What is a foot job?

What is a foot job

You enjoy hand jobs (providing or receiving) and you enjoy feet, so combining these two sensual fixations for an exciting and rewarding encounter is only natural. The foot job has arrived.  But what is a foot job? This page is for you if you’ve heard of it, seen it done in a porn film, or have no idea where to begin. This tutorial will explain what a foot job is, how to provide the greatest one, and even how to bring it up with your significant other.
So bring out your favorite massage oil or lubricant and prepare to get your socks blown off (literally).

The overview

Foot tasks, as the name implies, are similar to hand jobs but require your feet. Instead of using your hands to touch and stimulate a man’s penis, use your feet. Foot jobs might involve work on your toes, soles, and heels. It’s a hands-free method of removing your man and is great for anyone who has a foot fetish. (Or anyone trying to spice up and diversify their sex life.)

Foot jobs are similar to hand jobs in that they require rubbing and stimulating a man’s penis with his feet rather than his hands. It’s ideal for multitasking since you can bring your lover to climax with your feet while texting with your hands! The ideal sex move for the phone-obsessed Millennial. Foot jobs are commonly associated with men, however women can also receive foot jobs, which entail stimulating the vulva and clitoris with the feet. This is a specialist act, and it’s probably not one to try the first time you’re intimate with someone. It’s best to wait till you know how they feel about their feet and they’ve gotten a pedicure.

Guys who have a foot fetish like nothing more than witnessing your delicate feet work their most sensitive regions as you gradually lead them to climax. If you’re the one doing the footwork and have a fascination with feet, the sight of your feet on his penis and the power it provides you as you watch him grow, wiggle, and finally burst may sexually excite you!

What is a foot job
What is a foot job

While males are typically the target of a foot job, this is not always the case. Women’s vulva and clitoris can be stimulated with little more than a carefully positioned digit or the pad of a foot. Some people even adore penetrating with their toes. You and your significant other may take turns bringing each other off with your feet with a little experience, patience, and a soft touch, leaving your hands free to explore other parts of their body.

How to give a foot job

A man’s foot job might begin as foreplay, such as running your feet over your partner’s crotch beneath the table during dinner. It can then evolve to a full-fledged foot job, which entails planting both feet perpendicularly on either side of the penis and moving them back and forth in synchrony. According to Mona Wales, a dominatrix and expert in foot fetish and foot play, putting the soles of the feet together creates a vulva-like orifice. (She refers to it as a “foot pussy.”) Allow it to sink in.) If you plan to provide a foot job till the male ejaculates, you should definitely use lubrication because otherwise, ouch. You should also attend a few Pilates sessions, according to Wales, because the motions necessary to stimulate the penis with your feet demand a lot of core strength. (Perhaps foot job training will become the next big boutique fitness craze?).

“Keeping your feet together requires a lot of muscular control,” she explains. “It’s simpler if you’re sitting and they’re lying down.” You may also lie on your side and have them keep your feet together while fucking your feet.” To modify the experience and give yourself a respite, switch positions and involve your toes. Traditionally, males with foot fetishes prefer foot jobs, however this is not the only category.

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Before you remove your socks and prepare your toes for their new task, there are a few things you should know about managing your foot-job endeavor.

Prep Your Feet

Before you take your clothing off, make sure your feet and toes are clean and well-manicured. This not only makes them more beautiful to look at, but it also reduces harm or pain as the task progresses. Spend some time caring for your feet. Toes should be painted and trimmed, moisturized, and washed with antibacterial soap. To keep things looking and feeling nice, address any other underlying concerns such as athlete’s foot, a fungal infection, or calluses.

Get Warmed Up

A foot job requires foreplay, just like any decent sex act. Start by putting your foot through your partner’s clothing and over their genitalia. When you start to feel the onset of their erection, glide up and down their shaft. From the tip to the base, flex and wrap your toes around various components of their package. Start this while eating, while driving home, or wait till you have your beloved with you in a private setting.

Skin-to-Skin Contact

It’s time to get your spouse lubed up after they are good and warmed up. They should take down their jeans and underwear so you can start working. Apply some lubrication beforehand, though. Anything sex-related is better when it’s wetter. Lube your feet and your partner’s intimate areas liberally. Use a warming lubricant or massage oil to increase the heat. More lubrication will make it easier for your feet to glide over their body and ultimately lock into position. If you intend to do anal or vaginal penetration, often known as foot fucking, lube is very crucial (more on this later).

Getting Into Position

You must select a comfortable position for your foot work. Leg or toe cramps are the fastest way to ruin your mood. You don’t want to have to stop or shift positions once you find a decent pace and your partner is approaching climax. Sitting on your bottom with your legs stretched, with your feet precisely landing on your partner’s lap, is the ideal posture for a foot job. Make sure you’re close enough to his shaft and balls to reach every inch of them, but not too enough that your legs will be bowed and you won’t be able to control your feet. You may do this while seated in bed, a bathtub, on the couch, or wherever is most comfortable for both of you.

Ask for a Hand

Even in the ideal posture and with the best expertise, providing a foot job would certainly make you fatigued. Ask for assistance if your feet are worn out and your boyfriend hasn’t yet orgasmed. While you observe, let him manage your feet to rest your legs. This not only provides him control over his enjoyment and ensures he moves at his own rate, but it also offers you both a steamy performance. Both of you will enjoy seeing him escape using your hands or other body parts. You may also examine other portions of his body and your own with your hands.

Giving a foot job is entirely up to you. Follow your instincts and what seems right for you both. You might need to use other body parts to do it. Maybe you could do a foot job/blow job where you occasionally squat down and lick or kiss his package. Speaking about blow jobs, the phrase “shrimping” refers to licking someone’s toes. Your foot should be taken out of his crotch and brought up to his lips to entice him to reciprocate. To make sure that everyone is in agreement, at ease with the situation, and sexually fulfilled, communication is essential.


According to Wales, foot jobs can become penetrative either anally or vaginally and progress to foot fucking. Things can also go in the oral direction. Shrimping is the act of sucking one’s toes, or performing a foot blow job. Shrimping, according to some, also includes placing one’s toes inside a vagina. Whatever your preference for seafood, the image is the same: a pruned-up finger that’s been inside something moist.

Foot worship is another act that falls under the purview of BDSM. Depending on the sort of fetish, a person into foot worship will wish to play with feet, be controlled by someone’s feet, wash feet, provide pedicures, suck feet, handle socks and stockings, and so on. In other words, someone you should know if you need your shoes shined or cleaned.

Bottom line

You are now fully informed on providing and getting foot jobs. Regardless matter whether you have a foot fetish, foot jobs spice up your sex life and are enjoyable for both parties. Do you want to know more about the fascinating world of foot fetishes? For more enlightening and entertaining stories, visit our blog.

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