FIX: Logitech SetPoint runtime error | Napo News Online

FIX: Logitech SetPoint runtime error | Napo News Online
FIX: Logitech SetPoint runtime error | Napo News Online

logitech setpoint fix

SetPoint is customization software for Logitech mice. Some SetPoint users have posted on Microsoft’s support forum about a Logitech SetPoint runtime error shown in the shot directly below.

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That recurring runtime error arises when the SetPoint software is running, and it causes the program to restart. If you’re wondering how to fix that runtime error, check out some of these potential resolutions for it.

How do I fix the Logitech SetPoint runtime error?

The SetPoint runtime error logitech setpoint runtime error

1. Install missing Visual C++ libraries with Visual C++ Runtime Installer

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Some users have said they’ve fixed the Logitech SetPoint runtime error with the Visual C++ Runtime Installer. That software will reinstall existing Visual C++ runtime libraries on your PC and install all missing ones.

Click Download Now on Visual C++ Runtime Installer’s Softpedia page to get the installer for that software. Close any other open software before utilizing this command-line utility.

When you have that software up and running, press the Y key to confirm and install Visual C++ runtime libraries.

Visual C++ Runtime Installer software logitech setpoint runtime error

2. Delete the file

Another confirmed fix is to delete the file for SetPoint.

  1. To do that, launch File Explorer, which you can do by pressing the Windows key + E hotkey.
  2. Open the SetPointP folder in Explorer, which the default path for is: ProgramFiles > Logitech > SetPointP.
  3. Select the in the SetPoint folder.
  4. Click the Delete button on Explorer’s Home tab.The Delete button logitech setpoint runtime error

3. Run Logitech SetPoint in compatibility mode

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Some users have also confirmed that running Logitech SetPoint in compatibility mode can resolve the runtime error.

  1. First, open File Explorer’s window.
  2. Next, open your SetPointP folder.
  3. Right-click the and select Properties.
  4. Click the Compatibility tab shown in the shot directly below. Compatibility tab logitech setpoint runtime error
  5. Click theRun this program in compatibility mode for check box.
  6. Select Windows 7 on the drop-down menu.
  7. Select the Apply option, and click OK to exit.

4. Clean boot Windows

Runtime errors can arise from conflicting programs.

  1. To ensure there aren’t any programs conflicting with SetPoint, press the Windows key + R hotkey.
  2. Type msconfig in the Open box, and click the OK button. Then the MSConfig window will open from which you can configure a clean boot to fix program conflicts.
  3. On the General tab, select Selective startup. Selective startup radio button logitech setpoint runtime error
  4. Uncheck the Load startup items check box to deselect that option.
  5. Next, select the Load system startup and Use original boot configuration options if they’re not selected.
  6. Click the Services tab shown directly below. The Services tab logitech setpoint runtime error
  7. Select the Hide all Microsoft services option, and then press the Disable all button.
  8. Select the Apply button.
  9. Click OK to close MSConfig.
  10. Thereafter, a dialog box opens. Click Restart on that dialog box window.
  11. If SetPoint runs ok after cleaning booting, you’ll need to figure out what program or service is conflicting with it.

5. Reinstall SetPoint

As a final fix, try reinstalling SetPoint.

  1. Type in Run’s Open box and click OK to open the uninstaller window.
  2. Select Logitech SetPoint in the software list. The uninstaller logitech setpoint runtime error
  3. Select the Uninstall option, and click Yes on any confirmation prompts.
  4. Restart Windows when you’ve uninstalled Logitech SetPoint.
  5. Click Download SetPoint on the program’s webpage to get the installer for latest software version.
  6. Then reinstall SetPoint with the setup wizard.

Those are some resolutions users have fixed the Logitech SetPoint runtime error with. In most cases, the issue is due to missing Visual C++ runtime components or an incompatible for the software.

So, installing missing Visual C++ runtime libraries and deleting SetPoint’s are the most probable fixes.

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