What jobs pay $30 an hour?

What jobs pay $30 an hour

A solid salary is clearly quite important when deciding how to organize your working life. Perhaps you decide that $30 an hour is a good, higher-paying, living income when you consider your finances over the long haul. Indeed, a lot of jobs in a lot of sectors pay that and more.

Knowing the several professions that might pay you this much can inspire you and perhaps give you a feeling of purpose. To earn more money than the typical person, you need not need a college degree. Many prospective students are considering whether a four-year degree is worthwhile given the increase in college tuition costs over the past ten years of more than 25%. While attending college is typically a wise choice, it is not a must for obtaining a well-paying position. Without a college degree, you can have a successful job.

So, What jobs pay $30 an hour? This article includes a list of 30 jobs paying $30 an hour or more and instructions on how to find a high-paid job.

Traditional jobs that pay $30 an hour or more without a degree

Although there are many ways to earn a solid living without dedicating four years of your life and thousands of dollars to a college degree, you will typically need some level of education or expertise to earn $30 per hour.

For the sake of this post, we’ve only listed positions that call for certifications that may be obtained in a little more than a year. Check out our “What about…” section below if you’re ready to put in more effort than that.

It should be noted that we obtained the information on median wages used in this post from the Bureau of Labor Statistics website and sorted the positions according to highest median salary first.

This doesn’t always imply that the positions are listed in order of the greatest or most feasible opportunity; since every industry has advantages and disadvantages, it’s advisable to read the details of each position (including its potential growth) before applying.

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Transportation, storage, and distribution managers

Average salary: $45.46 per hour

This position is responsible for managing a company’s logistics, including distribution, storage, and transportation. Government rules must be followed, numerous facilities and departments must be coordinated, budgets must be maintained, and systems must be optimized to carry items from Point A to Point B safely and efficiently.

Power distributors and dispatchers

Average salary: $43.61 per hour

Power distributors and dispatchers keep an eye on and manage the machinery that transports energy to consumers. Power distributors and dispatchers are employed by businesses including railroads, transportation, and government, in addition to power plants.

To prevent electric shocks for lineman during emergencies or maintenance, distributors and dispatchers redirect electricity. When energy demand is at its highest, they also turn on more generators.

Commercial pilot

Average salary: $41.38 per hour

A commercial pilot can fly charter planes, jump planes, air ambulances, banner-towing flights, and agricultural flights but cannot fly aircraft for airlines (which normally needs a bachelor’s degree).

Elevator installers and repairers

Average salary: $40.86 per hour

These professionals install, repair, and maintain equipment including escalators, moving walkways, and elevators. As their profession frequently demands them to operate in both, elevator installers and repairers should feel at ease working at heights as well as in cramped areas.

Lighting technicians

Average salary: $35.32 per hour

For performances, plays, churches, cruise ships, TV programs, and other locations, lighting specialists set up lights and other equipment.

The work frequently entails hoisting large machinery and securing it at precarious heights. During events, lighting specialists also use lightboards. They are often in charge of transporting the equipment as well as setting it up and taking it down.

Many employment for lighting technicians are gigs, and the frequency of work might vary based on the team and the location. Most of the work is completed on the weekends and after hours. When you travel for a concert, costs like meals and hotel are often taken care of for you.

Electrical power-line installers and repairers

Average salary: $31.38 per hour

Electrical lines and fiber optic cables are repaired, replaced, installed, and maintained by line installers. The two biggest risks of the profession are working at heights and being electrically shocked.

Power line repairers are called out to fix broken electrical lines during outages and other emergencies, but the majority of their work is done during regular 8 to 5 business hours. Physical labor may be required, and drilling holes for electricity poles or digging trenches for utility lines sometimes need the use of construction equipment.

Construction and building inspectors

Average salary: $30 per hour

Building and construction inspectors examine, evaluate, and approve or modify building blueprints. By keeping an eye on the construction site and recording their inspections, they ensure that structures are up to code.

Inspectors examine the designs and carry out new construction, remodeling, and additional inspections. They make that the building is safe to use and highlight any code breaches.

Another jobs paying at least $30 per hour

You may land a well-paying job in the workforce if you have the necessary experience and qualifications. The following are some positions each pay at least $30 per hour:

Landscape architect

Average salary: $49.89 per hour

For various locations, including resorts, gardens, and parks, landscape architects build designs. To comprehend the project, they consult with clients and engineers. In addition to creating models, landscape architects spend their time traveling between their office and the job site.

Research Analyst

Average salary: $27.82 per hour

Data is analyzed by research experts and presented to relevant markets. They offer guidance to the management team and stakeholders of a firm and search for methods to enhance its operations. Analysts of research also look at data from rivals.

Environmental scientist

Average salary: $31.04 per hour

Environmental scientists identify threats to the planet and its environment. In order to detect environmental concerns, they collect environmental data for study. They develop a strategy and come up with remedies to avert environmental damage based on their findings.

Health educators 

Average salary: $28.44 per hour

They instruct people on how to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. They create and put into action plans to enhance the health of people and communities.

Dietitians and nutritionists

Average salary: $28.36 

They are specialists in using nutrition and food to improve health and treat illness. They give clients dietary recommendations so that they can live a healthy lifestyle or accomplish a certain health-related objective.


Getting a freelancing job is a great way to supplement your income and earn a few extra bucks. In some cases, it can even be a full-time career. There are a wide variety of freelancing opportunities available in the US, some of which pay up to $30 an hour.

The most important thing to remember about freelancing is that you get paid per project. In addition to this, you also get to choose the projects you want to work on. The best part about this is that you get to work on projects that you are actually interested in.


Tutoring jobs pay $30 an hour. These jobs allow you to work from home and earn a comfortable living. Tutors may work with one or several students at a time. The amount of money you can earn depends on your education, experience, and location.

The amount you can charge for your tutoring services depends on your experience and the subject matter you are teaching. A certified teacher with tutoring experience can charge upwards of $75 per hour.

The pay is competitive for part-time tutors. In order to qualify, you must have a Bachelor’s degree and have at least two years of tutoring experience. You can also earn more if you have a certification in special education. You also have to have a valid social security number and U.S. tax ID number.


Whether you are interested in a career change or want to get into the workforce, you may be wondering what electrician jobs pay. The pay varies by location, but most electricians earn at least $30 an hour. In some cases, they can make more than $50 an hour.

Most states require you to complete continuing education, which can be done online. You may also be required to take a state-approved exam. You may be able to get paid for your schooling in the form of a sign-on bonus.


Animator jobs pay $30 an hour, but that figure is a little misleading. Depending on your location and spending habits, this figure could be a little more or a little less.

An entry-level job in the animation field may earn you up to $28 an hour, while an experienced animator may earn up to $100 an hour. These figures are based on third party submissions to SimplyHired. Those seeking a job should look for salary figures to be sure they are being paid fairly.

The best paying cities for animators are California and Washington. Those seeking a career in the animation industry can find a job in a wide variety of media, including film, television, advertising, and web design.

How can you get a high-paying job?

While more experience in the industry may help you land higher-paid jobs, there are other tactics you may use to get to this salary level. You may find it easier to achieve your goal salary if you learn how to obtain high-paying employment. Use the following advice to aid in landing a high-paying job:

  • Take the certification exam: Consider getting certified to expand your knowledge and help you get better at what you do. A qualification on your CV might attract potential employers.
  • Boost your skill set: To increase your levels of competence, pick up new talents. To diversify your skill set and demonstrate to your employer your desire to advance in your career, think about cross-training in a different department.
  • Boost your leadership abilities: If you’re not a manager, consider strategies to hone your leadership abilities. Take conducting a training lecture or onboarding a new employee as examples. Your company could take note of your efforts to improve your leadership abilities and give you a bonus.

Jobs that pay $30 an hour: Wrap-up

There are many possibilities available if you want a high-paying career but lack a degree; even more if you’re ready to devote a little more time to school or settle for less than $30 per hour.

In light of this, make a strategy to improve your knowledge and skills through education. It’s not necessary to go to college or even have formal education. An entry-level position in your preferred area, a paid apprenticeship, a corporation with an on-the-job training program, or working with a mentor are all ways to get your foot in the door.

You must have finished high school to qualify for the majority of these positions. Check out this list of lucrative careers that don’t require a high school graduation if you didn’t.

Additionally, if you’re searching for a job you can start right away, check out this list of entry-level positions paying $20 or more per hour.

In conclusion, the jobs that pay $30 an hour are in high demand and have a variety of different skill sets required. If you are looking for a job that pays well and is in high demand, one of these jobs may be perfect for you. Are you curious about what other jobs pay $30 an hour? Check out our website to learn more!

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