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Modern Bow Description Recurve Bow v0.69 Weapon Cave 7 – Chasm Cave Collecting Yes No No Wall Weapon RackGround Weapon HolderWeapon Rack Statistics Strength has no effect on damageCan perform Headshots N/A Ranged 1 Ammunition ArrowsBone ArrowsPoison ArrowsFire ArrowsModern Arrows 1

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The Modern Bow is a recurve bow. A ranged weapon utilizes arrows as ammunition. It was added to The Forest in v0.69.


The Modern Bow is essentially a more powerful version of the Crafted Bow, for a more detailed comparison, see section below.

The Modern Bow can use all the arrow types in the game. It is also capable of performing Headshots.

When holding down the attack-button, the player will draw the bow and aim the arrow forward (without a crosshair). Releasing the attack-button will fire the arrow forward. Hitting the right mouse button while the bow is drawn will release the arrow without firing it. The longer the bow is held before firing (up to a maximum), the farther the arrow will go. The trajectory of the arrow is slightly above the arrow rest on the bow. While looking downward at the bow while in hand, press R to toggle arrow type. You can also select the default arrow by combining the bow with the desired arrow type on the crafting mat.

It is important to note that aiming your bow requires a lot of practice. It is not wise to aim your shots with the center of the screen as the arrow is tilted at an angle. Instead, it is better to observe your arrow and imagine how it will fly through the air, accounting its position and gravity. Switching between the crafted bow and modern can make aiming more difficult due to the large differences.

It is possible to get headshots with arrows, which are an instant kill for all regular cannibals.


The Modern Bow is located in Cave 7 – Chasm Cave

Video guide to obtaining the Modern Bow


= + + FlashlightUpgrade Flashlight ElectricalTape One of theseweapons Chainsaw ModernBow CraftedBow FlintlockPistol

Modern Bow vs Crafted Bow[]

This table outlines the differences between the Modern Bow and the Crafted Bow

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Modern Bow Crafted Bow Longer Range Shorter Range Slower Fire Rate Faster Fire Rate Hard to find Easy to make More damage Less damage Faster arrow speed Slower arrow speed Slower draw time Faster draw time Higher arrow loss chance with range Lower arrow loss chance with range Headshots easier Headshots harder Easier to aim Harder to aim

Types of Arrows[]

Normal Arrows

= + Arrows Stick Feathers

  • It is best to use these arrows when hunting animals due to cost
  • These arrows do the least amount of damage out all the arrows, though they are the cheapest to make
  • It is better to use these arrows for fire or poison arrows rather than the bone arrows as bone arrows convert to normal arrows if they are changed

Bone Arrows

= + + BoneArrows Stick Feathers Bones

  • Bone arrows do 40% more damage than normal arrows
  • If Bone arrows are used to make fire or poison arrows, they will convert to normal arrows. Avoid doing this as it wastes the bones
  • Bone arrows can be collected after shot, it will say ‘arrow collected’ rather than ‘bone arrow collected’. Though you will pick up a bone arrow

Fire Arrows

= + + FireArrows AnyArrows Cloth Booze

  • After combining the arrow with booze (they will appear dark red in your inventory), press and hold L to ignite the arrow
  • Shooting a cannibal with the arrow sets it on fire
  • Arrows pass through cannibals allowing you to burn several at the same time
  • The flaming arrow resting in the bow provides a source of light which doesn’t go out, though the light source will make you visible to enemies
  • Fire arrows can be collected after shot, though they will turn back into normal arrows
  • Fire damage on enemies doesn’t stack, wait until they are not on fire before setting them on fire again
  • Adding multiple booze and cloth to fire arrows does not increase their burn length or damage, it will waste the materials
  • Shooting a live rabbit with a fire arrow that has been lit will burn its skin off but it cooks it at the same time, allowing you to eat it straight away
  • Enemies on hard take far less fire damage, keep this in mind

Poison Arrows

= + OR OR OR PoisonArrows AnyArrows TwinBerries SnowBerries AmanitaMushroom JackMushroom

  • When an enemy is hit with a poison arrow, they will suffer a damage over time (DOT) effect – their movement and attack speed is reduced by about 20 to 25%, and it is possible that their damage output is reduced
  • Poison arrows last much longer but do less damage than fire arrows
  • Poisoned enemies will have a green tint to their skin
  • The poison effect on poisoned arrows does not stack
  • Shooting another player in game has a 100% chance of making them sick. It also adds a damage over time effect for about 20 seconds

Modern Arrows

  • These arrows must be found, they cannot be crafted
  • These arrows do the highest damage out of all the arrows
  • They can be found in yellow crates, the same ones that hold flares.
  • It is recommended by the developers that these arrows are used with the Modern Bow


  • The modern bow is a recurve bow based off of the Hoyt Excel riser.

Update history[]

Version Changes v1.0 Improved placement of weapons on racks and holders!

Fixed stash lighter routine playing sfx even when lighter isn’t equipped, was triggering for example when bending the bow

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Fixed attaching plastic torch to weapons

v0.73 Fixed animation issues if taking heavy fall damage while aiming bow

Fixed remaining issue with combining recurve bow & arrows to set the active bonus

v0.72 Added recipe to combine modern bow + arrow to set the active bonus

Can no longer light arrows if the bow is already being aimed

Fixed animation glitch when aiming the bow while an arrow is being lit

Fixed bow distorted on racks

v0.71 It is now possible to tape plastic torches onto the bows, the flintlock and the chainsaw v0.70 (Balance) Reduced damage from arrows on modern bow slightly

Fixed fire arrows on modern bow not lightable from standing fires

v0.70 Fixed second arrow appearing if fire button pressed immediately after releasing an arrow from the bow

Adjusted look sensitivity when using a gamepad to allow for more precise aiming with bows and other projectile weapons

v0.69 Modern Bow added to the game

This patch adds a new modern bow. It’s hidden pretty deep in one of the cave systems. This bow will shoot longer and further than the crafted bow, and with more damage. To keep the crafted bow useful we’ve made it fire faster than the modern bow, but with shorter range and with less damage impact.

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