What jobs hire at 14 in Texas?

What jobs hire at 14 in Texas?

Do you know or have a 14 or 15-year-old youngster that is responsible and ambitious and wants to make some additional money? With these organizations that hire young teenagers, consider creative childcare options!

They may be able to apply for a job with these businesses that are known to recruit teens as young as fourteen years old if they want to save money for a vehicle, put money aside for education, or learn the value of a hard-earned dollar!

So What jobs hire at 14 in Texas? 

The following employers could recruit 14-year-old teenagers, however, it’s crucial to remember that the hiring procedure varies by location and business. To find out more about each company’s unique recruiting procedures and specifications, get in touch with the nearby businesses.

Businesses that hire 14-year-olds in Texas

On their website, they really provide a list of adolescent jobs. In just a few days, you may be being paid to flip pizzas if you ask around. Publix According to the Publix website, cashiers must be at least 14 years old to be hired. It appears that other than the cashier, most positions at Publix call for at least Safeway certification. I was a little taken aback to learn that 14 and 15-year-old teenagers are frequently hired by Safeway and its parent firm, Albertsons. Seven Flags At Six Flags, a job for a minor would be awesome.

Starbucks surprised everyone. I had no clue that Starbucks let baristas as young as 14 to work there. To safeguard employees under the age of 16, the US Department of Labor has many statutes in place. These consist of In the US, children can legally start working at age 14—with the exception of employment in agriculture. There is no minimum age requirement for youngsters to act on stage, on the radio, or on television. Teenagers can work in non-hazardous family-owned companies, distribute newspapers, and provide babysitting services close to their homes in Texas.

A juvenile minimum wage is permitted by federal law if you are under 20 years old. It is not just your first employer that receives this salary. When you turn 15 and switch jobs, your employer must pay you the youth minimum wage each time. It is advisable to learn a little bit about the local regulations before continuing to apply for a job at a company nearby. What kind of compensation should 14-year-olds anticipate?

Everyone reading this who is 14 years old has this question. The truth is that a number of things affect a 14-year-income. old’s Having said that, you are a minor. Your company must then pay you the minimum salary after that.

What jobs hire at 14 in Texas?

It takes a lot of effort to find businesses who accept applications from applicants under the age of 18 when you’re 14 years old and looking for work. While some jurisdictions allow persons as young as 14 to work, others forbid employers from hiring anybody under the age of 16. Fortunately, several jurisdictions encourage young individuals to start working and acquire important professional experience.

It may be easier for you to enter the workforce at age 14 if you keep your alternatives and mind open. Motivated 14-year-olds who submit applications may be taken into consideration by these fast-food chains, grocers, retail establishments, and entertainment venues. Here is a list of some companies hiring 14-year-olds:


Crew workers as young as 14 are employed at some McDonald’s restaurants. If you are applying and under the age of 16, you must have parental or guardian approval and a current permission.


 Safeway supermarkets recruit 14-year-olds for jobs such as bagger, customer service representative, and shop greeter in the grocery industry.


 This ice cream brand periodically employs staff workers as young as 14 depending on the area and franchisee.


The fast-food chain Chick-Fil-A does take into account hiring responsible 14-year-olds to join their crew.

Six Flags

 Age restrictions at Six Flags vary by state and job, however some parks do employ 14-year-olds to manage concessions and help park guests.

Only a few occupations that accept applications from 14-year-olds are listed here. The acceptance of applications from young adults under the age of 16 by some specific franchisees will depend on state legislation and local school district regulations. Examine the contents of the job ad or get in touch with the hiring manager to see if a firm hires people as young as 14.


Almost 14 years ago, Samuel Clarke was hired by Winn-Dixie in Texas. At that time, he was working as an Assistant Store Manager in a grocery store. After a few years, he was promoted to Grocery Manager. However, he claims that he was not promoted when he was eligible three times. He filed a lawsuit against Winn-Dixie, alleging that he was harassed and discriminated against. He also claimed that he was not given a fair opportunity to acquire qualifications to advance to higher positions.

After the suit was filed, Winn-Dixie filed a motion for summary judgment, arguing that the plaintiff did not file a claim within the statute of limitations. Nonetheless, the case was eventually dismissed.

Clarke filed charges with the Florida Commission on Human Relations. The company then agreed to spend $33 million to settle the complaint. It is unclear whether the money was used to settle the lawsuit or for other purposes.

Taco Bell

Whether you’re interested in a fast-paced career in food service or a job in the booming retail industry, Taco Bell has a job for you. They have over 7,000 locations in the U.S. and almost 30 countries. They also offer a scholarship program for young workers.

They provide competitive wages and flexible scheduling. You can work part-time or full-time, and you can even move up in the company if you wish. They also offer a variety of benefits to their employees, such as a health insurance plan, a 401(k) plan, and preventative dental treatments.

Taco Bell has a wide variety of positions, ranging from entry level to management. Those who want to take on a managerial role will need to have some experience in the restaurant industry. They’ll be responsible for leading teams of employees to develop promotions, create strategic plans, and identify new consumer ideas. They’ll also need to be familiar with new working environments.

Pizza Hut

Depending on the location, some Pizza Hut locations may hire teenagers at age 14 to clean, cook, or help with cashier jobs. But the company also hires people of all ages.

If you’re interested in a job with Pizza Hut, you can apply online. You’ll need to fill out an application, and you may have to go through a few interviews before you get the job.

Pizza Hut hires people of all ages, but there are certain jobs that require people to be at least 18. They can be cooks, floor cleaners, table sweepers, or even waiters and waitresses.

While the minimum age for most entry-level positions is 18, there are a few jobs that require people to be 16. For example, pizza delivery drivers are required to be at least 18.

Pizza Hut is also looking for people to fill management roles. For example, a Pizza Hut restaurant general manager loves to train and motivate people. They also enjoy learning and marketing, and they enjoy being part of a team.

Entertainment venues

Fortunately, the state of Texas does not have an monopoly on this schtuff. The n’s for hire is the exception, and the locals can’t be all bad. Most venues, especially in the southwest region, are a hop and a skip from the nearest major hub, albeit the likes and omlettes. The most popular venues are located along the I-20 corridor, the most coveted of the major arteries. While some venues do not allow entry to the public, there are some notable exceptions, such as the aforementioned I-20 corridor. Of course, this translates to some hefty ticket prices, not to mention the grub and gooze.

Online Jobs for 14-Year-Olds

Online jobs are readily available for persons of all ages, as can be shown by a fast internet search. The creation, maintenance, and management of websites may be of interest to tech-savvy 14-year-olds. While formal schooling is typically required for this, paid and free online lessons can assist in giving youngsters a head start. Additionally, writers may create their own blogs or work as freelancers for major corporations.

Video game streaming can appeal to teenagers who like to interact with an audience and play online games. Young teenagers may play online games, get fans, and generate money thanks to these platforms and services. Once content producers gain a significant following and a steady stream of sponsors, hobbies like producing podcasts and YouTube videos may also become lucrative ventures.

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Requirements for Underage Employees

The regulations governing employees under a specific age vary by state. Once a minor is given the authorization to work, there are regulations that both the employer and the employee must abide by. 14-year-olds are only permitted to work a maximum of three hours each day throughout the week, and their shifts must stop by 7:00 pm. They are only permitted to clock in for up to eight hours on non-school days.

14-year-old workers are permitted to work up to 18 hours a week while in school. Unless specifically stated otherwise in a state-sponsored work-study program, days cannot start earlier than 7:00 am. A specified number of breaks, each lasting a specific amount of time—say, 15 minutes every few hours—must also be provided to young employees.

The restrictions of jobs for 14-year-old

Child labor regulations prevent minors from performing specific occupations or holding positions that might be harmful. Underage workers are prohibited from working in dangerous environments that entail mining, excavation, and power-driven tools. However, there are further restrictions that apply only to 14-year-olds who want to work.

14-year-olds are not allowed to handle ladders, explosives, or radioactive materials, regardless of the employment. Additionally, there can be unique protocols in place for young individuals working in fields or kitchens. Young people are also prohibited from working in the following sectors:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Loading or unloading trucks
  • Janitorial or window washing
  • Baking
  • Public Utilities
  • Roofing
  • Trucking
  • Logging

COVID-19 and Effects on Jobs for 14-Year-Olds

Numerous adolescents sought employment during the COVID-19 epidemic as a result of school closings and a lack of funds. Fortunately, many enterprises that employ young people are critical ones that have survived. Businesses and shops who first cut employees are now actively seeking new hires.

However, with all the additional health limitations and regulations in place, you might be wondering what occupations you can acquire at 14 years old. Some companies may be picky when making hires because they want to be sure their employees will adhere to all rules and regulations established by management and the government. It is more crucial than ever to demonstrate your responsibility and willingness to follow all health and safety regulations.

If the company continues to use COVID-19 prevention, be ready to abide by any guidelines they impose. The company can demand facial coverings, social withdrawal, or even immunization documentation. Companies may favor immunized personnel for public health reasons even if they cannot mandate that employees receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

Bottom lines

Jobs that hire at 14 in Texas can be found in a variety of sectors. With the right attitude and work ethic, young Texans can find fulfilling employment opportunities. Are you looking for a job? Check out our list of jobs that hire at 14 in Texas!

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