How far is El Jobo from San Jose Costa Rica?

How far is El Jobo from San Jose Costa Rica
Locals are well-aware of El Jobo’s lovely beaches because it is a peaceful fishing community. It is one of the most remote beach locations in Costa Rica because of its location on a small peninsula in the northwest part of Guanacaste, close to the Nicaraguan border. The magnificent Pacific Ocean, which is bordered by beautiful tropical beaches and attractive rock outcroppings, encircles the El Jobo Peninsula on three sides. The Bahia Salinas, which is blown by the wind, is to the north. To the west is the protected Bahia Jobo, while to the south is the Golfo de Santa Elena.

But how far is El Jobo from San Jose Costa Rica? 

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Explore El Jobo in Costa Rica

El Jobo in the Guanacaste area of Costa Rica is a location, located about 136 miles (219 kilometers) north-west of San José, the nation’s capital.

It is currently 07:47 AM (Thursday) in El Jobo. America/Costa Rica is the name of the regional time zone, and its UTC offset is -6 hours. San Salvador, Santa Tecla, Tegucigalpa, Rivas, and Masaya are among of the more well-known destinations that can be fascinating for you to visit, depending on your budget. Visit San Salvador while you are here as you are already here. We watched a few hobby movies online. To view the one that is most popular, scroll down or choose the video collection from the navigation. What is there to do and see in El Jobo? On our page dedicated to attractions, we have gathered various resources.

La Cruz( canton)

La Cruz is the eighth canton of the Costa Rican province of Guanacaste. There are 18,004 people living in the 1,383.90 km2 that make up the canton. Its capital is also known by the name La Cruz. The canton is located in the very north of the nation. It includes the Santa Elena Penisula as well as the Pacific shoreline from the Nicaraguan border all the way down to Bahia Nacional.

Area de Conservación Guanacaste World Heritage Site

Santa Rosa, Guanacaste, Rincón de la Vieja National Parks, and the Junquillal Bay Wildlife Refuge are all part of the Area de Conservación Guanacaste, a World Heritage Site in the northwest of Costa Rica. In 1994, it was legally added to the National System of Conservation Areas, and in 1999, it was designated a World Heritage site. As of 2004, the combined size of the parks was 1470 square kilometers.

Guanacaste Conservation Area

In the northwest of Costa Rica, SINAC oversees the Guanacaste Conservation Area as an administrative area for conservation. In addition to wildlife sanctuaries and other environmental reserves, it has three National Parks. The first four places on the list below are part of the Area de Conservación Guanacaste World Heritage Site, which is located in the region.

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Costa Rica Vacations – El Jobo

El Jobo is a popular beach destination for people looking to escape the hustle and bustle of a big city. Despite its popularity, the region has a small-town atmosphere. In the area, just a few professionally managed tours provide activities such as kitesurfing, wind surfing, canopy ziplining, horseback riding, snorkeling, and more. Nonetheless, El Jobo is anticipated to increase in the future as more mainstream tourism operators set up shop.

136 mi

If you wish to spend a calm holiday in Costa Rica, you should consider visiting El Jobo. This city is located around 136 miles north of San Jose, Costa Rica. El Jobo, in Guanacaste Province, offers panoramic vistas and white sand beaches. It is also a fantastic location for water sports.

219 km

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of San Jose and enjoy the landscape of the Pacific, head to El Jobo, Nicaragua. This city is a wonderful tropical sanctuary approximately an hour and a half via taxi away. This beachside village has two outdoor swimming pools as well as free WiFi and parking.

Las Mareas Dreams

Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica, located on the northern coast of Guanacaste, is the ideal tropical refuge for the ultimate get-away. The gorgeous tropical jungle and palm-studded beach surround the property. There is also a world-class Dreams Spa by Pevonia at the resort. The resort also has land and water sports available, as well as a kids’ club and a grill. You can also dine in your accommodation, where you can relax after a long day.

Beach Resort Ecoplaya

El Jobo, Costa Rica is home to the Ecoplaya Beach Resort. The resort provides a low-cost all-inclusive package to guests. This beachside resort is surrounded by verdant mountains and jungles. There is a restaurant and free parking at the hotel.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

El Jobio, Costa Rica’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to a diverse range of biodiversity. This area contains a number of national parks, reserves, and volcanoes. The majority of the attractions are part of the Guanacaste Conservation Area (ACG). The Santa Rosa National Park in the south protects tropical dry forest, mangroves, and maritime ecosystems.

Price of a hotel room in El Jobo

A normal four-star hotel room in El Jobo, Costa Rica, will set you back at least $400 per night. Fortunately, there are other alternatives. The Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica is one of the greatest possibilities. This hotel is surrounded by gorgeous tropical gardens and offers an all-inclusive food package as well as a private beach. This hotel also has complimentary Wi-Fi, which might enhance your experience.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Costa Rica

Globally, there is widespread community transmission.
Costa Rica is relaxing certain travel restrictions. Please visit the official Costa Rica page for the most up-to-date travel information.

Please see our Rome2rio Coronavirus information page for travel planning tips.

We recommend checking the official Costa Rica page for the most up-to-date travel information.


How to create a travel plan from El Jobo to San José?

To build a trip plan from El Jobo to San José, input the start and end destinations in the calculator box and then click the Create Travel Plan button. You can also look at the Travel Cost from El Jobo to San José, which estimates the cost of fuel for your trip.

How to create a return travel plan from El Jobo to San José?

To make a return trip from El Jobo to San José, enter your starting and ending points in the calculator control and then select the Return Itinerary Option for a detailed travel breakdown. You can also take a different route back by including multiple destinations. Travel time is critical for carrying out your travel strategy. Plan your trip by obtaining approximate travel times from El Jobo to San José.

How to create a travel itinerary from El Jobo to San José?

To construct a trip itinerary from El Jobo to San José, please create a travel plan by entering El Jobo as the start and end location, as well as the destinations you wish to visit. This tool will generate a day-by-day itinerary, including the time and mileage traveled to each destination, and will calculate the total trip cost using our Fuel Price Calculator.

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