VibroSculpt Reviews – Does VibroSculpt Really Work? or Another Scam

vibrosculpt reviews


Sculptor Body Massager, Personal Massager, 100% Original, As Seen on Tv

  • FAT REMOVING — Skin God Weight Cellulite Massager can promote the breakdown of fat and enhance skin elasticity thus promoting weight loss. Works well on abdomen, arms, and legs.
  • MUITI-FUNCTIONAL MASSAGE— Flat head: used for neck pressure release.Wave head: Point deep massage. Accelerate blood circle. Ball bearing massage head: Match with essential oil, it will lead the essential oil absorption. Mesh cover: prevent hair from getting involved inside the machine
  • CALM YOURSELF DOWN—360 degree off centered axis design oscillates over 4500 times per minute. Unique rapid rotation and powerful massage takes away aches and pains and cellulite remover massage lose weight effectively
  • SAVE YOUR MONEY ON THE SPA—You can easy to work for targeting in your weight-loss/fitness routines. It is best body massager may be used on the waistline, neck shoulder, arms, hips, thighs and calf areas
  • SKIN TIGHTENING — Use on the body to reduce puffiness, helping to lift and tighten the skin. Helps thin the Arm, Waist, Abdomen, Hip, and Legs. Suitable for all kinds of skin.

Product description

GLAMOROUS BODY SLIMMING MASSAGER The body massager has stylish, lightweight design. It is a very powerful and quiet body massager. The body massager not only provides an exercising effect. It also soothes and relax aching muscles due to prolong standing and sitting. The Mambo body massager may be use on the waistline, neck shoulder, arm, hip, thigh and calf areas. The body massager provides you with an easy way to exercise and relax at the same time 1. Engineered and designed to conform to the bodies curves. 2. Unique rapid rotation and powerful massage takes away aches and pains. 3. Light, handy, convenient. 4. Pack it anywhere anytime to relax your muscles. 5. Relieves pressure, restores vigor and vitality 6. Power Speed Regulator 7. Hand Grip 8. Massage Head 9. Wave Cap 10. Roller Cap 11. Mesh Cover THIS IS A 110V DEVICE!!!

vibrosculpt reviews

How to Use (Step by Step)

Plug Device Into Electricity
Before you use your Vibrosculpt Relax device, you’ll need to plug it into an available electrical outlet. Following that, you can turn it on by turning the dial to the right, up to the first small line that’s marked in gray.

Adjust Intensity (optional)
If you’ve never used a tool like this before, it might be a good idea to start massaging your achy body parts at its lowest intensity level. However, if you’re familiar with this type of device, and you’re feeling adventurous, you can up the intensity of your massage. To do so, turn the device’s dial to the right to access all the higher levels of intensity.

Massage Chosen Body Part
Once you’ve adjusted your device’s intensity to your liking, press the soft head against a body part where you’re experiencing pain or stiffness, such as your thigh, calf, or shoulder. The head will start oscillating against that body part, thereby delivering soothing waves of vibration that will help minimize your pain. How fast it oscillates will depend on the intensity level you’ve selected, but you can change this at any time by turning the dial to the left (down) or to the right (up).

Repeat Process (optional)
If any other parts of your body are achy or stiff, you can repeat the self-massage process above on those parts, after you’ve massaged the first area for at least a couple of minutes. Typically, the head of your device should remain flat, although you can tip it to massage certain pressure points with its edges.

Turn Off Device
When you’re done using your Vibrosculpt Relax, for the time being, turn the dial all the way to the left to turn it off. Unplugging it is optional, but you may want to do so if you think you won’t be using the tool for a while.

Compact Size
Each Vibrosculpt Relax tool is only about the same size as a blow dryer that you’d use for your hair. Plus, each oscillating head is about the same size as a hockey puck—large enough to deliver an effective massage, but not large enough to overwhelm you. Due to the tool’s compact size, you’ll likely be able to fit it into your backpack or suitcase when you’re traveling away from home. If you travel to sports events, you may find that it provides you with rejuvenation after the event is over, or even during a break.

Ergonomic Handle
The handle of each of these tools is ergonomic, which means that it’s been designed to be comfortable for the human hand to hold. Most adults will not struggle to hold a handle of this particular size and shape in one hand as they massage their stiff or sore muscles.

Spins Quickly
The oscillating, vibrating head of each Vibrosculpt Relax device is actually capable of spinning more than 3, 500 times per minute. However, if you prefer a gentler, slower massage, you can certainly opt for a lower intensity level.

Two Heads Included
With each of these devices, you’ll get two interchangeable heads that are identical in nature. Each head will be soft and towel-like, and when one happens to get dirty, it can be replaced with the other one. For your own safety, though, you should make sure your device is turned off while you change the heads. The heads should also be hand-washed, if necessary, instead of being put in a washing machine.

Positive Points

For Adults of All Ages
Adults of all ages can experience pain and discomfort in the muscles or joints, regardless of whether it arises from simple aging, a physical job, athletic activities, or running after children. Fortunately, all adults will be able to use the Vibrosculpt Relax tool to help minimize temporary aches and pains that are occurring almost anywhere throughout the body. If there are adults of various ages living in your household, all of you might even decide to share one of these hand-held massage tools.

Supports Circulation
One of the ways that this hand-held tool can help relieve pain and discomfort is by providing support to the circulatory system. When you start massaging yourself with one of these tools, the gentle pressure will likely cause your blood to flow more freely. In turn, as blood flows more readily to any sore or stiff areas within your body, you’ll likely notice that your soreness or stiffness starts to diminish,.

Can be Used With Cream
If you like to massage creams, oils, or gels into your skin by using your fingers, you can use your Vibrosculpt Massage to enhance this treatment. Simply rub your chosen cream, oil, or gel onto the area of your skin that you want to treat, and then use the device’s oscillating head to rub the cream in while it vibrates. You may find that the device is better at rubbing cream into your skin than your fingers are, due to its size and shape.

Negative Points

Electricity Required
Although this tool is a compact one, you’ll need to plug it into electricity in order to use it, which means you’ll have to have an available electrical outlet at your disposal. If there’s no electrical outlet nearby, you’ll still be able to rub the device’s head across your skin, but it won’t provide any massaging action.

Bad for Hard-to-reach Places
If you can’t reach certain areas of your body with at least one hand, you may not be able to massage them with the Vibrosculpt Relax tool. You could get someone else to massage a hard-to-reach area (such as your mid-back or the backs of your thighs) for you, but then you wouldn’t be able to control the flow of your massage. For this reason, since people with mobility issues tend not to possess a great deal of flexibility, this may not be an ideal device for those individuals to use.


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