The Best Bubble Machines – Reviews, Tips, Ratings, and Buying Guide

There’s nothing more magical and fun than bubbles! Just carrying a few around in your hands can make any child feel like they are floating on air. For those who don’t want to spend hours making manual soap bubble toys, there’s always automatic ones that will provide steady streams of colorful fizzies for children of all ages at parties or events alike – perfect if you need something quick but still enjoyable as an appetizer before dinner starts rolling into action (or even after!).

What is a bubble machine?

A bubble machine is a device that blows bubbles. They are often used at parties and other events. Some bubble machines can create huge amounts of bubbles, while others create smaller amounts. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some even have built-in lights that make the bubbles glow.

How does bubble machines work?

Most bubble machines work by blowing air through a small reservoir of soap solution. This creates bubbles that are blown out of the machine and into the air. Some machines have a fan that helps to blow the bubbles farther away, while others rely on the wind to carry them around.

Are there different types of bubble machines?

Yes, there are a few different types of bubble machines. Some blow bubbles one at a time, while others create a continuous stream of bubbles. Some machines are designed to create huge bubbles, while others produce smaller bubbles. There are even some bubble machines that create LED-lit bubbles!

What are some good uses for bubble machines?

Bubble machines can be used for a variety of things. They are often used at parties and other events, but they can also be used for fun in the backyard or at the beach. They can also be used in schools or daycares to teach kids about bubbles. Some businesses even use them to attract customers!

How to choose the right bubble machine for your needs

There are a lot of bubble machines on the market, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a bubble machine:

-How big is the area you want to cover? Some machines are small and only cover a small area, while others are bigger and can cover a large area.

-What type of bubbles do you want? Some machines create bigger bubbles, some create smaller bubbles, and others create bubbles in all sizes.

-How often do you want to use the machine? If you plan to use it often, you’ll want one that is easy to set up and use. If you only plan to use it occasionally, you can choose a machine that is more complicated to set up but will create better-quality bubbles.

What is your budget?

Bubble machines range in price from around $20 to several hundred dollars. Choose the machine that fits your needs and your budget.

The different types of bubble machines available on the market

vary in size, shape, and power. Some bubble machines are small enough to fit on a tabletop, while others are larger and require an outlet to operate.

No matter the size of the machine, they all work in the same way: by blowing bubbles into the air. Most bubble machines use a motor to create a stream of bubbles, while others rely on a hand pump.

How to set up and use a bubble machine

A bubble machine is a great way to add excitement to any party or special event. They are easy to set up and use, and can create an incredible amount of bubbles. Here are the steps to set up and use a bubble machine:

1. Plug in the machine and turn it on.

2. Fill the reservoir with bubble liquid.

3. Aim the machine in the desired direction and press the button to start blowing bubbles.

4. Keep pressing the button as needed to keep the flow of bubbles going.

5. When you’re finished, unplug the machine and clean up any spilled liquid.

That’s all there is to it! bubble machines are a great way to add excitement and fun to any event.

Some tips for getting the most out of your bubble machine:

1. Make sure to use high-quality bubble juice. This will ensure that your bubbles are big and beautiful.

2. Experiment with the amount of bubble juice you use. You may need more or less depending on the size of your machine.

3. Keep your machine clean! Regularly cleaning your machine will help it work better and last longer.

4. Have fun! Bubble machines are a great way to add some excitement to any party or event.

The Best Bubble Machines

1. Kidzlane Bubble Machine

With a kid-friendly design, powerful motor, and durable design, the Kidzlane bubble machine represents the top option to consider. This is a dolphin-shaped machine that delivers a constant stream of bubbles. Thanks to the 10 spinning wands, children can enjoy a reliable output of approximately 500 bubbles per minute. The flat base of the unit makes it easy to place anywhere without worries about spills. The bubble machine stands out over similar toys thanks to its uncompromising construction quality. While you can get your hands on slightly more inexpensive machines, this one is worth the extra cost for the significant bump in quality. You can think of this a long-term investment for the enjoyment of your kids. Given how the bubble solution is included, you can start using it right out of the box.

2. 1byone Bubble Blower Machine

If you want a performant and well-designed bubble machine, this model from 1byone seems like an excellent option. It packs a reliable 12.8 ounces capacity which makes it capable of blowing bubbles continuously for two hours. This is a highly versatile machine that comes with two powering options. You can plug it in a wall outlet or rely on batteries if that’s more convenient.

This is a portable and practical machine that will enhance the atmosphere of your kid’s party. Pets also seem to love the constant stream of floating bubbles. The construction of this blower has received certain enhancements and the ABS thermoplastic polymer looks capable enough to handle some abuse. Performance-wise, you can expect it to deliver approximately 1500 bubbles per minute. All in all, 1byone did a solid job with this unit considering the output, durability, and overall bang for your buck.

3. Geekper Bubble Machine

Simple and affordable, the Geekper bubble machine can produce an impressive amount of bubbles per minute. It’s the perfect addition to enhance any kids’ party as it’s very simple to operate and completely safe. Another feature we really like about this unit is the noiseless design which lets children have fun with bubbles in full immersion style, without any distractions. Operating this model is a breeze. You just have to add the required amount of solution and let the machine do the rest. The motor spins the wands to create around 800 bubbles in a single minute. That’s enough to cover a fairly large area with playful bubbles and to put a smile on any kid’s face. The retractable handle helps with the portability while the bubble machine can also operate using batteries aside from regular outlet power.

4. Theefun TBM01 Professional Bubble Machine

Those looking for a more professional-grade bubble machine should check out the Theefun TBM01. Judging from the design of this model, you can immediately notice that this isn’t your regular toy. The automatic bubble machine can generate a speed of 18-22 RPM which translates to an impressive level of performance. The machine is operated either manually or with the help of an included remote control for some extra convenience.

Thanks to its high output, this powerful machine is capable of delivering thousands of bubbles in a minute. A heavy-duty construction contributes to the overall stability and reliability of the machine. Instead of using plastic, this unit features a rugged metal housing which is a much better option in terms of durability. You can use this bubble machine both indoors or outdoors. The detachable handle facilitates the transport process making it a portable machine to grab for the party.

5. ToyerBee Bubble Machine

A fun toy with 8 rotating rods, the ToyerBee bubble machine just needs a bit of solution to create a delightful experience for any children. It has an output of 800 bubble per minute which is a surprisingly solid level of performance given the reduced cost. The machine may look like a toy, but it has a fairly stable structure to handle the speedy bubble creation. Whether you want to entertain children, toddlers, or pets, this bubble machine represents a satisfying choice. It’s so easy to use that even little children can quickly learn to activate the dazzling hurricane of bubbles. The strong output makes the bubble machine vulnerable to instability so that’s why the manufacturer equipped the unit with a reliable stand. The lid makes pouring the bubble solution a simple task. One downside of this model is the lack of included batteries so make sure you have some ready at hand.

6. Biulotter Bubble Machine

Another bubble machine on this crowded market that’s worth some extra attention is this model from Biulotter. It has a more interesting design compared to the more basic units out there. The whale shape comes in two color choices – blue and pink. This is a noiseless bubble machine with a performant motor that can churn out more than 2000 bubbles in a single minute. Other solid features are the retractable handle and battery operation.

With the help of the retractable handle, you will be able to find more great spots to hang the bubble machine. This could be convenient at a party where you need to ensure that bubbles will reach everyone more efficiently. A total of 4 AA batteries are required to operate the unit. They’re not included, but that’s somewhat understandable given the reduced cost. The durability isn’t very impressive but the non-toxic ABS should help the machine last a reasonable amount of time.

7. LUKAT Bubble Machine

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With a safe and improved design, the LUKAT bubble machine promises to increase the fun at any party with children. It’s incredibly easy to use making it a breeze for your kid to get the hang of it in no time. The high bubble output coupled with the solid internal reservoir capacity will allow for more continuous fun without as many refills. This is an octopus-shaped toy built with ABS plastic that offers a decent level of durability. You only need three AA batteries to get this unit to create a mesmerizing stream of multicolored bubbles. Make sure you find the designated area for pouring the supplied bubble solution inside the machine. Both the reservoir and the wands can be removed to clean them and maintain the bubble toy in top shape.

8. Betheaces Bubble Machine

Shaped like a fun-looking whale, this bubble machine from Betheaces packs quite a punch in terms of features per money. Some of its highlights include the non-toxic materials, simple operation, and stable base. There are 28 blowing wands in total which can easily reach an output of 2000 bubbles released in a minute. Lots of occasions such as birthday parties or picnics can benefit from the addition of this fun toy to entertain the children.

FAQ Bubble Machines

Can you have bubble machine indoors?

The KreativeKraft Bubble Machine for Kids is an automatic dolphin bubble machine great for indoors and outdoors. More suitable for babies and toddlers due to ease, this dolphin can create hundreds of bubbles to entertain the little ones.

What is the best bubble machine to buy for kids?

The Best Bubble Machines for Kids of 2022
  • Zerhunt Automatic Bubble Blower.
  • Victostar Bubble Machine.
  • WisToyz Bubble Machine.
  • Fubbles Bubble Blastin’ Automatic Party Machine.
  • KidzLane Bubble Machine.
  • Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Bubble Machine.

What is the best bubble solution for bubble machines?

Homemade Bubble Solution

Measure 6 cups of water into one container, then pour 1 cup of dish soap into the water and slowly stir it until the soap is mixed in. Try not to let foam or bubbles form while you stir. Measure 1 tablespoon of glycerin or 1/4 cup of corn syrup and add it to the container.

How much are bubble machines?

The cost to buy a bubble machine can range from $30 for a small plastic machine at a discount store to $1,500 or more for a large professional-grade machine, such as those used by disc jockeys and party professionals. For example, Party City sells a mini bubble machinefor $15.

Do bubble machines make floor slippery?

They do indeed make a slippery mess on hard floors. And it doesn’t take long for that wet, slippery film to accumulate.

Where can I buy glycerin for bubbles?

Where to buy glycerin for this super bubbles recipe? Glycerin can be found in the cake decorating area of most craft stores. If you’re near a Michaels or JoAnn, you can find it with the cake and candy-making supplies or with soap-making products.

Who invented the bubble machine?

In 1986 inventor Kalvin Klundt designed the first giant bubble maker with two long handles, named Dip Stix™. He was later granted two US patents on his design. It used two long rods to support and control the flexible bubble loop and a unique round cord with a double coil.

What types of bubble machines are available?

There are a few different types of bubble machines available on the market. The most common type is the handheld machine, which is small and easy to use. There are also tabletop bubble machines, which can blow bubbles across a wider area, and floor-standing bubble machines, which can create taller bubbles. Some machines even come with built-in LED lights, making them perfect for parties and other special occasions.

How do I choose the right bubble machine?

The best way to choose the right bubble machine is to consider what you will be using it for. If you need a portable machine that you can take with you on the go, then a handheld model would be a good choice. If you are looking for a machine that can create a large amount of bubbles, then a tabletop or floor-standing model would be better. And if you want a machine with special features, like LED lights, then be sure to choose one that has those capabilities.

What is the best bubble solution?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best bubble solution will vary depending on the type of machine you are using and the type of bubbles you want to create. However, most bubble machines require a solution that is made up of water, dish soap, and glycerin. You can experiment with different ratios of each ingredient to find the combination that works best for you.

How do I clean my bubble machine?

It is important to clean your bubble machine regularly in order to keep it running smoothly. The easiest way to clean it is to disassemble it and wash all of the parts in warm soapy water. Be sure to allow all of the parts to dry completely before reassembling the machine.

Can you have bubble machine indoors??

Yes, you can have a bubble machine indoors, but you will need to choose one that is specifically designed for indoor use. Some bubble machines are made with powerful fans that can create a lot of wind, which can be dangerous in an enclosed space. Be sure to check the specifications of any machine you are considering before making a purchase.

How long will bubble machine run?

The bubble machine will usually last around two hours on a full tank of bubble fluid.

Are there any dangers associated with using bubble machines?

There is no danger associated with using a bubble machine if it is used correctly. However, it is important to keep the machine away from children and animals to prevent accidental ingestion of the bubble fluid.

Where can I find bubble machine fluid?

Bubble machine fluid is available at most stores that sell party supplies. It is also available online.

Can I use other types of liquids in my bubble machine?

No, using other types of liquids in your bubble machine may cause damage to the machine or create a fire hazard. Only use the recommended bubble fluid with your machine.

Can I use my bubble machine indoors?

Yes, most bubble machines can be safely used indoors. However, it is important to check the manufacturer’s recommendations to be sure.

Can I take my bubble machine outdoors?

Some bubble machines are designed for outdoor use, while others are not. It is important to check the manufacturer’s recommendations to be sure. If your machine is not designed for outdoor use, using it outdoors may damage the machine or create a fire hazard.

How much bubble fluid does a typical bubble machine hold?

Most bubble machines hold around 1.5 liters of bubble fluid.

How do you make Unpoppable bubbles??

In order to make Unpoppable bubbles, you will need to use a bubble machine and bubble fluid that is designed for outdoor use. The bubble fluid will need to be thicker than the typical bubble fluid in order to create bubbles that will not pop.


The blog has given you an overview of the best bubble machines on the market. If your goal is to have a clean lawn all summer, then one of these should do the trick for you! However, it’s important that if you buy a machine online or from a store, make sure there are no missing parts and that it comes with instructions.
You should buy the best bubble machine for your needs. If you need to entertain a larger group of people, then get the Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine that has an impressive 5 gallon tank and blows bubbles up to 25 feet high. It’s also brightly colored with 4 different light settings so it’ll look great in any environment at any time of day or night. For smaller groups, try out The Original Spinning Tops Bubbler – it uses less power than other models but still provides hours of entertainment for kids! No matter what size party you are hosting, be sure to have plenty of batteries on hand because all these machines use them quickly!