How to perform automation testing for UNIX batch job?

Wondering how to perform automation testing for UNIX batch job? You must create a script that can quickly run a few commands in order to automate a UNIX batch operation. There are several tools available to help you with it. Slurm, Bash, TestRail Cloud, and VTAM are a few examples. Bash automation is most common. Choosing the commands that will run a script is the first step in creating one. You must also be aware that the script may only be executed by the owner. The UNIX systems are case-sensitive, so keep that in mind. Because of this, it’s crucial to make sure the path name and the script name match.

UNIX batch jobs may be automated by writing a script that will run specific instructions. You can do this with a variety of tools. Slurm, TestRail Cloud, the Bash shell, and VTAM are a few examples. Specifying the instructions that will run a script is the first step in writing one. Additionally, you must confirm that the script owner has execute access. It is crucial to ensure that the script name and path name match since UNIX systems are case-sensitive.


Automated tests aid in ensuring the reliability and consistency of your scripts and help you identify issues early on. Running and fixing automated tests is simple thanks to the Slurm automation framework. Additionally, it offers certain practical features, such as an interactive shell.

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Similar to how Slurm does, it reports CPU and memory consumption. This is crucial when many applications are running on different computing nodes. The likelihood of a bus mistake or a particular performance decrease increases when many apps are running simultaneously. To prevent these issues, Slurm is excellent at clearing kernel and Lustre caches after each task step.

Slurm may be used to automate testing if you’ve previously created a script that executes on a system. A single computing node or a large number of them can operate it. This will make it easier for you to keep track of how many jobs are planned at a given moment. Every second, Slurm executes one job.


A batch file consists of a collection of instructions that must be run. The batch files are maintained in SERPs in the case of UNIX. The workload and required reaction times help determine how many SEPs will be present. About 9 SEPs may be required for a batch task. It also relies on a number of other variables, including the number of system cores, the number of concurrent users, and the characteristics or features of the transactions.

Before a program is ever deployed, batch application testing helps identify and address any issues. It also helps in identifying the real reason for a batch failure, such as environmental issues that make it impossible for the batch job to access fresh volumes or datasets. Performance deterioration and batch failures can be prevented by using reliable, automated testing. SLAs are guaranteed to be satisfied because to this.

A command for automating tests on UNIX batch operations is part of the Rem automation tool. The top software testing businesses in India all utilize the Rem automation tool. All environment variables and Korn syntax are supported. Plus, it runs flawlessly on UNIX, Linux, and Windows systems. Prior to starting to run, the automation agent sources the job profile.

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A batch job’s performance may be effectively checked by automating automation tests for Unix batch job objects. However, there are a number of crucial factors to take into account before automating your test. You must first comprehend to what the thing alludes. An individual process or a group of processes are represented by the object. You must make sure the shared component is operating as intended if the object is shared.

This is accomplished by creating batch tasks in a database and writing SQL queries. The most frequent command used for this is select. The verbs CREATE, RENAME, DROP, and TRUNCATE are further often used. In addition, instructions that add or remove records may be found in data manipulation language. Permission is granted or revoked using authorization statements.

Additionally, you have to be familiar with the numerous techniques for automating the batch process. A great example of a program that enables batch process testing is ActiveBatch. An underlying scheduler, an application, and an automation framework make up its three basic parts. Developers generate and manage jobs using the Job Scheduler, which has an interface called the ActiveBatch client. System administrators set security, policies, and other parameters.


Every stage of the process must pass testing before an automation is activated. An SQL query that must be conducted in order to complete the automation might be part of a trigger step. This query may be included in the trigger itself or may be distinct from it. Usually, a White-box or Black-box testing step will involve running the SQL query.

The return codes’ minimum and maximum values can be configured. The return codes should typically range from 0 to 4095. OpCon will display the job as Failed if it fails. You can specify the trigger to send a Trigger Message after the job is complete in order to override the default behavior.

The addition of a trigger is simple. The configured jobs for fetching will be seen in the Test Explorer panel. There will be a trigger button for the fresh build on each job’s display. Additionally, URLs to the three most recent builds of the task will be included. You can identify which builds are ready for usage by using color coding.

Final thoughts

Automated services may be relied upon more simply, are more dependable, take up less time, and cost less money. For the development of the best automated software testing services for improved site experience, rapid performance, and comprehension of the program from the point of view of the user, the team at Napo uses well-researched, proven strategies and a variety of cutting-edge technologies. People may simply be instructed on how to do automation tests for UNIX batch jobs.

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