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The Katana Description v0.20 Melee Weapon Cave 1 – Dead Cave  Collecting Yes No No Wall Weapon RackGround Weapon HolderWeapon Rack Statistics 7 1/4 5 1/4 0 Very long 1

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The Katana is a melee weapon added by v0.20 update of The Forest.


The Katana is a very fast swinging melee weapon. Its speed allows the player to continuously swing at a target, preventing the enemy from retaliating. However, the katana has limited damage compared to other weapons. The tennis racket, for example, also deals relatively low damage, but can be upgraded to do more damage and uses less stamina than the katana (though it is slower).

Despite the weapon information stating the block power is ‘0’, the katana does block attacks, though the blocking capabilities are one of the worst of any weapon in the game (just as bad as that of the machete). The katana also cannot receive permanent upgrades, though it may be modified with temporary poison upgrades.

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One other potential issue with the katana is that its swings are so fast that players may adapt to that attack speed. This can “handicap” players in the long run, as slower, harder-hitting weapons such as the modern axe and crafted club can be difficult to adjust to. Some players benefit by practicing the timing of their weapon swings; the katana’s swift striking abilities do not facilitate the development of swing-timing skills, however, potentially requiring more practice with other weapons at later points in the game.

The katana uses 7 stamina per swing, which is very high considering its damage capabilities (the modern axe uses 7.8 points of stamina though can do more than 3x the damage). The katana is best used in normal mode. In harder modes, the damage is so low that the player can run out of stamina from attacking just one cannibal.


The Katana is found in Cave 1 – Dead Cave

It is one of the easiest to obtain items in the game, as it does not require that the player face any cannibals or mutants.

To obtain the Katana, enter the easternmost entrance for Cave 1 IconTheForestClimbingCaveMap.png, which is not too far from the river. After finding the Toy piece and Timmy’s drawings, climb the rope. At the top, avoid the right path (which is leading to the large cavern with the crucified man, an Armsy and multiple cannibals). Take the left path and follow the wooden boards, until you reach a room full of loot and goodies. It will be found sticking out of a man, presumably Asian, with his arm tattoo cut off and displayed above his body.

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In addition to the Katana, the room also contains a suitcase full of cash, several laptops, meds, wrist watches, and food trays. In the same area can also be found a flashlight, behind some wooden boards.


= OR OR OR + PoisonUpgrade TwinBerries SnowBerries AmanitaMushroom JackMushroom One of theseweapons PlaneAxe CraftedAxe RustyAxe ModernAxe UpgradedSpear IncendiarySpear Katana Machete


  • The power of the Katana has been heavily reduced through updates, and its block level decreased to 0.
  • This weapon is unique and can be found in only one location.
  • The Katana can be used to dismember corpses, but cannot be used to chop down trees.
  • Historically, Katanas are traditional Japanese swords used by the samurai of ancient and feudal Japan.
  • The katana in game appears to be embedded in the body of a Yakuza member. The skin from their right arm has been torn off and appears to have been stretched out like a banner on the effigy behind them, the skins tattoo is like those found on Yakuza gang members.

Update History[]

Version Changes v1.0 Improved placement of weapons on racks and holders! v0.68 Improved look of blood on katana v0.62 Fix weapon rack positions for Flare Guns, Flintlocks, Tennis Rackets, Katanas and Upgraded Spears. v0.51 Reduced katana power and block v0.49 New pickup icon added for katana v0.28 Moved katana from in front of cave 1 to deeper inside cave 1 v0.27 Fixed dropped katana turning into dynamite v0.24 (Audio) Fixed missing katana air Whoosh sound v0.22 Reduced power and speed of katana slightly v0.20 Katana added to game

New surprise weapon added. look for some dead tourists in front of a cave.

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