The Forest gun Parts Map – The Old Gun Locations

The Forest gun Parts Map – The Old Gun Locations

Have you ever wondered what kind of gun parts are used in your local forest? Wonder no more, because a new map has been released that shows precisely where each type of gun part is found. This information could prove useful for those who enjoy hunting in the area or simply want to be aware of their surroundings. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the map and take a look!

Gun Piece One – The Barrel

South of the Main Cannibal Village, right at the edge of the cliff. I don’t know why it took me so long to find it myself, my best advice is to just go the cliff. There is no point looking for it mid-forest… which I may have done for a while myself.

If you need dynamite, there are some in the main cannibal village in one of the huts. Needless to say… Beware of Cannibals.

Gun Piece Two – SidePlate

Behind the sacred tree at the very end of the cliff. Probably one of the easier pieces to find… although it can be a bit of a jog.

Behind the sacred tree at the very end of the cliff. Probably one of the easier pieces to find … although it can be a bit of a jog.

Gun Piece Three – The Ramrod

Inside one of the Cannibal Huts at Lakeside Village.

Gun Piece Four – The Cock

Next to the beach hut village in the sand of the beach. Also an easy one to find.

Gun Piece Five – The Trigger

Right next to Geese Lake. On the higher ground of Geese Lake.

Gun Piece Six – The Spring

It’s on one of the Islands near the shipping containers. Beware of the Shark.

Gun Piece Seven – The Flint

Up North in the Snowy Mountain. You will probably want a warm deerskin jacket.

It’s ever so slightly South East of Snow Lake. However, since this one took so long for me to find… here is another map of just it’s location. The rock itself isn’t covered in snow, which helps to find it.

Gun Piece Eight – The Hammer

At the top left corner of the map… however this is misleading because when you get to the area, it’s actually a bit south to the literal top left corner of the map. It’s not in a snowy area and you don’t have to swim to it, it’s on a cliff near the beach village.

So if you are having trouble finding it like I was, first go to the Beach Village then go Northeast until you hit the snowy area. If you pass into the snowy area… you have gone too far. Once you find the pond you have pretty much found it. At this point go slightly Southwest towards the cliff; once you look down from the cliff it’s easy to spot.

Once you have all 8 pieces!

The gun itself is very easy to assemble. Just put it all together in your inventory. However, finding some more ammo might be the tricky part.

Some locations where you can find some more ammo are Cave 3, Cave 5 and Cave 9. There is also some ammo with the Modern Bow in Cave 7… but if you want to go get it there, you should make sure you bring lots of supplies because it is a difficult location to get to.

The old gun does do a decent amount of damage but since it is a flint lock weapon, it means that you have to reload every time you use it. This pause between shots make it a lot less useful than I was hoping it would be. With that said, it can still be very useful since you can hold a lot of ammo for it at one time.


How to get the forest gun parts map?

You can find the map in a house in the southeast part of town, on the second floor. Alternatively, you can purchase it from the merchant in the southwest part of town.

What is the best way to use the Forest gun parts map?

The map is most useful when used in conjunction with the town map. It can help you find specific locations for gun parts, as well as mark the locations of any enemies you encounter.

Is there anything else I should know about the forest gun parts map?

No, that’s pretty much it! Just remember to keep an eye on your surroundings while using it, as enemies can spawn anywhere on the map. Good luck!


The Forest Gun Parts Map is a valuable resource for gun enthusiasts and hunters. It provides information about where to find specific parts for hunting rifles and shotguns. The map also includes helpful tips on how to properly care for firearms. If you are looking for information on gun parts or firearm maintenance, be sure to check out the Forest Gun Parts Map.

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