Master Wand Osrs – How quick can you get master wand, mages book?

Master wand osrs is a unique and extremely powerful magic weapon that can only be obtained through the master quest cape. The wand has many abilities and is perfect for high level mages. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the master wand osrs and how to obtain it. We’ll also cover its many abilities and how to use them to your advantage in combat.

Magical ability in OSRS is pretty important. And you’ll unlock a variety of combat and utility skills as you level up your magic.

master wand osrs

Teleports, turning items into coins, powerful surge strikes, and even the ability to freeze your opponents can all be unlocked by training the Magic skill.

So what should a skilled mage use as their weapon of choice?

In OSRS there are a ton of options from staves to wands, some of which are so powerful that only the most skilled mages will be able to wield them!

But if you’re looking for ideas for your mage build, here’s all the best OSRS magic weapons to check out.

What is the Master Wand?

The Master Wand is an extremely powerful magic wand that can be wielded by anyone with a magic level of at least 60. It has a very high accuracy bonus and can cast many powerful spells. The Master Wand is currently the most powerful magic wand in the game.

How do I get the Master Wand?

The Master Wand can only be obtained by defeating Telos, the final boss of the Temple of Aminishi.

What are the stats of the Master Wand?

The stats of the Master Wand are as follows:

-Accuracy bonus: +100%

-Maximum hit: 9999

-Cast speed: Fastest possible

-Casting animation: 0 seconds

-Attacks per second: 2

What spells can the Master Wand cast?

The Master Wand can cast all of the following spells:

-Wind Surge

-Ice Barrage

-Earth Surge

-Fire Surge

-Sonic Wave

-Energy Blast

Is the Master Wand worth it?

The Master Wand is definitely worth it if you are looking for a powerful magic wand. It has the highest accuracy bonus of any magic wand in the game and can cast many powerful spells.

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10. Ahrim’s Staff

Our first staff on this list is a barrows item, the Ahrim’s Staff.

Requiring a minimum level of 70 magic and attack to wield, this staff has a magic attack and defence bonus of +15, with a +5% magic strength bonus.

Not too shabby.

If you use this staff with a full set of Ahrim’s, you’ll unlock the set effect.

That allows you to have a chance of lowering your opponent’s strength level with each successful hit.

If you further pair this with an Amulet of the Damned, you’ll be able to auto-cast Ancient magic, and have a 25% chance to deal 30% more damage!

9. Staff of the Dead

Staff of the Dead is a dual purpose weapon that can also work as a decent melee weapon, with stats similar to a Dragon Longsword – making it unique among other magic weapons!

Just note that it requires 75 magic and attack to wield.

But the staff has a +17 magic attack and defence bonus, with a very powerful +15% magic strength bonus too.

When using a combat-based spell, there’s a 12.5% chance that you’ll use absolutely no runes!

This is a very useful staff for PvP and PvM, for sure.

On top of all the above benefits, the staff offers a special attack that halves all incoming melee damage for 60 seconds. But it has to remain equipped to obtain the benefits.

8. Dawnbringer

The Dawnbringer staff is actually the second most powerful in the game.

And the reason it’s so far down on this ranking is because it can only be used in one place:

Phase 1 Verzik in the Theatre of Blood.

But it has a very powerful +25 magic attack bonus, with a special attack that hits Verzik for 75 – 150 damage per hit!

This consumes 35% of the special bar, and as a result, must be passed around to your teammates to deal enough damage to takedown her shields.


7. Master Wand

At last, our first wand on this list.

The Master Wand has a magic attack and defence of +20, and requires level 60 magic to wield.

It’s notable as being one of the few magic items in OSRS being able to autocast Ancient Magic. As a result, it’s always been quite a popular option among players.

Sadly, it’s locked behind the Mage Training Arena which is just boring to do.

I mean, it’s really some of the worst content to grind in OSRS. So getting this wand will take many, many hours of your time.

6. 3rd age Wand

Being tied with the Master Wand in terms of stats, the Master Wand can auto-cast normal magic spells.

And it requires 65 magic to wield, which is 5 higher than the Master Wand.

What makes this item special is that it’s a 3rd age item, which makes it very rare.

It’s so rare that it costs around 140m while the Master Wand only costs around 3.5m. Yeah.

People with this wand generally have it to show off, as opposed to really using it in battle.

5. Trident of the Swamp

Trident of the Swamp is probably the most used staff in OSRS.

It’s fairly expensive to use, but less so than a Sanguinesti Staff – and it still packs a punch!

To wield this trident, you’ll need at least a level 75 magic.

It has a +25 magic attack bonus and +15 magic defence. With no bonuses, the max hit of this staff at level 99 magic is 31. And that can be pushed to 38 with max magic bonuses equipped.

Unlike other staves on this list, the Trident of the Swamp has a built-in spell. And the staff itself must be charged.

So there’s actually no need to carry runes with you.

The staff can also only be used in PvM, as it’s currently banned in PvP.

And finally, this incredible staff has a 25% chance to envenom an enemy. This increase to a 100% chance with a serpentine helmet on.

4. Toxic Staff of the Dead

Now this is an upgraded Staff of the Dead, which has a magic fang attached to it.

You’ll need a minimum of 75 attack and Magic to use it, though.

The staff has identical stats to a Staff of the Dead, with the added benefit of having a 25% chance to envenom an enemy.

And just like before, this increase to a 100% chance with a serpentine helmet on.

As a result, this staff is commonly used in high-risk PvP situations, because it outputs quite a high amount of damage. Especially with surge spells.

You’ll also need to charge the staff with Zulrah scales too, and it’ll cost around 1.3m to fully charge.

3. Harmonized Nightmare Staff

As a seriously powerful staff, you’ll need a minimum of level 75 magic and 50 hitpoints to consider wielding this bad boy!

This is the most expensive magic weapon on this entire list at an insane cost of 840m.

But it’s very useful for PvP, as it’s a 4 tick weapon with no initial delay – making it one of the fastest weapons in OSRS.

This special attack activates when used with offensive spells from the normal spell book.

Combine the speed of this staff with a +16 magic attack and a+15% magic strength bonus, and you get a really powerful weapon. No wonder it costs so much.

And it can work in PvM too, where it’s used against bosses like Zulrah, the Nightmare, and Kraken.

2. Sanguinesti Staff

I mentioned this one earlier, and it’s definitely a well-known choice for magic weaponry.

The Sanguinesti Staff comes with a magic attack bonus of +25 and defence of +15. And it has stats comparable to a Trident of the Swamp.

What sets this staff part is its powerful passive effect.

The Sang has a 1/6 chance of successful hits on your opponent actually healing you of roughly half the amount of damage you just dealt.

And the staff has a built-in spell you can carry with it.

But it must be charged with blood runes, making it very expensive to get and to maintain.

A fully-charged staff requires 20k blood runes, which costs around 22.6m This makes every spell cost around 1.1k!

As a result of this high expense, the Sanguinesti Staff is mainly used by the very rich, or for extremely niche activities such as raids.

And if you’re looking to buy one, start saving. This staff typically sells for the very expensive rate of 70m!

1. Kodai Wand

Our number one spot goes to the all-powerful Kodai Wand.

The Kodai certainly feels like the best magic weapon in OSRS, with a magic attack bonus of +28, defence of +20, and a magic strength bonus of +15%.

Just note that it requires 75 magic to wield, so it’ll take some time before you can carry this one around.

But it can auto cast both ancient and normal spell books!

As if this weapon couldn’t get any better, the wand provides you with an unlimited supply of water runes. This makes ice spells very easy to cast, as well as saving you an inventory spot.

It’s also quite expensive at a cost of 86m. But if you can foot the bill (or get it another way) then it’s probably worth the effort.

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FAQs about Master Wand Osrs ?

How long does master’s wand take Osrs?

15-16 hours
Purchasing the master wand from the Mage Training Arena requires 240 Telekinetic, 240 Alchemist, 2400 Enchantment, and 240 Graveyard points, as well as a teacher wand to upgrade from. This can take up to 15-16 hours to complete from scratch.

What does a mystic staff do Osrs?

Mystic staves are combined melee and magical weapons which can be used in combat and in spell casting. On top of their melee capabilities, Mystic staves, like their non-upgraded Battlestaff variants, allow the wielder to autocast spells and also provide an unlimited supply of runes according to their element.

What does the master wand do?

It was said to have been the most powerful wand that had ever existed, able to perform feats of magic that would normally be impossible even for the most skilled wizards, such as mending another wand damaged beyond normal magical repair.

Where can I buy an air staff in Runescape?

A staff of air is an elemental staff which provides unlimited amounts of air runes. It can be bought from Zaff’s Superior Staffs in Varrock.


How do you make an air staff in Runescape?

Air battlestaves can be created using the Crafting skill at level 66 by using an air orb with a battlestaff, granting 137.5 Crafting experience. It is also dropped by a variety of monsters and is a potential treasure trails reward.

How do you make runes in Runescape?

Crafting runes When a player has entered the mysterious ruins with a tiara, a talisman, or runescrafting staff, all they have to do is click on the altar. They will then craft all the essence in their inventory, pouches, ethereal body, and essence stored into their familiar into runes.

How do you make mind runes Osrs?

Mind runes are craftable at level 2 Runecrafting with either rune essence or pure essence. If you have no mind runes in your bank or inventory, and you have not dropped any right under you, you can obtain 30 new ones from the magic tutor in Lumbridge along with 30 air runes.

Is master wand worth Osrs?

There is no definitive answer, as it depends on your own personal circumstances. However, the master wand is generally considered to be one of the most valuable wands in Old School RuneScape.

What are the requirements to get the master wand?

In order to wield the master wand, you must first have completed The Elder Kiln quest. You must also have at least level 70 Magic and be able to cast the Teleport to House spell.

Can I trade my master wand for another item?

No, the master wand is not tradable. It is a unique item that can only be obtained by completing The Elder Kiln quest.

Where can I find a master wand?

The master wand can only be obtained by completing The Elder Kiln quest. It is not available from any other source.

What are the stats of the master wand?

The master wand has a Magic bonus of +5 and a Damage bonus of +15. It also has an Attack speed of 6 seconds.

How long does master’s wand take Osrs??

The master wand takes a minimum of 10 minutes to recharge. However, the longer it is left to recharge, the more powerful it will become.

Can I use the master wand in PvP?

No, the master wand cannot be used in PvP combat. It is strictly for PvM use only.

What are the benefits of having a master wand?

The master wand has a Magic bonus of +5 and a Damage bonus of +15. It also has an Attack speed of 6 seconds. Additionally, the master wand can be recharged to make it more powerful.

How many points do you need for master wand Osrs??

In order to wield the master wand, you must first have completed The Elder Kiln quest. You must also have at least level 70 Magic and be able to cast the Teleport to House spell.

Is master wand worth getting?

Again, this is a question that can only be answered based on your own individual circumstances. However, the master wand is generally considered to be one of the most valuable wands in Old School RuneScape.

Conclusion :

With the help of this blog post, you should now know how to master your wand in Old School RuneScape! You can also use these tips for other activities that require a certain level of mastery. If you have any questions about anything discussed here, feel free to reach out and ask us at our contact page or on social media. We hope that with this information you will be able to become one step closer to being an expert player yourself!