How many jobs are available in office equipment/supplies/services?

How many jobs are available in office equipment/supplies/services

Are you looking for a job in office equipment/services? The market for office supplies and services is growing, and there are plenty of opportunities for career growth. In this blog post, we’ll explore the number of jobs available in this field and what kinds of skills you need to succeed. Read on to learn more!

How many jobs are available in office equipment/supplies/services? Office supplies and equipment may be expensive, so finding methods to save money without losing quality and dependability should be one of your top goals as a business owner.

As an office administrator, you must have a stock of office supplies on hand in order to keep the office functioning efficiently. Depending on your training and experience, you may be recruited as an office supply vendor as well as a customer support representative.

Depending on your training and experience, you may be able to find work as an office supply vendor, a customer service representative, or even an office manager. If you are driven and have the necessary skills, you can obtain a good job in this field.

Overview about office equipment/supplies/services

Office Equipment/Supplies/Services is an economic sector comprised of firms and businesses that supply services, products, or machines to the business world. Such businesses provide a wide range of products and services, but they all have one thing in common: they provide individuals who work in an office environment (or another location) with a method to make their job more efficient or accessible.

Computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, and scanners are some of the most prevalent forms of office equipment, but there are many more options. Pencils, paper clips, and staples, as well as laminating machines for huge presentations, are examples of supplies.

Salary ranges

Getting a job in the office equipment/supplies/services industry can be an exciting way to gain experience and build up your resume. The industry is also expected to grow at an accelerated pace, with job openings predicted to increase by 162,000 over the next decade. Some of these jobs require less education than others, but a high school diploma or associate’s degree is a good start.

The office equipment/supplies/services industry is a great place to work for those with a knack for organization and attention to detail. As office equipment continues to become more sophisticated, employers will need workers to install, maintain, and repair them. Those with an eye for design can also find work as space planners, tasked with designing the best use of available space.

The office equipment/supplies/services field may not be the most glamorous, but it has plenty of exciting and satisfying careers. The industry is predicted to grow four percent over the next ten years, adding 162,000 new positions.

Job duties

Regardless of the type of office equipment/supplies/services you’re interested in, there are a number of great job opportunities. You can find jobs that don’t require a four-year degree, but you’ll need to be willing to learn new skills and open to new ideas. You’ll also need to find an employer that values your free time, and offers a good work-life balance.

Office equipment service technicians install, repair, and maintain office equipment. Some technicians work for equipment suppliers or repair centers, while others are employed by larger companies. They may perform regular maintenance checks, diagnose technical faults, and change damaged parts.

Office equipment technicians may also be responsible for responding to equipment breakdowns quickly. They will also be responsible for educating staff about how to use office equipment safely. They may also perform remote repairs.

Office equipment/supplies/services jobs are growing faster than average, with about 162,000 new positions expected over the next ten years. The industry is expected to increase four percent from 2019 to 2029.

Education required

Despite the fact that the demand for office equipment/supplies/services jobs is high, there are many jobs that do not require a four-year college degree. In fact, a high school diploma is often enough to get a job in the industry.

Those seeking jobs in the industry should keep an eye out for opportunities with companies that value employee time away from work. There are many benefits to working in the office equipment/supplies/services industry, including a healthy work-life balance and unique challenges.

For those with good organizational skills, an office equipment/supplies/services job can be a great choice. In addition, those interested in the industry should be open to learning new skills.

For office equipment/supplies/services jobs that require additional training, a bachelor’s degree may be a requirement. This may include a business administration degree. Some jobs also require an associate’s degree. However, if you are interested in working in a customer service position, you may not need a bachelor’s degree.

Statistics about how many jobs are available in office equipment/supplies/services

Office equipment, supplies, and services comprise a big industry with several career prospects. Salespeople are responsible for finding new clients and selling office products such as printers, scanners, and fax machines. Customers with questions or problems with their office equipment can seek support from customer service representatives. Office managers guarantee that the office runs well by coordinating the actions of the office staff.

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Assuming you want to write an essay about the quantity of office equipment employment accessible in California:

The service industry employs the most people in the United States. Over 90 million individuals were worked in the service industry in 2015. There are many various sorts of occupations in the service industry, including office equipment positions. Office equipment jobs are essential because they allow firms to run efficiently.

In 2016, there were approximately 12,000 office equipment jobs in California. The majority of these positions were in the Los Angeles metro region. Manufacturing, healthcare, and finance are among areas that have office equipment positions.

The number of office equipment employment in California has been continuously increasing in recent years. In 2014, the state had 11,500 office equipment employment. This figure rose to 12,200 in 2015 and 12,600 in 2016. In California, 13,200 office equipment jobs are expected in 2017.

The expansion of office equipment jobs in California is encouraging for the state’s economy. These positions pay well, with a median income of $40,810 in 2016. They are also often solid employment with little turnover.

Highest-Paying Office Equipment/Supplies/Services Jobs

Many people find working in an office setting uninteresting, thus providing office equipment supplies is a comfortable profession. Here are the highest paying positions in the office equipment/supplies/services industry you can consider:

Information Technology Specialist

Average annual salary: $95.000

The great majority of office supplies are computer-based or linked to computers. To function and keep it safe, information technology is required. Everything has become so technologically advanced and relevant to various sectors, which makes it easier to pursue a profession in this area.

Data Center Technician

Average annual salary: $51.000

We are aware that every office lacks a server and requires a data center specialist. The technician fixes and maintains the servers. It entails preventing them from overheating, repairing broken components, and maintaining their cleanliness and modernity.

Central office equipment installer

Average annual salary: $64.000

If you are employed at the central office, you have a great deal of expertise installing and using equipment. Equipment installers are in charge of installing, configuring, and testing equipment to ensure appropriate operation.

Space Planner

Average annual salary: $68.000

Office equipment is not directly tied to space planners, who determine where various pieces of equipment should be located. They would also take into account how much space is needed for proper operation.

Entry-Level Office Equipment/Supplies/Services Jobs

Only a high school graduation will suffice for this position, while an associate’s degree comes highly suggested. They provide a way to grow and gain more experience. We’ll see:

Retail Clerk

Office supplies are offered at a number of retail establishments. The best possibilities are going to be Staples or Office Depot. Since office supplies and equipment are sold by many merchants like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy, there is nothing wrong with my work as a retail clerk. You may gain the expertise you need to land a job that calls for a certain skill set by working at a specialty shop like Staples.


Assemblers put things together, from furniture assembly to unloading and assembling a sizable printer or copier. You must adhere to all of the manual’s directions. You would be able to envision how the final result will appear.

Printer Operator

Printing on materials other than paper, including plastic or textiles, is required by different printer operators. A printer operator should be knowledgeable with printers and accepted printing techniques. Your employer’s policies will determine this, and you should receive training on binding and laminating tools. They make $31,000 annually on average.

Computer technician

A computer technician is in charge of setting up, maintaining, and repairing the computers in a business or office. To maintain the system functioning properly, they need be knowledgeable about computers, software, and security. Computer technicians might expect to make $40,000 per year.

Office Assistant

The administrative assistant does the fundamental duties. In order to ensure the office supplies, it also entails organizing meetings and appointments as well as filing and storing paperwork and other documents. They will deal with the consumers and respond to phone inquiries. Strong organizational abilities and effective communication are needed. The typical yearly wage is $31,000.


Is Office Equipment/Supplies Services a Good Career Path?

Yes, working in office supplies and equipment can be quite satisfying. Offices aren’t going away anytime soon, so personnel will be needed to set up, supply, and maintain their equipment.

This industry offers a wide range of job opportunities. Being in charge of installing, maintaining, or running equipment falls under this category (like printers). Workplace administrators must maintain the workplace running smoothly and stocked with office supplies, therefore administrative tasks are essential.

These are all critical tasks that are unlikely to be automated. The equipment will always need to be maintained, and given the rate at which technology is evolving, this task will most likely become increasingly specialized.

Final thoughts

Office equipment and supplies are an excellent career option, and you should create a strong CV to demonstrate your job experience and skills. To work in the sector, you must be aware of new knowledge and skills as technological advancements. Check over the talents necessary for each employee and make sure you’ve done your study on various professions in this area. In the workplace, supplies, equipment, or services mentioned in the blog, follow these guidelines. Please tell me about your experience!

The office equipment, supplies and services industry is a thriving sector with plenty of job opportunities. If you’re looking for a career in this field, we’ve got the scoop on where the jobs are and what kind of skills you need to succeed. Keep reading to learn more!

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