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Happy Birthday Trap HBTrapFarket.png Happy Birthday Trap Description HB TrapHBD Trap v0.01 Trap No No Deadfall TrapNoose TrapRope Swing Trap None Killing CannibalsRequires 1 Stick to resetCan be used as a wall Cannot be climbed Can miss Cannibals running through itNot effective against MutantsBlocks areas when tripped Kills most Cannibals in one hit depending on difficulty No Most surfaces Very Strong

The Happy Birthday trap is an advanced trap building with a large, ground-mounted contraption with a flexible spiked mesh of sticks that flips up from the ground and slams into enemies when tripped. They were added in update v0.01 of The Forest.

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Happy Birthday traps instantly kill cannibals on all difficulties. On Normal difficulty, mutants also die in one hit, but on Hard and Hard Survival, they will require two. The Happy Birthday trap is most effective against Armsy and occasionally Virginia, but Cowman may run through too quickly for the trap to trigger.

Once sprung, it is solid and acts as a short barrier, which can block cannibals and mutants. If it is reset, they will be able to move through it again. Cannibals in front of the spikes when they are triggered will be impaled on them and held up. The trap only works effectively on one side, as cannibals can sprint through the trap and the spikes pop out behind them, so it doesn’t do any damage.

The survival guide’s blueprint for the Happy Birthday trap seems to be much smaller than the finished version: this is because it was increased in size in v0.19. It is also worth noting this may not have been the original name of the trap, as evidenced in the survival guide by a piece of tape replacing its original name with the new one.

As of v0.68, resetting traps now requires to hold the “Take” action for 3 seconds.

Happy birthday traps do the exact same amount of damage as deadfall traps.

Strengths & Weaknesses[]

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+ More consistent than the deadfall trap. + Can’t be destroyed by cannibals. + Serves as a solid barrier while triggered.

Very small area of effect. Very expensive compared to the deadfall trap, requiring precious rope. Only works from one side.


= + + + HappyBirthdayTrap Stick Rock Rope Log

Update history[]

Version Changes v1.0 Enemies should no longer get stuck on the corners of Happy Birthday traps

Happy birthday trap text now matches rest of book

v0.73 Fixed happy birthday trap not requiring rope v0.71 Fixed enemies sometimes not placed correctly when caught in happy birthday trap

(multiplayer) Fixed bodies not dropping from happy birthday traps when reset for clients Fixed enemies being difficult to set on fire when caught in a HBD trap

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v0.70 Fixed Happy Birthday trap missing collision sometimes after being repaired v0.69 Fixed enemies sometimes still animating after being killed in a hbd trap v0.67 Fixed happy birthday traps sometimes not killing enemies after being reset once by player

Happy birthday and dead fall traps can now damage players Happy Birthday and dead fall traps have been tweaked to increase chance of enemies dying reliably when trap is triggered Fixed a case of enemies sometimes not receiving damage when Happy birthday trap was sprung

v0.56 Trapped enemies in happy birthday, Noose and Dead Fall traps, are saved and loaded. (loaded enemies in noose trap will always load in dead) v0.55 Fixed enemies floating over spikes or moving when caught in the happy birthday trap v0.35 Fixed log sled movement glitches when driven over a happy birthday trap

(Multiplayer) Fixed client resetting Happy birthday trap while in its trigger causing trap to be sprung on host side but not client

v0.28 Happy Birthday ghost model now matches built model v0.27 (Audio) Happy birthday trap sound event timing adjusted v0.26 (multiplayer) Fixed a bug that was causing mutants killed by happybirthday trap to not fall down for clients when trap was reset

Fixed some navmesh issues when placing happy birthday traps

v0.19 Happy birthday trap is now twice as wide v0.11c Fixed issues with traps (noose, spiked wall, happy birthday) not being buildable in multiplayer games. v0.01 Happy Birthday Trap added to the game Survival Guide Sections Building: Fire • Shelter • Food and Water • Storage • Custom • Utility • Furniture • Small Traps • Advanced Traps • Boats • Effigies • Family Information: To Do List • Stats • Nature Guide • Notes

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