How Long Does It Take to Install Kitchen Cabinets?

How Long Does It Take To Install Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are a crucial element of any kitchen, providing storage space and adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the room. If you’re renovating your kitchen or building a new one, one of the questions you’ll likely have is how long it takes to install kitchen cabinets. The answer to this question depends on several factors, and in this article, we’ll explore those factors and provide you with an estimated time frame for cabinet installation.

Factors that Affect Installation Time

DIY installation of custom kitchen cabinets can take longer but allows for more personalization.
DIY installation of custom kitchen cabinets can take longer but allows for more personalization.

There are several factors that can impact the amount of time it takes to install kitchen cabinets. The first factor to consider is the type of cabinets you’re installing. Stock cabinets, which are pre-made and available in standard sizes, are generally quicker to install than custom cabinets, which are made to order and require more time to manufacture and install.

Another factor that can impact installation time is the size and design of the cabinets. Larger and more complex cabinets will naturally take longer to install than smaller and simpler cabinets. Additionally, the number of cabinets you’re installing will impact the overall installation time. The more cabinets you have, the longer it will take to install them.

The level of customization you’ve chosen for your cabinets can also impact installation time. If you’ve chosen customized features such as pull-out drawers, lazy susans, or other special features, these will require additional time and effort to install. Finally, the condition of the kitchen space can also impact installation time. If your kitchen requires additional preparation work, such as removing old cabinets or repairing walls, this will add to the overall installation time.

With all these factors in mind, the time it takes to install kitchen cabinets can vary greatly. However, on average, you can expect it to take between 2-4 days for standard cabinet installation and between 3-6 days for custom cabinet installation. This time frame can also vary depending on whether you’re doing the installation yourself or hiring a professional.

Average Time Frame for Installation

The average time frame for installing kitchen cabinets can vary, as we previously mentioned. However, to give you a better idea of how long it might take, we’ve broken down the estimated time frame for standard cabinet installation and custom cabinet installation.

For standard cabinet installation, which includes stock cabinets, you can expect the installation process to take around 2-4 days. This time includes preparing the kitchen space, measuring and marking the cabinet layout, assembling and hanging the upper cabinets, installing the lower cabinets, and adding the finishing touches.

For custom cabinet installation, which includes made-to-order cabinets, the installation process can take between 3-6 days. This time frame includes additional steps, such as customizing the cabinets to fit the space, installing more complex features, and adding any finishing touches.

It’s important to note that these time frames are based on hiring a professional to do the installation work. If you’re planning to do the installation work yourself, you should expect the process to take longer, as you’ll need to factor in the time it takes to learn how to install the cabinets properly.

Pre-Installation Preparation

Before you can begin installing your kitchen cabinets, there are several essential preparation steps you’ll need to take. These include removing old cabinets, preparing the kitchen space, measuring and marking the cabinet layout, and preparing the cabinets for installation.

Removing old cabinets is the first step in preparing your kitchen for new cabinets. This process involves removing the old cabinets from the wall and disposing of them properly. If you’re working with a professional installer, they will typically handle this step for you.

Preparing the kitchen space is the next step in the installation process. This step involves cleaning the walls and floors, removing any debris or obstacles that may be in the way, and making sure that the walls are level and in good condition.

Measuring and marking the cabinet layout is another critical step in preparing for cabinet installation. This process involves measuring the kitchen space and marking the placement of the cabinets on the walls. This step ensures that the cabinets are installed in the correct location and are level.

Finally, before you can install the cabinets, you’ll need to prepare them for installation. This process includes assembling the cabinets, adjusting them to fit the space, and adding any hardware or finishing touches that are required. By completing these preparation steps, you’ll be well on your way to a successful kitchen cabinet installation.

Installation Process

Once you’ve prepared the kitchen space and the cabinets, it’s time to start the installation process. Here are the steps involved in installing kitchen cabinets:

Assembling and Hanging Upper Cabinets

The first step is to assemble the upper cabinets and hang them on the wall. This involves measuring and marking the location of the cabinets on the wall, securing a ledger board to the wall to support the cabinets, and then hanging the cabinets on the wall using screws and brackets.

Installing Lower Cabinets

Next, you’ll install the lower cabinets. This involves positioning the cabinets in place, leveling them, and then securing them to the wall and to each other using screws and brackets.

Installing Drawers and Shelves

Once the cabinets are in place, you’ll install the drawers and shelves. This involves attaching the drawer slides and hinges to the cabinets and then installing the drawers and shelves themselves.

Installing Hardware and Finishing Touches

Finally, you’ll install the hardware, such as handles, knobs, and pulls, and add any finishing touches, such as trim molding or decorative accents.


In conclusion, the time it takes to install kitchen cabinets can vary depending on several factors, such as the type and size of the cabinets, the level of customization, and the condition of the kitchen space. On average, it takes between 2-4 days for standard cabinet installation and between 3-6 days for custom cabinet installation. To ensure a successful and timely installation, it’s essential to follow the proper pre-installation preparation and installation process. Remember to measure twice and cut once, level your cabinets, and install them properly to avoid any issues down the road. By taking the time to properly install your kitchen cabinets, you’ll not only have a beautiful and functional kitchen, but you’ll also increase the value of your home.

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