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Hover Way Maxx Hoverboard Review | Napo News Online
Hover Way Maxx Hoverboard Review | Napo News Online

Something slightly different today, as I was recently asked to carry out a review of the Hover Way Maxx hoverboard. I, of course, obliged as I always do, but was slightly perturbed by a recent product recall issued by the company.

A while back, Hover Way recalled all its boards due to potential fire safety issues. They promised an all-new set of boards in the near future, which in this instance would all be UL 2272 safety certified. Head over to the official Hover Way website, and the same recall notice is still live.

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Hover Way Maxx Hoverboard Review

As is the statement regarding new UL-safe boards coming soon. As this has remained unchanged for some time now, I’m genuinely not sure what’s happening! Have they disappeared for good? Or are they simply neglecting their website?

Either way, I couldn’t be sure if the board I was handed was new or old. I’m reluctant to bring anything that isn’t UL 2272 certified into my home. So, just in case, this thing was confined to the garage. Still, I charged the battery, put it through its paces, and formed an opinion accordingly. Though I’m still unsure as to the safety status of the Hover Way Maxx hoverboard, even now.

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Check out the full details of my Hover Way Maxx hoverboard review below.

Hover Way Maxx Hoverboard Package Contents:

  • Main unit (scooter).
  • Charging cable/Plug In adaptor.
  • User Manual.

Features of Hover Way Maxx Hoverboard

  • This particular board from the series stakes claim to a maximum speed of 7.5mph.
  • Advanced gyroscopic technology makes for a smooth and stable riding experience.
  • Interestingly, the board is recommended exclusively for riders aged 15 or over.
  • All boards are supplied complete with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • LEDs are included for added visibility, along with advanced gear stabilization technology.
  • UL 2272 safety certification is apparently in the pipeline, when/if the brand returns to action.

My Experience with Hover Way Maxx Hoverboard

To be honest, attempting to charge a board that’s not UL 2272 safety certified isn’t a good idea. UL safety certification brought to an end an era of potential fire hazards just recently. Hence, anything that predates the UL 2272 era is a pretty risky commodity.

Wheel of Hover Way Maxx Hoverboard

Personally, I’m not sure which side of the deadline this thing sits on. All I had to go on was the assurance of the bloke who lent it to me. He said he’d had it a while, and it was functioning flawlessly, so I figured one or two tests wouldn’t hurt.

Which proved to be the case – no accidents or incidents to worry about. The board was charged within around 3 hours, after which I reckon I got about 7 miles out of it before needing a recharge. The claim of a top speed of around 7.5mph also seems quite accurate, which makes for an enjoyable experience.

Designed exclusively for sidewalks and similarly smooth surfaces, the Hover Way Maxx self-balancing scooter is genuinely enjoyable to ride. It’s built to withstand heavier riders and recommended exclusively for individuals aged 15 or over, which is interesting, as I couldn’t see why it wouldn’t also be suitable for kids.

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No real garnish or added extras – Bluetooth, speaker, multiple riding modes, and so on. It’s a relatively simple affair, but it covers the basics pretty well. If it wasn’t for those lingering doubts about its safety (or otherwise), I’d be more than happy to give it my own seal of approval!


  • Very attractive exterior design
  • Quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Feels solid and stable underfoot
  • Decent top speed and range
  • Good overall value for money


  • Not sure if it is UL 2272 safety certified


If I’m perfectly honest, Hover Way Maxx Self Balancing Hands-Free Electric Scooter really needs to get a grip. If the Hover Way Maxx hoverboard isn’t UL 2272 safety certified, I’d avoid it at all costs. If it is Ul 2272 certified, they need to make this clearer. They could start by getting their website in order, which for some time now seems to have been abandoned entirely.

Sideview of Hover Way Maxx Hoverboard

As a board, the Hover Way Maxx is solid enough. It provides an enjoyable ride, it looks the part, and it has a feeling of quality about it. It’s also far from expensive, at least according to the guy I borrowed it from. Nevertheless, it’s all inconsequential in the absence of UL 2272 safety certification.

Weirdly, this is perhaps the first time I’ve genuinely no idea whether a scooter is safety certified or not. I reached out to Hover Way by email but got nothing in response, so it’s still a mystery to me!

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