The Best Rings in Old School Runescape, Ranked

The Best Rings in Old School Runescape, Ranked

If you’re a fan of Old School RuneScape, then you know that getting your hands on the coveted celestial ring is no easy feat. This powerful ring provides a host of benefits for players, making it a must-have for any serious adventurer. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the celestial ring and provide some tips on how to get one for yourself.

If you’re a fan of Old School RuneScape, then you know that getting your hands on the coveted celestial ring is no easy feat. This powerful ring provides a host of benefits for players, making it a must-have for any serious adventurer. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the celestial ring and provide some tips on how to get one for yourself. So read on to learn more!

What is a celestial ring?

A celestial ring is a type of magic ring that provides the wearer with a number of benefits, including increased magic damage and resistance to magical attacks. The ring can be charged with runes to provide additional effects, such as healing or teleportation.

How do I get a celestial ring?

Celestial rings can be obtained through various means, including treasure trails, monster drops, and PvP rewards. They are also available as rare rewards from the Theatre of Blood.

What are the benefits of wearing a celestial ring?

The following are some of the benefits of wearing a celestial ring:

– Increased magic damage

– Resistance to magical attacks

– Can be charged with runes for additional effects

– Provides unlimited teleports to the lunar isle

– Allows the wearer to cast High Alchemy at double the usual success rate.

The hoop fit in OSRS has a ton of selection.

There are skilling rings, wrestle rings, or even funny story rings. There’s a hoop that turns you right into a rock, severely.

A few of these rings are ridiculously excellent. Such a lot in order that you wouldn’t have the ability to do sure content material successfully with out them!

And that implies the hoop slot is an especially vital one to get proper to your persona’s construct.

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15. Ring of Wealth (i)

Ring of Wealth imbued is a actually nifty little ring.

Whilst it has no stats buffs to boast of, it has numerous actually cool results.

When worn, it’ll routinely pick out up all cash and numulite dropped by way of enemies, and position them directly into your stock.

When imbued, it additionally has the additional benefit of doubling the danger of a clue scroll drop when within the barren region.

This can also be actually nice when farming Hellhounds for exhausting clues.

This ring additionally is helping you get well loot from the uncommon drop desk when it’s randomly rolled.

Finally, there are 4 integrated teleports which is able to take you to The Grand Change, Falador Park, Donakan, and Miscellania.

14. Ring of Existence

Used nearly completely by way of Hardcore Ironmen, this ring would possibly do because the identify suggests… save your lifestyles!

In case your well being ever drops underneath 10% whilst this ring is worn, it’ll routinely teleport you in your respawn spot.

However this gained’t paintings should you’re above 10% and get hit for your entire hitpoints, so be cautious!

This teleport additionally gained’t paintings above degree 30 barren region, or if teleblocked. And as soon as the hoop’s impact is used, it’s going to collapse into mud.

13. Celestial Ring

Right here we’ve were given mainly the latest ring in OSRS, and our first F2P available ring in this record!

The Celestial Ring gives an invisible +4 degree Mining spice up, which matches in every single place should you’re dressed in it.

The hoop additionally has a 1/10 probability of giving you an additional ore, as much as adamant, on any rock. This does no longer paintings at Motherload mine, regardless that. So that you’ll most effective get the mining spice up right here.

You’ll additionally mix the Celestial Ring with an Elven Signet, and acquire the consequences of the signet, with a minimum of degree 70 Crafting and Smithing.

12. Ring of the gods (i)

This ring possesses the best possible prayer bonus in all of the sport within the ring slot.

It has an enormous +8 prayer bonus, and in addition comprises the consequences of a holy wrench.

But even so this, it gives minimum coverage with a +1 in all defensive stats.

The hoop is in large part utilized by the ones looking to maximize their prayer bonus, and on prayer-heavy builds most effective.

11. Granite Ring (i)

Granite Rings are designed to be medium degree rings with elementary melee defensive bonuses of +4.

On the other hand, this does have a considerable +16 vary defence bonus.

In the end, this ring isn’t used a lot. And has an overly low side road worth of 30k.

The explanation it takes this spot is as a result of some Pk’ers like to make use of it to buff their defence, because it’s reasonably-priced to acquire in relation the extent of coverage it supplies.

Be aware: you’ll want at least degree 50 defence and power to put on this ring.

10. Warrior Ring

As the primary of the 4 rings dropped by way of the Dagannoth Kings, the Warrior Ring is regularly considered because the worst of the lot .


As it most effective supplies a minimum slash bonus of +4 in assault and defence.

It’s most effective value about 30-40k at the Grand Change, and just like the granite ring, is most effective actually used from time to time by way of Pk’ers having a look to get an edge with some cheap-to-obtain equipment.

9. Everlasting Slayer Ring

Right here’s some other non-combat ring for this record.

The Everlasting Slayer Ring gives no stat adjustments, however is only for teleports. And it really works nice!

Maximum slayer rings be offering a most of 8 teleports to more than a few places. The everlasting ring gives a vast quantity of teleports, which means you by no means wish to achieve extra.

The hoop can teleport you to more than a few slayer places, similar to The Slayer Tower, Fremennik Slayer Cave, Tarn’s Lair, Stronghold Slayer Cave, and to Darkish beasts within the mourners tunnels.

Simply be aware that a few of these places will wish to be unlocked prior to use.

8. Treasonous Ring (i)

Now this ring gives the best possible stab bonus of any ring in OSRS, with a +8 offensive and defensive bonus.

It’s no longer essentially the most used ring, regardless that, as there are higher possible choices.

However it has observed use towards monsters susceptible to stab, similar to dragons and Corporeal Beast.

It additionally isn’t too pricey at 500k – making it a lot more reasonably priced than different rings right here.

7. Elven Signet

The Elven Signet is an overly helpful non-combat ring, providing a ten% probability to not use a rate when the use of any crystal apparatus – this comprises the upgraded Blade of Saeldor.

There are a number of crystal pieces within the sport, Examples are just like the crystal pickaxe, awl, harpoon, bow, and protect.

This ring can be most precious for the pickaxe or harpoon, which might be each utilized in skilling process.

Crystal Shards could be a ache to get, regardless that. So this signet is a godsend for skillers who closely depend on their crystal equipment.

6. Tyrannical Ring (i)

The Tyrannical Ring is some other Barren region boss ring with an outstanding weigh down offensive and defensive bonus of +8.

This ring is regularly carried as a transfer so avid gamers can put on it when the use of their Dragon Warhammer particular assault.

It is because the Warhammer is predicated closely on weigh down bonuses to land successful.

The one destructive to this ring is its loss of power bonus, which turns many avid gamers clear of the use of it as a chief ring.

5. Ring of Staying power

This ring is most likely the toughest to get in all of the sport. And it’s additionally the most costly in this record.

The Ring of Staying power calls for at least degree 70 agility to put on, and is charged with Stamina Potions.

So first off, this ring restores 40% of your run power, and doubles the impact of a stamina potion.

And secondly, equipped you have got greater than 500 fees, it’ll cut back your run power drain charge by way of 15%. That’s beautiful to hand!

Those results make the Ring of Staying power extraordinarily helpful in puts the place you want to run continuously, similar to at Blast Furnace, or when dealing with Commander Zilyana.

4. Brimstone ring

The Brimstone ring is mainly the “Barrows Gloves” of rings.

It gives assault and defence bonuses in all spaces of +4, with magic getting +6. It even has a cheeky power bonus of +4 in addition.

Mainly, this provides all the DKS rings stats mixed right into a unmarried ring! And that is for the un-imbued rings most effective.

The Brimstone ring additionally has a terrific passive impact, which makes it some of the highest in slot rings for magic.

The impact makes it in order that each time a consumer casts an offensive spell towards a goal, there’s a 25% probability that the opponent’s defensive roll will probably be lowered by way of 90%.

This implies you’ll hit tougher and extra constantly.

3. Archers Ring (i)

As the second one of the DKS rings, the Archers Ring is the Perfect in slot vary ring.

It gives a +8 vary assault and defence bonus.

This ring is used actually in every single place rangers cross, because it beats every other ring for vary assault.

Not unusual places come with DKS, Cerberus, Armadyl (GWD), Saradomin (GWD), Large mole with a Twisted Bow, slayer duties, and a lot more!

The hoop could also be some of the costlier of the 4 DKS rings, with a side road worth of round 3.7m.

2. Ring of Struggling (i)

As without equal defensive ring in this record, that is completely god-like for sure scenarios – and a should have.

This ring has no offensive stats, however has an enormous +20 in each and every unmarried defensive stat.

That is ridiculously helpful for just about each and every unmarried solo boss scenario, for the reason that harm mitigated is considerably.

It even has a +4 prayer bonus, which makes this child even sweeter!

The Ring of Struggling will get even higher with its integrated impact. You’ll rate it with as much as 100,000 fees from rings of flinch, about 2.5k rings, and the Ring of Struggling will act as a hoop of flinch.

Plus this impact can also be became off and on at will.

With this impact in thoughts, the hoop is mainly a demand for Zulrah, because the flinch impact will kill the snakelings for you without a factor.

Any solo PvM like Bandos or Zamorak God Conflict Dungeon journeys may even require you to be tanky, and this ring supplies make stronger for simply that!

Get this ring now. Don’t even take into consideration it. It’s value the fee tag.

1. Berserker Ring (i)

As the perfect of the most efficient with regards to melee, this ring supplies no offensive bonuses and a +8 weigh down defence bonus, with an enormous +8 power bonus!.

Energy is all we care about right here. As a result of everybody is attempting to extend their max hits, and the Berserker Ring does it higher than every other.

Extra power equals extra harm consistent with 2d. And in consequence, that is the main ring of maximum melee wrestle.

It’s additionally the main ring utilized in The Theatre of Blood for this precise reason why.

This holds true for each PvM and PvP, the place the hoop is insanely standard. Maximum pures and primary accounts in PvP will possibility this ring.


What is the best way to get a celestial ring?

The best way to get a celestial ring is by completing the quest ‘One Small Favour’.

How do I use a celestial ring?

Celestial rings can be used to teleport to various locations around Runescape. To use the ring, simply left-click on it and select the desired destination.

Can I keep my celestial ring after completing the quest ‘One Small Favour’?

Yes, you can keep your celestial ring after completing the quest. The ring is not required to be returned to any NPCs.


The osrs celestial ring is a way to show off your love for the game. It’s an accessory that any player would be proud to wear on their finger, and it can help you feel more confident in-game. The design of this piece is so beautiful, with the rounded gems representing stars shining bright over Gielinor. If you’re looking for something special to commemorate your adventures, then look no further than these rings! You can find our most popular designs here or click below if there are other pieces that speak to you personally.

If you’ve been looking for an authentic and reliable source of osrs celestial ring, we hope this article has helped to provide some clarity. There are many websites offering these rings at competitive prices but only a few will be able to offer the true quality that they deserve. Whether you want one as a gift or something new for yourself, it is important that you know what your needs are before making any purchase decision so that you can get exactly what you need with no regrets later on down the road!

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