inch Acoustic Guitar

What units this 1/2 length guitar except different to be had choices is that it comes with metal strings. Metal strings are an excellent way to pass with if you’re having a look to show your kid easy methods to play people track or different distinctive genres.

Alternatively, this selection might not be the most efficient for all budding musicians. It’s because metal strings are so much tougher for brand spanking new guitar gamers to discover ways to play on.

Additionally, in the event you’re searching for an entire acoustic guitar package, this isn’t it. This child doesn’t include a strap or pics so that you can start taking part in on.

Stagg C510

In case your kid continues to be very younger, don’t omit to imagine the acoustic guitar’s look. It’s because the “cool glance” guitar is also an excellent motivational issue in your kid to discover ways to play.

stagg c510 guitar

When you’re searching for an device that’s a 1/2 length acoustic guitar however doesn’t have the uninteresting sufficient will end that many different tools include, this acoustic guitar is also a better choice so that you can glance into.

The Stagg C510 comes with 9 other colour choices. Even a couple of fashions they introduced include graphics painted at the frame of a guitar.

You’ll to find that the highest, again, and aspects of his guitar are made with basswood. Additionally, there’s a NATO neck and a painted maple fingerboard.

Yamaha CGS102A

If you realize anything else about acoustic guitars, you’ll most probably know that Yamaha it’s probably the most well-liked acoustic guitar producers.

Some of the absolute best issues about Yamaha is they incessantly come with fine quality capability out in their guitars.

Yamaha CGS102A Half-Size Classical Guitar

The capability it’s introduced in Yamaha guitars is what you possibly can usually to find in tools which might be smartly over the cost vary of what Yamaha is looking.

This acoustic guitar is the smallest device that Yamaha is these days generating. You’ll to find the dimensions duration of this guitar is 21 inches. Additionally, there’s just a bodied up of 3 and three-quarters of an inch.

The opposite options that you just’ll to find in this guitar come with meranti aspects and again. Additionally, there might be a spruce best and a rosewood fretboard.

Numerous the woods used within the manufacturing of this guitar will to find with high-end acoustic guitars that value 1000’s of bucks.

Absolute best ½ electrical guitars

Has your kid expressed an passion in studying easy methods to play the electrical guitar? Part-size guitars aren’t most effective to be had within the acoustic shape. As generation continues to conform, increasingly electrical guitars are coming in 1/2 sizes.

Let’s take a better have a look at the most efficient half-size electrical guitars available on the market:

SX RST Package deal

The SX RST Part-size electrical guitar bundle is without doubt one of the absolute best electrical guitar programs that you’ll acquire available on the market. It is a form of scaled-down Stratocaster electrical guitar, which is a smart funding to make in case your kid is having a look to grow to be presented to the sector of electrical guitars.

sx rst electric guitar

This guitar comes with a basswood frame. You’ll additionally to find that it’s paired with a Rosewood fingerboard and a maple neck. In case you have revel in taking part in the guitar, you’ll to find that this device is ready 3 inches extra slim than the typical electrical guitar.

Alternatively, this distinction in length is what makes it nice to make use of as a go back and forth device for your self or at the hands of your small kid.

Within the bundle will come the whole lot that your kid wishes to start out up taking part in the electrical guitar. You’ll discover a headphone amplifier that you just have been a kid can plug in headphones arise which do include the kits, for them to start out taking part in quietly.

Additionally, there’s a gig bag, a frame strap, a cable, and a couple of classes in your kid to make use of to start out studying easy methods to play.

Ibanez GRGM21BKN Mikro Electrical Guitar

Ibanez is an overly acquainted electrical guitar producer for high-end guitars. Alternatively, they’ve taken a step into production half-size guitars which might be similar to their full-size tools.

ibanez grgm21bkn

This guitar comes with a 22-inch scale neck. You’ll to find that the neck is fabricated from forged maple. In case you have revel in taking part in guitars, you’ll discover a low stress in this neck, after which it’s so much smaller than an everyday neck that you’d to find on different guitars produced through this logo.

Alternatively, the arrange for this device is similar to what you possibly can to find from different guitars manufactured through Ibanez. There are even left-hand fashions for this half-size electrical guitar. Plus, there’s an enormous number of other colours for you to choose between.

Any other nice added bonus of this guitar is that it comes with two hummingbird pickups. The hummingbird pickups are superb to have and can produce a higher-quality sound than another form of 1/2 length electrical guitar available on the market.

WINZZ 30 inch Electrical Guitar with Freshmen Package

Sadly, there aren’t that many 1/2 sizes of electrical guitars available on the market. Alternatively, this Part-size electrical guitar is one possibility that you just will have to imagine provided that your kid is having a look to discover ways to play the electrical guitar.

WINZZ 30 Inches

This device comes with a double cutaway and a 20-inch frame. With 21 frets, this guitar is superb for kids between the ages of four to eight.

Additionally, you can not acquire this electrical guitar in quite a lot of other colours. So far as specifications pass, this guitar comes with a forged base wooden frame. You’ll to find that the neck is comprised of maple.

There are each quantity keep an eye on knobs and a single-coil pickup put in at the guitar. There’s additionally a chrome Alloy at the bridge, which is helping to stabilize the tuning of this electrical guitar.

Within the package that incorporates this electrical guitar, you’ll obtain a gig bag, an amplifier, a strap, alternatives, and a guitar cable. The one factor you’ll have to fret about hanging more money out is putting in batteries within the amplifier.

FAQs about Half Size Guitar

How do I know if a half size guitar is right for me?

If you have small hands or are looking for a guitar for a child, then a half size guitar may be a good option. You can also find recommendations from music teachers or other experienced players.

What are some things to keep in mind when shopping for a half size guitar?

Some things to keep in mind when shopping for a half size guitar include the quality of the instrument, the price, and the company’s return policy. You should also make sure that the half size guitar you purchase comes with a case or gig bag.

What are some of the best half size guitars on the market?

Some of the best half size guitars on the market include the Yamaha CG122MS, the Fender FA-100, and the Gibson Les Paul Junior.

How do I care for my half size guitar?

To keep your half size guitar in good condition, you should clean it after each use and store it in its case when not in use. You should also have it professionally serviced every few years.

What are some common problems with half size guitars?

Some common problems with half size guitars include poor intonation, action that is too high or low, and strings that are too close to the fretboard. These problems can usually be fixed by a qualified guitar technician.


If you are a beginner or an experienced player looking for a new challenge, consider trying out a half size guitar. These guitars can be found at most music stores and online, and they offer a unique playing experience that is perfect for anyone looking to improve their skills. With the right practice, you will be able to achieve great results with this type of guitar in no time! Have you tried playing on a half size guitars? What was your experience like?