What you need to know about .Net development?

Modular software development platforms are now more popular than ever. Especially if we are talking about .Net. With this platform you will be able to combine software products that were written in numerous languages. During this text, we will talk in additional detail about this program and its features.

Before you start working with .net, you ought to familiarize yourself well with all the features and functionality of this tool. If you haven’t free time, then you may simply hire .net developers. Thus, you’ll save time and let real professionals implement your project.

If you’re starting your career within the programming world, you’ve probably heard of .NET, but do you know exactly what it’s and what it’s for? In a very nutshell, it’ll be defined as a free and open source cross-platform development platform that allows you to easily create all types of applications.

Microsoft .NET is multilingual, which means that it is not necessary to search out one language to put in writing down application code on this platform. Being a general purpose platform, it’ll be used for both web development, desktop programs and mobile applications:

  • The .NET Framework supports websites, services, and desktop applications on Windows.
  • NET Core could be a cross-platform implementation of .NET for websites, servers, and console applications on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.
  • Xamarin/Mono may be a .NET implementation for running applications on major mobile operating systems (IOS, Android…).

What should you find out about .NET?

  1. It’s one amongst the foremost sought-after technologies: it’s currently the fourth popular technology among companies after Java, JavaScript and SQL.
  2. Reduces project development time: Since it supports the article orientation paradigm, it’s many pre-designed features that allow you to tailor a project instead of developing it from scratch.
  3. It’s an outsized active community: Because it’s open source, there are already over 60,000 developers and more than 3000 companies contributing to the .NET platform, helping to resolve doubts and requests.
  4. There are professions within the IT sector with more jobs and better wages. Considering some estimates we are able to say that by 2020 global demand for IT profiles will grow by 9.3%, which might be like hiring 900,000 new professionals. Discover the keys to becoming a candidate within the IT sector most asked for by companies.

Below we describe variety of the foremost features of the platform

  • It’s said to be a staging platform because .NET applications don’t seem to be run directly by the package, as is the case within the standard development model. Instead, .NET applications are designed to run during a software component called the runtime (often also called a “virtual machine”). This component is in control of managing the lifecycle of any .NET application, starting it, stopping it, interacting with the software, and providing services and resources at run time.
  • The Microsoft .NET platform entirely supported the article orientation paradigm.
  • .NET is multilingual, which suggests that we mustn’t learn any particular high-level language to jot application code on this platform, but can make a choice from an outsized range of options.
  • .NET is a platform that allows the event of mission-critical business applications, that is, it enables the creation and execution of enterprise applications that are critical to the operation of assorted kinds of organizations. While it is also very attractive to non-professional developers, students, and enthusiasts, its true strength lies in its ability to support the foremost important and most complex applications.
  • One in every of the planning goals for .NET was to be able to easily interoperate and integrate with applications developed on earlier platforms, especially COM, as there are still an outsized number of applications built on top of that today.

.NET integrates easily not only with applications developed on other Microsoft platforms, but also with applications developed on other software platforms, operating systems, or programming languages. To do this, it makes extensive use of assorted global standards that are widely utilized within the industry. Some samples of those standards are XML, HTTP, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI.

Now you have learned everything about development on this platform. Try, experiment and you will be able to create a cool and unique product.


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