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I'm Tom and I just got a new imoto smart hoverboard. It's been a long time coming, but I'm excited to have this opportunity to share my thoughts on the latest in hoverboard technology from imoto. The first
Imoto Hoverboard Review | Napo News Online
Imoto Hoverboard Review | Napo News Online

iMoto Hoverboard

The iMoto Hoverboard is one of the newest devices to enter market. The manufacturers saw hoverboard after hoverboard failing basic safety tests, catching on fire and being sold with false advertising. They decided to do something about it, creating one of the most luxurius brands available in the market.

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Unlike most other brands that make only one model available in one or two colors, iMoto has two different models availale in dozens of colors. Overall, there are about 50 different choices to pick from, allowing you to get something that will truly fit your needs.

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The iMoto Hoverboard features standard 6.5-inch wheels that are ideal for everyday riding. With a max speed of 12 miles per hour, you are also getting one of the fastest boards on the market. They have zero turning radius’, allowing you to make a complete 180 in even the slimmest of spots. With a fast 2.5 hour charge time, you can use your board throughout the entire day and have it back at 100% in no time!

There are three main differences between the iMoto Hoverboard and the iMoto XL. One of them is tire size: the XL features 8-inch tires. The bigger tires allow it to ride on other surfaces such as dirt and gravel with ease. The second difference is that the XL has high-quality Bluetooth speakers that you can use while riding. Finally, the iMoto XL also comes with a wireless remote that makes it easier to turn it off, change settings, etc…

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Warranty and Support

iMoto Hoverboard is a local, US-based company out of New York, so you can be sure you aren’t getting something cheaply made and shipped from China. To back that up, they offer a full 6-month warranty that will cover any problems the board may have. That gives you peace of mind that while you’re making an expensive purchase, you’re getting something that is guranteed to work fantastically. In addition to their warranty, they offer a month-long no questions asked return policy. If you aren’t happy with your board, send it back to them and you’ll get every penny refunded to you!


This board is ideal for beginners and more experienced users as it has all of the features one could ask, with the reliability that everyone desires. It meets all safety and health requirements so it’s ideal for kids. Best of all, they offer so many different colors and paint schemes that there is something to fit everyone, regardless of your age or gender. Anyone who has tried the iMoto Hoverboard has fallen in love with it!

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