How much is a paint job on a truck?

How much is a paint job on a truck?

You probably spend the most of your time on the road as a truck driver. Why not take use of that time and advertise your company when you’re on the road or stuck in traffic?

The brand of your company may be brought to life on your vehicle with a fresh coat of paint. Additionally, it may make you look more professional, help you stand out on the road, and connect with new audiences.

Vehicles that work hard are trucks! A reliable vehicle has a long lifespan. Sadly, this is not always the case with the truck’s body. Rust may begin to appear on your truck after a while. Or perhaps your dependable truck has a few dings and scrapes. Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the perfect spot if your vehicle needs a fresh coat of paint!

In other words, the quality you choose and the state of your truck will determine How much is a paint job on a truck. The majority of basic truck painting tasks start at roughly $500, while regular painting jobs cost between $1,000 and $4,000. Be prepared to spend anything between $5,000 and $10,000 for a showroom-quality finish.

From pickup trucks to Freightliner semi-trucks and everything in between, our truck and car paint company in Portland has painted trucks of all kinds and shapes before. In this post, we’ll discuss additional crucial factors including the price of painting a truck. I’ll outline the process of painting a vehicle, how much it will cost, and how long a DIY paint job will take.

What’s involved in painting a truck

There are many different factors. These consist of:

  • Bodywork – Your truck may require extra prep work if it has many dings and scrapes. The project will cost more and take longer to complete the more detailed the preparation.
  • Truck size – There are a variety of forms and sizes for trucks. In general, painting a smaller vehicle will cost less than painting a huge truck.
  • Paint quality – Although car paint is generally affordable, there are several grades and qualities of paint. More money will be spent on a premium, multi-stage urethane paint than on a single-stage enamel.
  • Change in color – To get a completely different color, the original paint may need to be removed and other coats of paint added.
  • Custom accents may include metallic finishes, two-tone paint, or airbrush painting if you want a vehicle that looks showroom-quality. These are all extra costs!

Expect a wide variety of pricing in light of all these factors. What do you want your truck to accomplish?

How much is a paint job on a truck?

If you only want to give your truck a fast facelift, a single application of inexpensive paint will generally do. If you want a paint job that looks showroom-quality, be prepared to spend a lot of money.

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Preparation work

Taking your car or truck for a paint job requires a lot of preparation work. The right tools and techniques can ensure a smooth finish.

The best way to go about doing this is to hire a reputable paint shop or a local auto body shop. Quality auto paint shops will spray two or three coats of primer before painting. It is also worth noting that paint compatibility is an important factor to consider. Some paint systems are simply not compatible. If your vehicle has rust, you may want to consider a chemical stripping solution before painting. This may also be a good time to consider spot putty to mask minor blemishes.

While it is not exactly rocket science to sand a vehicle, a small exhaust fan will help prevent fumes from circulating throughout your vehicle. It may also be worth considering a bead blaster or sanding machine with dust recovery attachments. It is a good idea to consider all aspects of your vehicle before painting it, especially the underside. This is where the most work will be done.

A good paint job requires a lot of work, and that includes a plethora of different steps and techniques. The best way to get your vehicle in tip top shape is to do your research and consider all aspects of the process.

The cost of a paint job on a truck

It’s challenging to provide an accurate price for painting a vehicle because there are many different variables that can drastically affect the price.

Consumers paid an average of $556 for simple paint treatments for cars or smaller trucks, according to Car and Driver, however a third of these respondents said they weren’t satisfied with the results. In general, prices for more complete and superior paint treatments range from $1,000 to $3,500. You may pay up to $20,000 or more for a bespoke paint job or something that is more showroom-quality.

Naturally, the cost to paint larger semi-vehicles or service body trucks will be more than that of painting automobiles and pickup trucks. Continue reading to learn more about the many aspects that determine the price of a truck paint job as we go further into them in the section that follows.

How much does it cost to paint a truck – DIY & Professionally

Well-built vehicles will survive many years longer than their paint. However, if you let the paint start to flake and peel, the body will become visible. Body panels made of raw metal will subsequently attract rust, and eventually the paint that didn’t hold up will destroy your truck. You need to take the initiative rather than waiting for the paint to start failing.

You may refresh the appearance of a vehicle by painting it, or you can attempt a whole other color. One of the most important things to think about before beginning to paint a vehicle is the cost, in addition to the color you want. While we are unable to provide a precise estimate, we can give you a rough idea.

Professional painting or DIY

Whether you want to paint the truck yourself or hire a pro is the main factor to take into account when calculating the cost. Of course, hiring an expert will cost much more, but you’ll probably get a finish of showroom perfection. You might tackle the paint job yourself if you have the necessary tools, patience, and ability. You not only save money by doing this, but you also get a fun project. The only occasion we don’t advise painting a vehicle yourself is if you need a collector-quality finish. Then, it’s important to face reality and look for expert assistance. They might have to use more than 20 coats of paint to achieve the long-lasting, high-gloss look you want!

Cost to paint a truck professionally

Different service levels are available to you if you decide to take the professional way.

  • Basic Service- This option is the least priced and comprises applying a few coats of paint. They just take care of exposed regions and apply synthetic enamel. You should budget between $500 and $1,000.
  • Standard Service – Before starting the paint work, this frequently entails sanding and rust removal. Depending on how much work has to be done, you should anticipate to pay anywhere from $1,000 and $4,000.
  • Service of showroom quality- entails grinding the bodywork down to the bare metal. Then they take off any rust and dents. After that, the store paints on many coats of premium paint. Costs might reach $20,000.

Color change affects resale value

Changing the color of your truck can have a major impact on its resale value. While there are exceptions, the general rule is that neutral colors like black, gray, and beige hold their value better. It’s not a guarantee, however.

According to a study from iSeeCars, color isn’t just important for resale value – it’s a major factor when buying a new car. For example, leasing a bright-coloured vehicle is a worry-free way to have a bright car. But the color you choose for your new car may affect the type of car you buy and even the manufacturer you choose to buy it from.

iSeeCars studied six million used cars and compared their color to resale value. The results ranged from the most popular colors to the most depreciating ones. The study also included statistics for specific vehicle segments. For example, convertibles were more likely to hold their value than sedans.

The most popular color for pickup trucks is still white. However, brown isn’t as popular. And it’s also not the most valuable.

On the other hand, blue SUVs are increasing in popularity. And, they’re the third most valuable paint color after yellow and orange.

The study also found that black cars depreciate the least. Despite the common belief, silver and white cars didn’t do any better than their white counterparts.

Factors affect the cost of painting a truck

This is a list of some key factors which affect the price of a truck paint job:

Professional vs. Do-It-Yourself Truck Painting

As you might have guessed, painting a truck professionally will probably be more expensive than doing it yourself. However, DIY projects may be expensive as well, especially if you need to purchase a lot of new tools. It takes a long time, a lot of skill, and close attention to detail to paint a truck oneself. Most of the time, especially when painting a large or oddly shaped vehicle, a professional truck paint business is generally best suited to undertake the paint work. The outcomes will be far more professional and robust.

Size and Type of Your Truck

Painting a semi-vehicle will cost more money than painting a pickup truck, it goes without saying. You can figure out the amount of square footage that has to be painted to get a better estimate of the cost. Additionally, keep in mind that painting trucks with more atypical forms could be more expensive.

Service Level of Paint Job

Various service levels, including basic, standard, and showroom quality, are offered by certain paint shops for their truck paint jobs. When you get an estimate, you may inquire about your choices if you’re looking to reduce costs.

Your Truck’s Condition

Painting a well-maintained truck will be less expensive since less bodywork and prep will be required. Before painting can start, any rust or surface damage must be sanded down or removed.

Number of Coats of Paint Used

Most high-quality vehicle paint shops use at least two coats of priming and three or more coats of paint. When you obtain prices from several paint shops, this is a smart question to put forth.


Comprehensive insurance coverage and collision coverage both have the potential to pay for paint replacement in the case of theft, fire, or collision-related damage. It’s worth investigating if you believe this may apply to you.

Paint Types & Colors

Using many paint colors will probably cost you more money than using one single solid color. Additionally, the cost will vary depending on the type of paint utilized. Urethane paint, acrylic lacquer paint, and acrylic enamel paint are typical truck paint kinds. Nowadays, urethane paints are frequently used because of their endurance and quality.

Custom paint jobs and sophisticated painting methods

They will also cost you more than a straightforward solid color paint job. These more complex painting methods may use numerous colors, elaborate finishes, lettering, or images.


When Should You Consider Painting Your Car?

When to paint your automobile is not something that has a set rule. Most individuals get their car’s paint refreshed every few years or so, especially if they use it more for leisure or pleasure than just getting to work.

However, paint serves more purposes than just giving your automobile a unique appearance; it also shields the body from deterioration and lessens the risk of corrosion. As a result, you should paint your automobile at least every five years, especially if you don’t frequently polish it. Consider getting a partial paint job to address the problem areas if your car’s paint sustains scratches or damage from a minor collision or bad weather.

Final thoughts

Depending on the various criteria mentioned above, painting your automobile might cost you anything from a few hundred dollars to $10,000 or more.

Depending on the auto body shops in your region, a basic paint job for a sedan-sized vehicle without any extras like racing stripes or high-quality wax may be acquired for about $500. For a comparable automobile, a more thorough paint job that includes multiple coats of paint and basic polish will generally cost around $1000. If you want a vehicle painted with premium, manufacturer-only paint and a ceramic finish, don’t be shocked if the cost above $5000.

It takes a lot of work to paint an automobile, and it may be expensive as well. But a freshly painted car’s sleek, glossy finish is unmatched.

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