How to Install TxTag: A Comprehensive Guide

How To Install Txtag

If you frequently travel on toll roads in Texas, having a TxTag can make your trips more convenient and hassle-free. A TxTag is an electronic toll collection system that allows you to pay tolls without stopping to pay cash or receive a ticket. Instead, tolls are automatically deducted from your prepaid account, reducing the time you spend in traffic.

Not everyone is eligible for a TxTag, so it’s important to check if you meet the criteria before attempting to purchase and install one. To be eligible for a TxTag, you must meet the following requirements:

Requirement 1: Have a Vehicle

Make sure to read the user manual before activating and installing your TxTag.
Make sure to read the user manual before activating and installing your TxTag.

You must have a vehicle that is registered in Texas, Oklahoma, or Kansas. If you’re a resident of these states, you can register your vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to obtain a license plate number. If you’re a non-resident, you’ll need to provide proof of ownership or lease agreement for your vehicle.

Requirement 2: Prepaid Account

To use a TxTag, you must have a prepaid account with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). You can set up your account online, by phone, or at a TxDOT customer service center. You’ll need to provide your name, address, vehicle information, and payment information to complete the registration process.

Requirement 3: Keep Account Balance Sufficient

To avoid any issues with your TxTag, you must keep your account balance sufficient to cover the cost of tolls. If your account balance runs low, you’ll receive a low balance alert, and you can reload your account online, by phone, or at a toll booth.

By meeting these requirements, you can ensure that you’re eligible for a TxTag and can proceed with purchasing and installing one.

Purchase a TxTag

Once you know that you’re eligible for a TxTag, you can proceed with purchasing one. There are several ways to purchase a TxTag, including:

Option 1: Online

The most convenient way to purchase a TxTag is by visiting the official TxTag website. You can order your TxTag online and have it delivered to your doorstep within 3-5 business days. This option is ideal for those who want to avoid the hassle of visiting a customer service center.

Option 2: Customer Service Centers

If you prefer to purchase your TxTag in person, you can visit any of the TxDOT customer service centers located throughout Texas. You’ll need to bring your vehicle registration and payment information to complete the purchase. Once you’ve purchased your TxTag, you’ll receive it right away, so you can start using it immediately.

Option 3: Retail Locations

You can also purchase a TxTag at select retail locations, including HEB, Randall’s, and some AAA Texas locations. Check the official TxTag website for a complete list of retail locations near you.

TxTag Fees and Charges

Before purchasing a TxTag, it’s important to understand the fees and charges associated with it. The fees and charges include:

One-Time Activation Fee

When you purchase a TxTag, you’ll be required to pay a one-time activation fee of $10 per tag. This fee will be deducted from your account balance at the time of purchase.

Toll Charges

When you use your TxTag to pay for tolls, the toll charges will be deducted from your prepaid account balance. The cost of tolls varies depending on the route and the time of day.

Account Maintenance Fee

If your TxTag account is inactive for six months or more, you’ll be charged an account maintenance fee of $1.15 per month until the account becomes active again.

By understanding the fees and charges associated with a TxTag, you can make an informed decision about whether it’s the best option for you.

Activate Your TxTag

Once you’ve purchased your TxTag, the next step is to activate it. Activating your TxTag is a simple process that can be completed online or by phone. Here’s how:

Online Activation

To activate your TxTag online, visit the official TxTag website and log in to your account. Select the “Activate Tag” option and follow the prompts to complete the activation process. Once your TxTag is activated, you can start using it right away.

Phone Activation

If you prefer to activate your TxTag by phone, you can call the TxTag customer service center at 1-888-468-9824. Follow the prompts to activate your tag, and a customer service representative will assist you if you encounter any issues during the process.

Troubleshooting Activation Issues

If you encounter any issues during the activation process, don’t worry. The TxTag customer service center is available to assist you. You can call them at 1-888-468-9824 or visit a customer service center in person to resolve any issues. Common issues include incorrect account information or a malfunctioning TxTag, but these issues can usually be resolved quickly and easily.

Install Your TxTag

Once you’ve purchased a TxTag and received it in the mail, you’ll need to install it correctly to ensure it works properly. Here are the steps to install your TxTag:

  1. Clean the Windshield: Before installing your TxTag, clean the inside of your windshield with glass cleaner to remove any debris or dust.

  2. Choose the Location: Choose a location on your windshield that is behind the rearview mirror and has a clear view of the sky. Avoid placing the TxTag in areas that have tinting, defrosting elements, or any other obstructions.

  3. Peel the Backing: Peel the backing off the TxTag to reveal the adhesive side.

  4. Apply the TxTag: Carefully apply the TxTag to the chosen location on your windshield, making sure it’s level and centered. Press firmly to ensure it sticks firmly.

  5. Test Your TxTag: Once you’ve installed your TxTag, test it by driving through a TxTag lane on a toll road. If the reader successfully reads your TxTag, the toll amount will be deducted from your account.

It’s important to note that incorrect installation can cause issues with your TxTag, such as it not being read properly or falling off. To avoid these problems, make sure to follow the installation steps carefully and avoid these common mistakes:

  • Placing the TxTag in the wrong location
  • Failing to clean the windshield before installation
  • Not pressing the TxTag firmly enough
  • Removing the TxTag and reapplying it multiple times

Tips for Using Your TxTag

Using a TxTag is generally straightforward, but there are some tips to keep in mind to ensure you use it properly and avoid any issues:

Tip 1: Keep Your Account Balance Sufficient

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to keep your account balance sufficient to cover the cost of tolls. Make sure to check your account balance regularly and reload it when necessary to avoid any issues.

Tip 2: Use the Correct Lane

When driving on toll roads, make sure to use the lanes designated for TxTag users. These lanes are usually marked with a TxTag logo, and using them will ensure your TxTag is read properly, and you’re not charged a higher toll amount.

Tip 3: Keep Your TxTag Clean

Dirt or debris on your TxTag can cause issues with it being read properly. Keep your TxTag clean by wiping it with a soft, damp cloth.

Tip 4: Contact Customer Service for Issues

If you encounter any issues with your TxTag, such as it not being read properly or toll amounts not being deducted correctly, contact customer service immediately. They can help you resolve the issue and prevent further problems.

By following these tips, you can ensure that you use your TxTag correctly and avoid any issues that may arise.