What jobs pay $15 an hour?

What jobs pay  an hour?

Depending on where you live in the country, hourly earnings for the same work might differ significantly. A starting rate of $15 per hour is still much more than the federal minimum wage in the majority of US locales. But there are many of occupations with $15 starting salaries that don’t require a degree. In this post, we’ll talk about a range of professions where you may start off at $15 an hour with little to no experience.

Let’s look at the finest occupations that pay $15 per hour.

In states lacking a $15 minimum wage law, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) costs federal and state taxpayers more than $107 billion annually. The money is used to support initiatives that help low-wage employees and their families.

Millions of workers would benefit from an increase in the minimum wage to $15 per hour, which would also make the economy more equitable, spur growth, and lessen the suffering of unending poverty.

So, What jobs pay $15 an hour? In this article, we will provide for you the jobs that pay $15 an hour. 

Let’s take a closer look at where you can find jobs paying $15 an hour.

Types of jobs paying $15 an hour

What jobs pay  an hour?

Following each salary link will take you to Indeed Salaries’ most recent salary data for each of the 16 positions listed below that pay at least $15 per hour:

Mail handler

Average salary: $15.30 per hour

A mail handler, also known as a postal service clerk, might work for the USPS or a private business. Selling stamps, processing money orders, renting post office boxes, and receiving and sorting mail, parcels, and periodicals are just a few of the common tasks. Mail handlers must possess a GED or a high school certificate, and they might also need to pass a reading comprehension exam given during the interview process.

Medical transcriber

Average salary: $15.54 per hour

Medical transcribers, often known as medical transcriptionists or medical scribes, take doctors’ dictations and turn their instructions into written instructions. Additionally, they update patient health records and review them for mistakes and missing data. Medical transcriptionists must always be aware of and adhere to patient confidentiality. The essential training for this role will likely be provided by many businesses, but there are also certification programs available online, at community colleges, and at vocational institutions.

Medical assistant

Average salary: $15.59 per hour

A medical assistant assists physicians, nurses, and patients by handling administrative and clinical activities such as organizing samples, setting up exam rooms, and filling out medical papers in a range of healthcare settings. There are advanced certifications available that may boost earning potential for these entry-level occupations, which call for a GED or high school graduation.

Administrative assistant

Average salary: $15.69 per hour

Administrative assistants, often known as secretaries, offer the assistance required to promote workplace efficiency and structure. Their responsibilities include keeping office supplies, answering and transferring calls, organizing calendars, scheduling meetings, taking notes, and filing papers. The minimal requirement for employment as an administrative assistant is a high school diploma or GED.

Laboratory Assistant

Average salary: $15.72 per hour

To ensure a laboratory runs well, laboratory assistants collaborate with scientists, doctors, and researchers. As well as cleaning, sanitizing, and processing specimens, they are often in charge of ordering, storing, and maintaining the supplies and tools required for experiments. They could also be in charge of taking care of the animals if they perform research on them in a lab setting.

Veterinary technician

Average salary: $16.09 per hour

In animal clinics and hospitals, veterinary technicians assist doctors, patients, and pet owners. A vet technician’s regular responsibilities include giving vaccinations and IV fluids, monitoring patient status, speaking with owners during intake, conveying orders from the veterinarian, keeping exam rooms, and gathering blood, urine, and stool samples as necessary. The sole admission requirement is a high school certificate or GED, however there are extra qualifications that may be acquired at community colleges and vocational institutions.

Construction worker

Average salary: $16.19 per hour

Construction workers are manual laborers in charge of tearing down, renovating, and erecting buildings in accordance with a plan and customer requirements. They are often also in charge of organizing building supplies and purchasing and maintaining their own tools. Construction workers may start out as unskilled general laborers, but as they work, they pick up valuable knowledge and experience that help them advance in their careers and earn more money.

Delivery driver

Average salary: $16.27 per hour

Transporting goods from one site to another using their own vehicle or one given by their business, delivery drivers are professionals in the transportation industry. They are responsible for observing parking and traffic laws, loading and unloading cargo, inspecting invoices, accepting payments, and completing required paperwork. Employers often need drivers to have a driver’s license and a high school diploma or its equivalent. For the operation of big commercial vehicles, delivery drivers might require a particular license or training.

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Bus driver

Average salary: $16.49 per hour

Bus drivers are experts in the transportation industry who are in charge of transporting passengers safely between predefined locations. They have a responsibility to observe business and local policies and procedures, respect traffic laws, and offer courteous service. Bus drivers can work in a number of settings, including schools, city bus systems, shuttle services, and private bussing firms. A driver’s license or large vehicle license is not the only requirement for a bus driver; a high school diploma or GED is also necessary.

Medical billing specialist

Average salary: $16.50 per hour

Specialists in medical billing collect invoices, keep records, file claims with insurance companies, and bill patients for services provided while working in a variety of medical offices and hospitals. When beginning their careers, medical billing professionals must have a high school certificate or GED. The majority of the time, employers offer on-site training to help employees comprehend the relevant medical vocabulary and billing codes, although certificates from a community college or vocational school are also an option.

Where to Find a Job That Pays $15 an Hour

Online job portals are among the most popular places where job searchers may discover work prospects. These employment sites serve as online job boards where thousands of vacancies are available. Here are some specifics about where to look for $15 per hour employment.


One of the most popular job search websites in the world is Indeed. The company’s official website claims that Indeed receives more than 250 million visitors each month. Because of this, the website offers tens of thousands of jobs, including ones that pay $15 per hour.

Google Jobs

One of the biggest businesses in the world, Google, has now entered the employment sector. Regardless of the size of the organization, Google gathers job advertisements from throughout the internet. This makes it straightforward for job seekers to do a quick search for their next career opportunity.

LinkedIn Jobs

Although LinkedIn is a social networking network for connecting with other working professionals, the website also has a component for job searching. Employers seeking for the best candidates for available openings may interact with job seekers through this section. Over 90,000 vacant positions paying $15 an hour were available at the time this article was written. Even better, you can set up a job alert on our website to be notified anytime a relevant position is advertised.

Sam’s Club

Considering the recent wage increases from Walmart, Costco, and Amazon, Sam’s Club is not the only one feeling the pressure to raise wages. Sam’s Club has joined the ranks of retailers like Target and Walgreens in raising hourly wages. In fact, Sam’s Club will raise wages on its own later this year, as well as increase pay for other roles.

As part of its broader plan to raise wages, Sam’s Club is boosting its starting pay from $11 to $15 an hour. It will also step up pay for other roles, such as forklift drivers.

Sam’s Club CEO Kathryn McLay says the company has been at full employment for three months, and that higher wages have helped keep employees. The company has also added new tech-based features to its shopping app.


Earlier this week, Chipotle announced that it was raising wages for its workers. As of the end of June, employees will be earning an average of $15 an hour. This is an increase of $4 an hour from Chipotle’s previous wage.

Chipotle is also offering additional incentives. The company will be giving out referral bonuses of $200 to employees who refer new crew members. They also offer 401(k) plans, a tuition reimbursement program, and mental health resources.

Chipotle is offering these incentives to increase its hiring. They are trying to recruit 20,000 workers across the U.S. before the peak season in July. The chain also plans to open 200 new restaurants this year.


Among the highest paying jobs at Google are application software developer and research scientist. Engineers earn an average annual salary of $142,210. Those working in finance earn slightly less.

Google will also require contract workers to have healthcare benefits. The benefits package includes prescription drugs, hospitalization, mental health services, dental care, and labor and delivery. It also includes a minimum of eight days of sick leave.

Google will also require contractors to have benefits like family leave. The minimum wage for contractors will increase to $15 an hour by 2020. Google’s spokesperson emphasized that these jobs are not “test runs” for permanent employment.

The average pay for full time Google employees was $140,000, while the median pay was slightly less. Full time employees also reported an average job satisfaction score of 4.3. The company has consistently ranked among the top ten best places to work in the U.S.


Almost two years after announcing plans to raise its starting wage to $15 an hour, Target has finally gotten around to announcing a plan to pay its employees up to $24 an hour. According to the company, this is a part of a $300 million workforce investment plan that will include expanding health benefits for hourly workers.

Target’s move comes at a time when retailers are struggling to fill open positions. According to a recent survey by Korn Ferry, nine out of ten major retailers are having trouble hiring. Many retailers have raised their minimum wages to attract and retain workers.

The new starting wage range will apply to all locations, including Target’s headquarters in Minneapolis. Hourly associates in stores and supply chain facilities will also benefit from the new pay structure.

What about remote jobs paying $15 an hour?

During the lockdowns, several people enjoyed working from home and intend to continue doing so.

Whatever your reason for seeking for remote or at-home employment, you’ll find that there are plenty of positions earning $15 per hour online.


What Do You Need to Land a Job that Pays $15 an Hour?

There are not many criteria for many jobs paying $15 per hour. Furthermore, these positions don’t need a lot of formal schooling. The majority of these positions are in the manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and security sectors.

Because most of these positions will demand candidates to have good communication, collaboration, and interpersonal abilities, you should think about developing your soft skills. Another excellent strategy to increase your marketability is to include computer abilities on the list.

Is It Easy to Find a Job That Pays $15 an Hour?

Yes, it is possible to locate simple occupations that pay $15 per hour. Many businesses in the US were obliged to examine their compensation systems and general working conditions as a result of the Great Resignation. As a result, the majority of businesses have increased their minimum pay to $15 per hour. Finding well-paying employment will thus be simpler than in the past.

To boost your chances of getting these employment, you will still need to improve your abilities. It could be difficult to land such employment due to the likely presence of fierce competition. To improve your chances of getting a $15 per hour job, you should think about emphasizing your talents and competencies in your resume.

Bottom lines

In conclusion, the jobs that pay $15 an hour span a wide range of occupations. The list includes both high-skill and low-skill positions, so there is something for everyone. If you are looking for a job that pays well and does not require a lot of experience or education, then one of the jobs on this list may be perfect for you.

Look at online job boards on websites like Indeed, LinkedIn Jobs, Google Jobs, and many more if you’re looking for a local employment. These serve as online job boards, advertising hundreds of openings for positions paying $15 per hour.

Every few days, go through the new job listings; you’ll find one that you’ll like and that pays a respectable hourly income.

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