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Trendy Bow Description Recurve Bow v0.69 Weapon Cave 7 – Chasm Cave Gathering Sure No No Wall Weapon RackGround Weapon HolderWeapon Rack Statistics Power has no impact on damageCan carry out Headshots N/A Ranged 1 Ammunition ArrowsBone ArrowsPoison ArrowsFire ArrowsModern Arrows 1

The Trendy Bow is a recurve bow. A ranged weapon makes use of arrows as ammunition. It used to be added to The Woodland in v0.69.


The Trendy Bow is basically a extra robust model of the Crafted Bow, for a extra detailed comparability, see phase under.

The Trendy Bow can use all of the arrow sorts within the recreation. It’s also in a position to appearing Headshots.

When maintaining down the attack-button, the participant will draw the bow and purpose the arrow ahead (with out a crosshair). Liberating the attack-button will fireplace the arrow ahead. Hitting the appropriate mouse button whilst the bow is drawn will unencumber the arrow with out firing it. The longer the bow is held prior to firing (as much as a most), the farther the arrow will move. The trajectory of the arrow is somewhat above the arrow leisure at the bow. Whilst taking a look downward on the bow whilst in hand, press R to toggle arrow sort. You’ll be able to additionally make a selection the default arrow through combining the bow with the required arrow sort at the crafting mat.

You will need to be aware that aiming your bow calls for numerous follow. It’s not sensible to try your photographs with the middle of the display because the arrow is tilted at an perspective. As a substitute, it’s higher to watch your arrow and consider how it’s going to fly during the air, accounting its place and gravity. Switching between the crafted bow and trendy could make aiming harder because of the massive variations.

It’s imaginable to get headshots with arrows, which might be an immediate kill for all common cannibals.


The Trendy Bow is positioned in Cave 7 – Chasm Cave

Video information to acquiring the Trendy Bow


= + + FlashlightUpgrade Flashlight ElectricalTape One in every of theseweapons Chainsaw ModernBow CraftedBow FlintlockPistol

Trendy Bow vs Crafted Bow[]

This desk outlines the diversities between the Trendy Bow and the Crafted Bow

Trendy Bow Crafted Bow Longer Vary Shorter Vary Slower Fireplace Price Quicker Fireplace Price Laborious to search out Simple to make Extra injury Much less injury Quicker arrow velocity Slower arrow velocity Slower draw time Quicker draw time Upper arrow loss likelihood with vary Decrease arrow loss likelihood with vary Headshots more straightforward Headshots tougher More straightforward to try More difficult to try

Kinds of Arrows[]

Customary Arrows

= + Arrows Stick Feathers

  • It’s best to make use of those arrows when looking animals because of price
  • Those arrows do the least quantity of wear and tear out all of the arrows, although they’re the most cost effective to make
  • It’s higher to make use of those arrows for fireplace or poison arrows slightly than the bone arrows as bone arrows convert to commonplace arrows if they’re modified

Bone Arrows

= + + BoneArrows Stick Feathers Bones

  • Bone arrows do 40% extra injury than commonplace arrows
  • If Bone arrows are used to make fireplace or poison arrows, they’re going to convert to commonplace arrows. Keep away from doing this because it wastes the bones
  • Bone arrows can also be accrued after shot, it’s going to say ‘arrow accrued’ slightly than ‘bone arrow accrued’. Even though you’ll pick out up a bone arrow

Fireplace Arrows

= + + FireArrows AnyArrows Fabric Booze

  • After combining the arrow with booze (they’re going to seem darkish crimson for your stock), press and grasp L to ignite the arrow
  • Taking pictures a cannibal with the arrow units it on fireplace
  • Arrows move thru cannibals permitting you to burn a number of on the similar time
  • The flaming arrow resting within the bow supplies a supply of sunshine which does not move out, although the sunshine supply will make you visual to enemies
  • Fireplace arrows can also be accrued after shot, although they’re going to flip again into commonplace arrows
  • Fireplace injury on enemies does not stack, wait till they aren’t on fireplace prior to surroundings them on fireplace once more
  • Including a couple of booze and fabric to fireplace arrows does now not build up their burn period or injury, it’s going to waste the fabrics
  • Taking pictures a reside rabbit with a fireplace arrow that has been lit will burn its pores and skin off nevertheless it chefs it on the similar time, permitting you to consume it instantly
  • Enemies on exhausting take a ways much less fireplace injury, stay this in thoughts

Poison Arrows

= + OR OR OR PoisonArrows AnyArrows TwinBerries SnowBerries AmanitaMushroom JackMushroom

  • When an enemy is hit with a poison arrow, they’re going to undergo a injury through the years (DOT) impact – their motion and assault velocity is decreased through about 20 to twenty-five%, and it’s imaginable that their injury output is decreased
  • Poison arrows ultimate for much longer however do much less injury than fireplace arrows
  • Poisoned enemies could have a inexperienced tint to their pores and skin
  • The poison impact on poisoned arrows does now not stack
  • Taking pictures every other participant in recreation has a 100% likelihood of constructing them ill. It additionally provides a injury through the years impact for roughly 20 seconds

Trendy Arrows

  • Those arrows will have to be discovered, they can’t be crafted
  • Those arrows do the best possible injury out of all of the arrows
  • They are able to be present in yellow crates, the similar ones that grasp flares.
  • It is suggested through the builders that those arrows are used with the Trendy Bow


  • The fashionable bow is a recurve bow primarily based off of the Hoyt Excel riser.


Replace historical past[]

Model Adjustments v1.0 Progressed placement of guns on racks and holders!

Fastened stash lighter regimen taking part in sfx even if lighter is not provided, used to be triggering for instance when bending the bow

Fastened attaching plastic torch to guns

v0.73 Fastened animation problems if taking heavy fall injury whilst aiming bow

Fastened ultimate factor with combining recurve bow & arrows to set the energetic bonus

v0.72 Added recipe to mix trendy bow + arrow to set the energetic bonus

Can now not gentle arrows if the bow is already being aimed

Fastened animation glitch when aiming the bow whilst an arrow is being lit

Fastened bow distorted on racks

v0.71 It’s now imaginable to tape plastic torches onto the bows, the flintlock and the chainsaw v0.70 (Steadiness) Decreased injury from arrows on trendy bow somewhat

Fastened fireplace arrows on trendy bow now not lightable from status fires

v0.70 Fastened 2d arrow showing if fireplace button pressed in an instant after liberating an arrow from the bow

Adjusted glance sensitivity when the usage of a gamepad to permit for extra actual aiming with bows and different projectile guns

v0.69 Trendy Bow added to the sport

This patch provides a brand new trendy bow. It’s hidden lovely deep in one of the most cave methods. This bow will shoot longer and extra than the crafted bow, and with extra injury. To stay the crafted bow helpful we’ve made it fireplace sooner than the fashionable bow, however with shorter vary and with much less injury have an effect on.