PS4 Jailbreak 8.50 8.00 8.03 through Legit Accounts


PS4 8.xx exploit: Sony closed some critical bugs via their bounty platform recently. Can this be good news for PS4 8.00, 8.01, 8.03, 8.50 owners?

PS4 8.xx Jailbreak ETA Wen?
We’re seeing a stream of closed vulnerability reports on PlayStation’s bounty page…

A bit less than a year ago, Sony’s PlayStation branch joined bounty platform HackerOne. Hackers can legitimately submit vulnerabilities to Sony, get paid for it, and discuss a proper disclosure process with the PS4 manufacturer.

When this was announced last year, I had mixed feelings about it, as I was concerned this would reduce the chances of getting jailbreaks for the PS4. I was proven wrong, to some extent: the recent 7.55 and 7.02 exploits were both based on submissions to the bounty program (both by TheFloW). Sony gets to strengthen their platform on the latest firmware for 99% of their userbase, while tinkerers who chose to stay on a lower firmware have a good chance at getting a jailbreak eventually.

But it all depends on disclosure actually happening, though, and that part’s not a good sign so far.

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