What will US international students get with a green card?

What will American students get with a green card that so many people want?
Let’s find out with Viva Consulting through the following article.

In addition to the purpose of studying, most Vietnamese students, when they
come to the US, have the desire to earn extra income to partially cover the
costs of studying and living, get a job in the US or continue to live in the
US. reside in the land of flags. Of course, for those who have a family with
good finances or a high-quality scholarship, have relatives in the US, they
will rarely worry about the above issues, especially the maintenance of the US
visa status if Expired I-20 petition.

The green card is an almost perfect solution to help you solve those
problems. A green card, also known as a permanent resident card, is a
certificate of permanent residence or immigration document for people who are
US citizens (including international students). There are two types of green
cards: 2 years and 10 years. As a result, international students will enjoy
permanent residency in the US. What will US international students get with a
green card? How do I get the benefits of a US permanent resident?
What will US international students get with a green card?

Reduced tuition fees

When you become a US permanent resident, you do not have to pay the tuition
fees imposed by the state government for international students. Instead, if
you are a student from elementary to high school, you will be completely free
of tuition. As for international students studying at universities and
colleges, tuition fees will be relatively low, about 3-4 times that of ordinary
international students.

Don’t worry about visa expiration

Green card holders will be recognized as lawful permanent residents of the
United States. Green card acts as an alternative to immigrant visa (F1 student
visa), you do not need to worry about when your student visa will expire or the
I-20 application is no longer valid. to extend, is it mandatory to return home
or not.
What will US international students get with a green card? Exactly,
international students don’t have to worry about maintaining their visa status.
You can freely enter and exit the US.

Property interests

The green card also gives the holder the important benefit of having legal
ownership of everything a native citizen is entitled to, including: houses,
cars, savings, real estate, guns (depending on state regulations).

Because international students cannot name their own property, they have to
ask someone else to stand on the papers. International students also cannot buy
a car on their own without someone in their name.

Guarantee for relatives
In particular, when you own a US green card and 5 years later you take the
US citizenship test, you can also reunite with your family in a foreign land,
including your spouse, parents’ children, and build a long new life. long in
the US.

How to get a US green card for international students?

With so many attractive benefits, it’s not difficult to see why so many
international students in the US try to find the opportunity to own a green
card. The most common way to get a green card is to marry a US citizen (a
person with US citizenship). After getting married, registering the marriage
certificate, you will be sponsored by your spouse to apply for a US green card.
The waiting time is quite short, the fastest is from 3-5 months.

Besides, there are also many people who choose the fake marriage option to
quickly get a green card. As a result, you will soon enjoy the legal benefits of
a permanent resident instead of having to spend time getting to know your real
fiance. After receiving the green card, they will divorce. If the situation is
favorable, they will apply for US citizenship. Of course, Viva Consulting does
not encourage you to do this. Since this is an illegal and risky option, you
can both be scammed and lose a large amount of money.

In addition, to get a green card thanks to the spousal sponsorship, the
procedure and documents are very complicated. You will have to prove your
relationship is real, prove your financial ability and undergo an interview at
the competent authority. If you choose to fake marriage, you will face many
disadvantages, without any legal documents to prove your transaction, but
usually only verbally committed. If you get scammed, it’s almost impossible to
get that money back.

And the most optimal option, very suitable for international students right
from the first year, second year is the EB3 US immigration program. You do not
need a guarantor but still have the opportunity to own a permanent green card
and work at H-Mart Pacific Northwest. Viva Consulting is the exclusive
representative for the Korean labor recruitment group in the US, with more than
27 years of experience, 1000 successful cases in the field of EB3 migrant
You not only become a lawful permanent resident to