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Outward Legacy Chest is a game about exploring the world and leaving your mark on it.
Legacy Chest Locations and Upgrades | Napo News Online
Legacy Chest Locations and Upgrades | Napo News Online



The Legacy system in Outward is a spin on New Game+. That is to say, you can only carry over four items or pieces of equipment into later playthroughs, and only by placing each one in a Legacy Chest, of which there are four scattered throughout the world.

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Once you’ve placed all items and/or equipment in said chests, start a new game and click the Legacy option to get going.

Note: Whether you’re on a Legacy save or not doesn’t affect whether you can play with a second person. Also, you can change what’s in the chests at any time within the original save file.

Chersonese Legacy Chest

662px-Legacy_chest_chersonese.jpg The first Legacy Chest can be found in Cierzo Storage in Chersonese. At the docks you’ll find a door; go through it to find the chest.

Enmerkar Legacy Chest

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This chest can be found inside the Vigil Pylon on the eastern portion of the world map. Before you go after, bring along Warm Potions, anything that provides Frost Damage, and any elixirs or any other sources of buffs you can find.

Hit the switch behind the normal chest once you go inside to access the full dungeon. Once inside, you must teleport to the fireball, and then use it to teleport to the location in the screenshot below. However, it has to be done in such a way that the fireball has a “moon” in the middle of it (the moon will appear or disappear each time you teleport).

Once you use the fireball to teleport, you’ll have to fight an Obsidian Elemental and Burning Man. Due to the close quarters and high resistances of the Elemental, this might actually be the hardest fight in the game. If you’re using a Fire Damage weapon, this fight will be nigh impossible. In any case, buff yourself with as many consumables as you can (particularly Elemental Resistance/Immunity). Take down the Burning Man first (it shouldn’t take long), then melee the Elemental to death to prevent it from doing much.


Hallowed Marsh Legacy Chest

This chest can be found in the Spire of Light, on the southeastern portion of the world map.

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Abrassar Legacy Chest

This chest can be found in The Slide. Take a left just past the entrance and go up through the tunnel to find Old Levant’s Key, which will get you to the main room with the chest. To unlock the gate in front of the chest, hit the switch in the room down below, then the second switch that was behind the gate.


Credit for most of the images goes to MadBuffoon.

Legacy Chest Upgrades

Some gear benefits from an upgrade (and name change) when retrieved from a Legacy chest. See the full list below.

Base gearUpgraded gear Arcane HoodWhite Arcane Hood Arcane RobeWhite Arcane Robe Black Pearlbird MaskJewel Bird Mask Black Plate ArmorOrichalcum Armor Black Plate BootsOrichalcum Boots Black Plate HelmOrichalcum Helmet Butcher’s AmethystButcher’s Cleaver Clansage RobeRed Clansage Robe Cleaver HalberdSanguine Cleaver Copal ArmorGreen Copal Armor Copal BootsGreen Copal Boots Copal HelmGreen Copal Helmet Desert BootsMaster Desert Boots Elite Desert TunicMaster Desert Tunic Elite Desert VeilMaster Desert Veil Fang AxeSavage Axe Fang ClubSavage Club Fang GreataxeSavage Greataxe Fang GreatclubSavage Greatclub Fang GreatswordSavage Greatsword Fang HalberdSavage Halberd Fang KnucklesSavage Fang Knuckles Fang ShieldSavage Shield Fang SwordSavage Sword Fang TridentSavage Trident Felling GreataxeGold Greataxe Fishing HarpoonGold Harpoon Fur ArmorBlack Fur Armor Fur BootsBlack Fur Boots Fur HelmBlack Fur Helmet HatchetGold Hatchet Iron KnucklesGolden Iron Knuckles Junk Claymore Golden Junk Claymore Kazite Armor Master Kazite Armor Kazite Boots Master Kazite Boots Kazite Cat Mask Master Kazite Cat Mask Kazite Light Armor Shadow Kazite Light Armor Kazite Light Boots Shadow Kazite Light Boots Kazite Light Helmet Shadow Kazite Light Helmet Kazite Mask Master Kazite Mask Kazite Oni Mask Master Kazite Oni Mask Kintsugi Armor White Kintsugi Armor Kintsugi Boots White Kintsugi Boots Kintsugi Helm White Kintsugi Helmet Light Kazite Shirt Shadow Light Kazite Shirt Machete Gold Machete Master’s Staff Ivory Master’s Staff Mining Pick Gold Mining Pick Mushroom Halberd Spore Halberd Mushroom Shield Spore Shield Pearlbird Mask Black Pearlbird Mask Pitchfork Gold Pitchfork Plank Shield Golden Shield Prayer Claymore Sinner Claymore Primitive Club Gold Club Quarterstaff Gold Quarterstaff Simple Bow Gold Bow Steel Sabre Cerulean Sabre Troglodyte Pole Mace Withering Pole Mace Troglodyte Staff Crystal Staff Troglodyte Trident Withering Trident Wide Black Hat White Wide Hat Wide Blue Hat Red Wide Hat Worn Guisarme Gold Guisarme

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