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Subcon Forest

Subcon Forest is the third Chapter of A Hat in Time, being a spooky stretch of woods that Hat Kid must traverse and brave through to collect her lost Time Pieces, all while trying to deal with The Snatcher, a mischievous and self-proclaimed owner of the forest whom has taken and held hostage Hat Kid’s soul.


Conductor “A SPOILER? On MY Owl Express?”

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According to many sources throughout Subcon Forest, as well as the Storybooks provided by the both the Sleepy Subcon Time Rift and Seal the Deal DLC, it is said that the rulers of this place were a Prince and Princess who were in love with each other, they were in control of a small town home to many citizens.

But, one day the Princess walked in on the Prince with a florist, and this broke her heart. She ran away crying, and shortly after it is revealed the Prince was buying a bouquet for his lover. After trying to confront the Princess, the Prince was sent to the dungeon as what is thought to be darkness consumed the Princess. In the dungeon, the Prince starts to take the form of Snatcher.

After the confrontation and transformation of Queen Vanessa, the town is frozen over and the residents lives taken. Their spirits would take on the form of the mask-wearing Dwellers, where some would remain this way. Others would be contracted with Snatcher after he had fully transformed, binding their souls into small stuffed dolls now known as Snatcher’s Minions.


Subcon Forest is a large area, initially blocked off by the fiery walls of the Fire Spirits residing around the forest. For the most part, there are several key locations to be found, surrounded by large tracts of lands which house optional puzzles in order to collect more Yarn or Relics.

The Forest

As its name implies, Subcon Forest dedicates a lot of its level to a large and sprawling forest, with many puzzles and paths to choose from, especially when platforming through the upper layer of trees with various hook shot locations and leafy platforms.

Within the outskirts of the forest is also an abandoned village, which houses a Time Rift.


Behind Snatcher’s home is a strange portion of the forest, having many oddities and anomalies held inside it that are not found anywhere else in the forest. Opened houses with frozen furniture, a massive hour glass which is stopped in time and its various pieces floating, and several objects expanded to large sizes. It can be presumed that this would be the area dedicated to a cut character, Moon Jumper.


A large portion of the forest to the left of Snatcher’s home has been overtaken many ravenous flame, leaving the ground here blackened and the trees charred, with some of the fire still actively burning some of the vegetation. A large house is found near the center of this section of forest, itself burnt and holding a Relic at the top.


The swamp is rightwards of Snatcher’s home, made up of a large boggy area which provides sparse platforming at the bottom layer and much more advanced platforms at the top. Inside here is a large well used to enter the Caves.

Snatcher’s Home

In the center of the forest, as well as near the start of Hat Kid’s entrance point, Snatcher’s Home is a massive tree that he resides in, complete with some basic furniture like an empty closet, grandfather clock, a table and large chair with accompanying ottoman.

The house itself also provides a tricky platforming section, by following the Pons up the main spiky root from the bottom of the tree upward, the player can find a string of platforms, mushrooms and Snatcher’s Minions to guide them further up the tree. The top ends with a massive cyan glowing mushroom that does not bounce, holding a reward and an achievement for getting on top of it.

After the player has completed Your Contract has Expired, Snatcher can be found in his home, sitting in the chair reading a book on how to kill kids, telling Hat Kid off for not following the guidelines in his contract to keep her out of the forest.


Subcon Village is the dwelling place of the spooky, mask-wearing Dwellers of Subcon Forest, populated by many of them and several other faceless creatures inside the tree-stump houses. A large river is found in the heart of the village, though it does not flow until Hat Kid unclogs the well in The Subcon Well, and will flow for every act onwards.

During the Toilet of Doom opening, the village is altered to have its Dweller inhabitants panicking, as several large pipes burst from the ground and unleash large streams of purple and yellow gases into the air, all caused presumably by the Toilet of Doom itself.


Below the village is a series of caves, where glowing mushrooms and strange crystals grow. A network of pipes carries purple water through the caves. Giant white cherries can be found here, and can be activated and turned into bombs by bringing them near certain totems. The caves are also home to bats with glowing red patches on their bodies.


Queen Vanessa lives in her spooky old manor. This building has three floors and a basement, which is flooded partially and in a state of disrepair. On the second floor, there is a picture that slowly fills in, first with Hat Kid’s head without a face, and then with a creepy stitched face. The final floor is an attic in which the Time Piece is located with a Relic above. The attic also contains a mural on the back wall which resembles the Moon Jumper. Throughout the whole mansion, frozen creatures can be found, including Mafia Goons, Science Owls, Subcon Dwellers, and someone who looks like The Conductor from the Owl Express, alongside many cut character models which make cameos.


At the back of the Village, there is a large chasm which can be traversed over with hookshot propellers which appear only in Act 3. After reaching the other side, a large circular arena is presented to the player, with some minor goodies outside the arena if searched for.

The arena houses two different boss battles depending on which Act is selected, either being the Toilet of Doom or Snatcher, where they will both battle Hat Kid in this arena.

In the center of the arena is a small pot of green ooze, which can damage Hat Kid if she steps in it. Above it is a hookshot spot, allowing Hat Kid to swing over it during the Toilet of Doom fight to pop bubbles or damage the Toilet outright.


These are the acts included in this chapter. To see all these pages, please check the Chapter 3 Acts page

Image Episode Name Summary The Act 1:Contractual Obligations Sign your first contract with The Snatcher and do his bidding. Mission3-2.png Act 2:The Subcon Well Clean up the Subcon Well Mission3-3.png Act 3:Toilet of Doom “Clean” up the Subcon Toilet. Mission3-4.png Act 4:Queen Vanessa’s Manor Sneak into the Manor and get to the attic. Mission3-5.png Act 5:Mail Delivery Service Deliver packages to the Snatcher’s servants. Mission Act 6:Your Contract has Expired Defeat the Snatcher.

Time Rift Locations

Name Image Act Location Appears when Pipe

The Hint Photography for Pipe.

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Any In a giant sewer pool near the Burning Forest, leftward of Snatcher’s punch station and the bridge to Queen Vanessa’s Manor. After cleaning The Subcon Well and getting the Time Piece from it. Village


Any In the Subcon Courtyard. It’s at the highest point there, so you’ll need to homing attack spiders to get up to a platform that can get to it. After getting the Time Piece from Queen Vanessa’s Manor Sleepy Subcon


Any In the time frozen ice pillar in the Subcon Ruins. After completing the Relic “Mockery of Off-Planet Life”


  • Headless Statues
  • Spiders
  • Queen Vanessa
  • Toilet of Doom


  • Snatcher
  • Snatcher’s Minions
  • Fire Spirits
  • Subcon Dwellers
  • Badge Seller
  • Queen Vanessa


Check here for a list of all collectables.

Note: There are 12 Relics in the base game game, and when all of them have been collected, all other treasures listed as “Relic” will give a Rift Token instead.

The Snatcher’s Home and Subcon Village

Item NO. Image Details Relic #1 Loc Subcon Relic 1.jpg On top of the Snatcher’s house, which is the big tree right near the start of Act 1. Dweller Yarn #1 Loc Subcon Dweller 01.jpg Down the path to Subcon Village will be a Bone Blocker with the yarn inside its cage. Blow up the two berries by moving them next to the nearby Dwellers. When the two berries blow up, so will the cage, allowing you to get to the first Dweller Yarn. Ice Yarn #1 Loc Subcon Ice 1.jpg Inside a block of ice near the enterance of Subcon Village. Use a berry to destroy the ice. Relic #2 Loc Subcon Relic 2.jpg On top of a tall tree stump by the cemetery inside Subcon Village. You can either use the hookshot badge to reach it or a tricky jump. Ice Yarn #2 Loc Subcon Ice 2.jpg Encased in ice at the cemetery inside Subcon Village. The spirit used to destory the ice is outside the fenced area, and you won’t be able to get into it while holding the berry, so you must jump on top of the nearby mushroom and throw the berry towards it. Relic #3 Loc Subcon Relic 3.jpg Inside a tree by the red fire spirits. The entrance is blocked by ice, so use a berry to destroy it. Ice Yarn #3 Loc Subcon Ice 3.jpg On top of the tree platform near the red fire spirits. It’s behind the stump, so be careful not to miss it. Sprint Yarn #4 Loc Subcon Sprint 4.jpg Once you get to Act 3, it will be in ice encased chest behind the boss’s arena. You will need to get it before initiating the boss fight. Dweller Yarn #12 Loc Subcon Dweller 13.jpg Once you see the timepiece for Contractual Obligations, Act 1, just head to the right and open that chest.

The Subcon Swamp (Behind the Red Barrier)

Item NO. Image Details Ice Yarn #4 Loc Subcon Ice 5.jpg

From the Snatcher’shouse take the opposite road out of the area (with the danger signs) and you’ll find a blue statue. Search behind a nearby tree close to the swamp to find this gravestone with an Ice Yarn inside.

Require: Brewing Hat.

Rift Token #1 Loc Subcon Token 7.jpg Inside a cabin blocked by ice. The Dweller and berry needed to destroy it are in the trees above, so jump on the mushroom to reach them. Dweller Yarn #2 Loc Subcon Dweller 02.jpg Near where you met the Snatcher for the first time (or next to him during Act 5) are two small monuments with a wooden platforms behind them. Follow them up and to the left to a platform in a tree. On the platform look behind the tree to find a chest with the yarn in it. Dweller Yarn #3 Loc Subcon Dweller 03.jpg Right in front of the Subcon Well. Sprint Yarn #1 Loc Subcon Sprint 1.jpg There is a left path when heading for the Subcon Well. Take it and you will find a wall of ice in the swamp, and behind it is the yarn. You can either blow it up with a berry or go around it. Dweller Yarn #4 Loc Subcon Dweller 04.jpg Left of the Subcon Well is a hidden platform with a bell in the swamp near it. Hit it and climb on the green leaves and homing attack spiders until you reach the yarn. Dweller Yarn #5 Loc Subcon Dweller 05.jpg On the same platform as before there is a space where you can wall jump up. Do that then platform over the tree branches to find another nearby Dweller Yarn. Relic #4 Loc Subcon Relic 8.jpg

When entering the swamp from Subcon Village there is a villager who talks about spiders. Homing attack the nearby spiders to land on some ruins. Climb up them to get to a tree house with a relic on its patio.

Alternatively, this area can be reach by going left when on the platform with the bell in front of the wall of ice.

Relic #5 Loc Subcon Relic 4.jpg As soon as you enter the Subcon Well there is a pink mushroom to your left. Jump on it and it will bounce you up to the relic (watch out for the spider!) Hookshot Badge – 175px Inside a chest encased in ice. Use a nearby berry to destroy the ice to get to it. Dweller Yarn #6 Loc Subcon Dweller 06.jpg On a curved pillar above the chest with the Hookshot Badge in it. Use said badge to get up to the yarn. Rift Token #2 Loc Subcon Token 1.jpg On a pipe in the room where the water rises. When you reach this part of the well the water rises up to where Hat Kid is, so be careful grabbing it.

The Burning Forest and Courtyard (Behind the Blue Barrier)

Item NO. Image Details Sprint Yarn #2 Loc Subcon Sprint 2.jpg Between the Snatcher’s home and the burning building is a noose that Hat Kid can use the hookshot to latch onto and pull her up into the trees. From there latch onto a tree lantern and swing to the top of the burning building to get the Sprint Yarn Ice Yarn #5 Loc Subcon Ice 4.jpg At the base of the burning building is a dweller’s bell. Hit it to climb up the green phantom branches to a branch with one of the Snatcher’s minions on it (alternatively, you can land here from the top of the burning building). From there jump to where the pons lead. Homing attack the nearby spider to reach this Ice Yarn. Relic #6 Loc Subcon Relic 5.jpg In the burning forest there is a phantom bell covered in ice. Use a berry to destory it so you can climb up the phantom branches nearby. Jump on the mushroom on the fourth branch to be launched up to another branch. The relic is in a treehouse in front of the branches. Brewing Yarn #1 Loc Subcon Brewing 1.jpg Behind the clock on the road to Subcon Village is a dirt path leading into the burning forest. Take it, but keep looking to your right; nearby is one of the Snatcher’s minions next to a noose. Take the noose up to a tree house with the brewing yarn at the top. It’s a little tricky to jump up to, so stand on one of the wooden polls to give yourself a boost. Rift Token #3 Loc Subcon Token 2.jpg Near the far edge of the burning forest is a phantom bell the will allow Hat Kid to jump on some phantom treestumps. Climb up them to get the Rift Token inside a treasure chest at the top. Ice Yarn #6 Loc Subcon Dweller 07.jpg On the outskirts of the burning forest is a bone blocker starring at two spiders. Defeat them to make the blocker explode get the yarn. Dweller Yarn #7 Loc Subcon Dweller 08.jpg Between the burning forest and the large sewage pipe are three spiders that you can use the homing attack on to get up to a Dewller Yarn. Dweller Yarn #8 Loc Subcon Dweller 09.jpg

Near the entrance of the courtyard is a series of branches you can climb up leading to a small, ruined tower with a spider on it. Jump to the next tower, and use the Dweller’s Mask to jump across a series of branches and phantom branches until you reach a chest containing the yarn.

Require: Dweller’s Mask.

Rift Token #4 Loc Subcon Token 3.jpg Inside the courtyard guarded by a Bone Blocker. From the enterance, one of the guards is a spider on top of the left building, a bird in the middle of the building in the back and the blocker/token is on the right of the fountain after jumping up two balloons. Dweller Yarn #13 There is a bush at the edge of Subcon Forest that is surrounded by 8 rocks. Use the Brewing Hat to throw at it and a yarn will pop out. This is extremely close to Dweller Yarn #7

You can leave and revisit the area as many times as you want and this yarn will keep reappearing when you blow up this bush, but it unknown if this is a glitch or intended. This theoretically allows you to gain infinite yarn. (Only tested on PC and Switch)

Require: Brewing Hat.

The Ruins (Behind the Green Barrier)

Item NO. Image Details Dweller Yarn #9 Loc Subcon Dweller 10.jpg

Between the courtyard and the time frozen ruins is a frozen mushroom with a dweller starring at it. Take the nearby berry to destory the ice and jump up to a branch.

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Now look for the two lantrens leading towards a yarn. Hookshot them to get it.

Brewing Yarn #2 Loc Subcon Brewing 2.jpg

Between the courtyard and the time frozen ruins is a frozen mushroom with a dweller starring at it. Take the nearby berry to destory the ice and jump up to a branch.

Now look for the phantom branches and use the Dweller’s Mask to platform over them to reach the yarn.

Rift Token #5 Loc Subcon Token 4.jpg Inside a shack between the courtyard and time frozen ruins. Use the Dweller’s Mask to get inside. Dweller Yarn #10 Loc Subcon Dweller 11.jpg

In the green area near the Snatcher’s home is a blue phantom tree stump. Use the Dweller’s Mask to get inside to get the yarn.

Require: Dweller’s Mask.

Sprint Yarn #3 Loc Subcon Sprint 3.jpg

After entering the ruined area from the Snatcher’s house (take the path with “danger” and “beware” signs), turn right. Soon you’ll find some phantom branches that you can use to reach the yarn.

Require: Dweller’s Mask.

Rift Token #6 Loc Subcon Token 5.jpg

Take the path in fron of the time frozen ruins to reach a pool of water with several stones circling it. Climb up the circle of stones, using the Dweller’s Mask for the phantom rocks, to reach the Rift Token at the top of it. It’s a long climb, so be ready for it.

Require: Dweller’s Mask.

Relic #7 Loc Subcon Token 6.jpg There is a relic on top of the time frozen ruins, which you can reach by taking the path from the Snatcher’s house to the ruins. Start climb from the opposite side and around to it in order to reach it. Relic #8 Loc Subcon Token 8.jpg

In the ruins near the living room is a large crate in a stone building. Destroy it with the Brewing Hat to reveal a lantern. Hookshot it to swing up to a nearby relic on top of another structure.

Require: Brewing Hat, Hookshot

Ice Yarn #7 Loc Subcon Ice 6.jpg Near the ruined living room is a green phantom rock pillar next to a blue phantom rock pillar. Use the Dweller’s Mask to stand on top of the green one and turn it off to stand on the blue one to reach the Ice Yarn on top of a third rock pillar. This one is a bit tricky to get, so be patient and do your best! Item Magnet Badge – 175px There is a bush at the edge of Subcon Forest that is surrounded by 8 pons. Use the Brewing Hat to throw at it and an Item Magnet Badge will pop out. This is very close to the green and blue barriers if they were still intact. If you already have the Item Magnet Badge, getting it again will do nothing.

You can leave and revisit the area as many times as you want and this badge will keep reappearing when you blow up this bush, but it is unknown if this is a glitch or intended. (Only tested on PC and Switch)

This item can alternatively be bought from the badge seller for 50 pons.

Require: Brewing Hat.

Queen Vanessa’s Manor (Behind the Red Barrier)

Item NO. Image Details Relic #9 Loc Subcon Relic 6.jpg On the roof of Queen Vanessa’s Manor. Before entering, find a way up to the roof and keep climbing until you find it. Dweller Yarn #11 Loc Subcon Dweller 12.jpg In the basement. You can get it right after entering. Relic #10 Loc Subcon Token 9.jpg In Queen Vanessa’s bedroom is a chest with the relic inside. Rift Token #7 Loc Subcon Token 10.jpg In a chest at the very end of the Manor’s 2nd floor hall. The hall is L shaped-you come in at the top and the chest is at the end of the L. Relic #11 Loc Subcon Relic 7.jpg In the attic on top of the chandelier. Break contract and use the Dweller’s Mask to get to it (nothing bad happens if you use it here).


Below is the list of achievements related to this chapter;

Image Name Description Achievement03.jpg Afraid of Water Don’t fall into the rising water in Subcon Well! Achievement23.jpg Subcon Forest – All clear! Collect all Time Pieces in Subcon Forest! Achievement24.jpg Take a Hike Climb to the top of Subcon Forest’s big mushroom!


  • In the Beta Build, Subcon Forest had a “Free Roam” section, similar to Alpine Skyline. The Free Roam was later cut.
  • There was originally another act in the forest known as “Fire Spirit’s Big Ritual,” but this act was removed from the game.
  • Subcon Forest was originally the game’s second chapter. Late into development, its position was swapped with Battle of the Birds, and it became Chapter 3.
  • The name is likely a play on the word “subconscious” as the entire forest is populated by ghosts and spirits, or on “subcontractor”, which is when an employee hires someone under contract to perform specific tasks for a larger project.
  • The NES game “Super Mario Brothers 2” takes place in a place called Subcon.

Chapters and Acts Chapter 1:Mafia Town Welcome to Mafia Town • Barrel Battle • She Came from Outerspace • Down with the Mafia! • Cheating the Race • Heating Up Mafia Town • The Golden Vault Chapter 2:Battle of the Birds Dead Bird Studio • Murder on the Owl Express • Picture Perfect • Train Rush • The Big Parade • Award Ceremony Chapter 3:Subcon Forest Contractual Obligations • The Subcon Well • Toilet of Doom • Queen Vanessa’s Manor • Mail Delivery Service • Your Contract has Expired Chapter 4:Alpine Skyline The Birdhouse • The Lava Cake • The Windmill • The Twilight Bell • The Illness has Spread Chapter 5:Time’s End The Finale Chapter 6 (DLC):Arctic Cruise Bon Voyage! • Ship Shape • Rock the Boat Chapter 7 (DLC):Nyakuza Metro Rush Hour (Finale) Blue Time Rifts Sewers • Bazaar • The Owl Express • The Moon • Pipe • Village • Twilight Bell • Curly Tail Trail • Balcony • Gallery • The Lab Purple Time Rifts Mafia of Cooks • Dead Bird Studio • Sleepy Subcon • Alpine Skyline • Deep Sea • Rumbi Factory Miscellaneous Info Hat Kid’s Spaceship • List of all collectables • Death Wish Mode (DLC)

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