What was Tommy’s job on Martin?

What was Tommy's job on Martin

After two decades, the age-old issue, “What was Tommy’s job on Martin?” remains unanswered. We finally have an answer, according to Tisha Campbell-Martin, as of yesterday.

It appears in the middle of the newest episode of the Don’t Be Scared podcast, when Campbell-Martin discusses the popular dispute over Martin’s greatest episode: “Suspicious Minds” or “The Romantic Weekend,” also known as “Chilligan’s Island” or “The CD Player.”

So Tommy talks about his time at the Boys and Girls Club, where he worked as a counselor. That’s what Tommy does for a living.”

Club for Boys and Girls? That one caught me off guard.

The no job running joke

The biggest joke about Tommy was that no one knew where he worked, despite the fact that he insisted on having one. He’d always make a passing mention to his employment, and folks would invariably respond, “You ain’t got no job, man!” Cole was with Martin at the DMV one time, and when asked what his job was, he said, “I was working with Tommy Strawn for a bit,” to which the teller replied and scribbled down, “No job.”

Gina even implored Pam, who was by this stage in her relationship with Tommy, to tell her what Tommy did for a career, and Pam still didn’t know. It was the one thing we were never going to obtain, but the funny part was when Tommy would get so tired of people telling him he didn’t have a job that he’d snap, “I GOT A JOB!”

Tisha Campbell reveals Tommy’s job on ” Martin”

Tisha Campbell revealed to Bossip what Tommy’s true job on the hit sitcom “Martin” was over the weekend, and the internet went crazy.

We all remember Tommy being mocked “you ain’t got no work mannnnn” on a regular basis during Fox’s smash sitcom Martin’s five-year run. There were indications in several episodes, but Tisha explains it thus way:

“I’ll give you a hint, Tommy actually did have a job,” Tisha remarked. “The woman I was going to fight was Martin’s instructor, Beverly Johnson; in that episode, you first hear about Tommy’s employment.”

The second time we see Tommy’s profession is in the Christmas episode, when he brings us to speak to youngsters and Martin refers to a young boy as a “water head,” she adds.

“So Tommy mentions being in the Boys & Girls Club and being a counselor at the Boys & Girls Club. That was his line of work.”

But if there was one running gag that piqued our interest, it was Tommy Strawn’s (Thomas Mikal Ford) occupation.

Tisha Campbell-Martin disclosed his genuine occupation this Thursday, some 20 years after the show finished. During a BOSSIP podcast interview, Gina Waters-Payne, the actress who played the lead’s love interest, finally revealed Tommy’s employment.

Ford, she continues, detested the idea that his persona was not growing. “‘No one knows what I do for a living; they keep asking me!'” Campbell-Martin paraphrases Ford. “So they started writing in the script that Tommy doesn’t have a job.”

In retrospect, we feel sorry for Tommy, who was frequently reprimanded for his lack of employment. If he truly did have a career working with kids, that would have made for great comedy.

However, someone should contact Martin Lawrence or Bentley Kyle Evans to confirm this information. Because, no offense to Tisha, we require receipts for this so-called employment.

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Tommy on “Martin” absolutely had a job

Martin, a cult favorite from the 1990s, continues to be comedy and sitcom gold in many people’s eyes, including mine. I probably know everything there is to know about the show’s characters because I am a Martin SUPER STAN. Therefore, when I saw the Comedy Hype video titled “Why Tommy Had No Job On Martin,” I thought, “Oh no, you’re mistaken! Tommy was employed! Since I am your resident Martin show historian, let me explain it to you.

Tommy had a job, as I previously mentioned. I’m aware that you’re probably asking, “Girl, what are you talking about?!” while you read this. They frequently proclaimed that Tommy was unemployed. And although while I’m completely aware of the joke, I’m here to tell you that Tommy did have a job; we just never understood what it was as spectators. If you’ll recall, due to Tommy’s experience working with children, we had an idea of what his occupation might have been in season one of the show. When Ms. Trinidad tries to destroy Martin and Gina’s blissful household in the episode; Martin is chosen by Tommy to speak at career day. Tommy persuades his buddies to visit the Boys & Girls club and dress up as Christmas characters in the Christmas episode from season one, when Martin plays Santa. However, it wasn’t entirely apparent at the time whether Tommy worked for the Boys & Girls club as a volunteer or as an employee.

The running joke in the subsequent seasons was that Tommy didn’t have a job. His pals had no idea what he did for a job, but he was constantly dressed shittily. Martin’s character appears to give up on finding out what his best friend did for a career after undertaking a stakeout with Gina to check if Tommy was “shaking his ass for cash” and doing illicit employment. The characters Pam, Gina, and Cole appeared to share Martin’s sentiment. So, whenever Tommy mentioned work, they would all say, “Man, you ain’t had no job!”

Now, connecting Martin with the ‘investor’ for his business contributes to the ongoing allegation that many fans believe Tommy was a drug dealer. Some show fans believe Tommy was evasive about his profession because he was out here as Nino Brown or James “Ghost” St. Patrick. But I never bought into that premise. Tommy had spent far too much time at Martin’s place to be slinging crack.
Also, there are a few instances over the show’s duration where Tommy is overjoyed to get money or has done something thrifty.

For example, when Martin offers him some of his lottery winnings, or when he and his buddies were sharing an SUV, or when Tommy sold Martin out for a check from a tabloid newspaper after they went to that swingers party. Anyone making a living off of illegal drugs would not be so enthusiastic about chump change. He’d be focused on staying out of the game and making his drug money. Another reason I don’t think Tommy was a drug dealer is that he loved his buddies much too much to put them in danger. Being so close to them would have attracted a vengeful drug dealer to use them to exact revenge on Tommy.

Memorable “Martin” moments that make us miss Thomas Mihal Ford

Because “Tommy” is such a common name, there are a few famous people who have been given the moniker. Tommy Pickles (EG Daily, Alexis Tomassian), Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora), Tommy Carcetti (Aiden Gillen), and, of course, Tommy Strawn (Thomas Mikal Ford), Martin’s brother who may or may not have had a job.

Tommy’s contribution to Martin Payne’s wild world of antics completed the cast of zany characters who finished Martin Payne’s wild world of hijinks. Each of his buddies contributed something special to the program and to Martin’s often overwhelming ego. Ford, who played Martin’s best buddy Tommy Strawn, was the one who kept a cool head and frequently served as the voice of reason. However, the actor, who happened to have the same first name as Martin, was a veteran comedian and could keep up with Martin when it came to being humorous and improvised.

With Martin’s 30th anniversary approaching, Thomas Mikal Ford’s presence and unmistakable chuckle will be dearly missed. His death in 2016 left an incalculable void in our hearts, and without him among his comedy family, we are reminded of how fortunate we were to witness his talents. As a result, we’re here to honor the late, great Thomas Mikal Ford’s most memorable moments as Tommy on the famous comedy.

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