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050Diglett.png This article is incomplete.Please feel free to edit this article to add missing information and complete it. Reason: Specific locations of the items, if possible, with the required person as hover text, the encounter rates of Pokémon, and information and population from White 2. Missing complete layout maps White Forest ホワイトフォレストWhite Forest “People and Nature in Harmony” Black City and White naponewsonline.org None.pngWhite Forest in {{{variable2}}}. A place of nature’s bounty, it attracts people who long for nature. [[|White Forest Gym]] – Unova Gym #{{{gymno}}} [[File:{{{leadersprite}}}|{{{leader}}}|link={{{leader}}}]][[{{{leader}}}|{{{leader}}}]] No specialty type [[File:{{{badge}}} naponewsonline.org|70px|{{{badge}}} Badge|link=Badge#{{{badge}}} Badge]][[Badge#{{{badge}}} Badge|{{{badge}}} Badge]] [[|White Forest Gym]] – Unova Gym #{{{gymno}}} [[File:{{{leadersprite2}}}|{{{leader2}}}|link={{{leader2}}}]][[{{{leader2}}}|{{{leader2}}}]] Unknown-typespecialist Gym [[File:{{{badge}}} naponewsonline.org|70px|{{{badge}}} Badge|link=Badge#{{{badge}}} Badge]][[Badge#{{{badge}}} Badge|{{{badge}}} Badge]] [[|White Forest Gym]] – Unova Gym #{{{gymno}}} [[File:{{{leadersprite3}}}|{{{leader3}}}|link={{{leader3}}}]][[{{{leader3}}}|{{{leader3}}}]] Unknown-typespecialist Gym [[File:{{{badge}}} naponewsonline.org|70px|{{{badge}}} Badge|link=Badge#{{{badge}}} Badge]][[Badge#{{{badge}}} Badge|{{{badge}}} Badge]] [[| League]] [[File:{{{elite1sprite}}}|64px|{{{elite1}}}|link={{{elite1}}}]]Elite Four[[{{{elite1}}}|{{{elite1}}}]] [[File:{{{elite2sprite}}}|64px|{{{elite2}}}|link={{{elite2}}}]]Elite Four[[{{{elite2}}}|{{{elite2}}}]] [[File:{{{elite3sprite}}}|64px|{{{elite3}}}|link={{{elite3}}}]]Elite Four[[{{{elite3}}}|{{{elite3}}}]] [[File:{{{elite4sprite}}}|64px|{{{elite4}}}|link={{{elite4}}}]]Elite Four[[{{{elite4}}}|{{{elite4}}}]] [[File:{{{championsprite}}}|{{{champion}}}|link={{{champion}}}]]Champion [[{{{champion}}}|{{{champion}}}]] [[| League]] [[File:{{{elite1sprite2}}}|64px|{{{elite12}}}|link={{{elite12}}}]]Elite Four[[{{{elite12}}}|{{{elite12}}}]] [[File:{{{elite2sprite2}}}|64px|{{{elite22}}}|link={{{elite22}}}]]Elite Four[[{{{elite22}}}|{{{elite22}}}]] [[File:{{{elite3sprite2}}}|64px|{{{elite32}}}|link={{{elite32}}}]]Elite Four[[{{{elite32}}}|{{{elite32}}}]] [[File:{{{elite4sprite2}}}|64px|{{{elite42}}}|link={{{elite42}}}]]Elite Four[[{{{elite42}}}|{{{elite42}}}]] [[File:{{{championsprite2}}}|{{{champion2}}}|link={{{champion2}}}]]Champion [[{{{champion2}}}|{{{champion2}}}]] ↑ Route 14 ← Route 15 White Forest Location Unova Black City White Forest Black Tower White Treehollow naponewsonline.org Location of White Forest in Unova.

White Forest (Japanese: ホワイトフォレスト White Forest) is a forest in eastern Unova. White Forest is exclusive to Pokémon White and Pokémon White 2. Unlike Black City, White Forest has a variety of wild Pokémon as well as characters and tasks that do not occur in Pokémon Black. It is located to the east of Route 15.

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The appearance of White Forest is dependent on the number of people currently residing there. When the player enters the forest for the very first time, the total number of residents is determined by the number of days it took the player to reach White Forest. The number of residents can be between 0 (low occupancy) and 10 (maximum occupancy). In addition to visual changes, some wild Pokémon will only appear with a certain resident.

At maximum occupancy White Forest contains large trees, many patches of tall grass and can have water surfaces. At low level occupancy the trees are smaller, there are fewer or no water surfaces, and patches of tall grass are sparse. The Mayor’s House and Pokémon Center are present regardless of how many people reside in the forest.

When using the Entralink feature to visit another player’s Black City, the player can invite people who have left their Black City to come to White Forest to increase occupancy; this can enable new items and wild Pokémon to be found.

In White 2, White Forest has changed from the original White version. There are no longer patches of tall grass or pools of water to find wild Pokémon in. Instead, the White Treehollow is located within the northern part of the forest.


Pokémon White

In Pokémon White, White Forest has a maximum population of 25, although only 10 residents can be present at any one time.

Each NPC has a set number of points, which will change depending on certain functions that can be performed by the player. If an NPC’s points value reaches 0, then they will leave White Forest. The factors involved in this are as follows:

Function Value 1 day passes -5 points Player enters area +3 points Player talks to character +10 points

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New NPCs can only be brought into White Forest by inviting them from Black City via the Entralink.

NPCs that have left will be visible to other players in Entralink. If this area becomes full, no more will leave, even if their score reaches zero.

Pokémon White 2

In Pokémon White 2, population instead increases as areas of White Treehollow are completed.

Poké Mart

Upper cashier Poké Ball Poké Ball Pokémon Dollar200 Great Ball Great Ball Pokémon Dollar600 Ultra Ball Ultra Ball Pokémon Dollar1200 Potion Potion Pokémon Dollar300 Super Potion Super Potion Pokémon Dollar700 Hyper Potion Hyper Potion Pokémon Dollar1200 Max Potion Max Potion Pokémon Dollar2500 Full Restore Full Restore Pokémon Dollar3000 Revive Revive Pokémon Dollar1500 Antidote Antidote Pokémon Dollar100 Paralyze Heal Parlyz Heal Pokémon Dollar200 Awakening Awakening Pokémon Dollar250 Burn Heal Burn Heal Pokémon Dollar250 Ice Heal Ice Heal Pokémon Dollar250 Full Heal Full Heal Pokémon Dollar600 Escape Rope Escape Rope Pokémon Dollar550 Repel Repel Pokémon Dollar350 Super Repel Super Repel Pokémon Dollar500 Max Repel Max Repel Pokémon Dollar700 Lower cashier BridgeMail M BridgeMail M Pokémon Dollar50 Greet Mail Greet Mail Pokémon Dollar50 Favored Mail Favored Mail Pokémon Dollar50 RSVP Mail RSVP Mail Pokémon Dollar50 Thanks Mail Thanks Mail Pokémon Dollar50 Inquiry Mail Inquiry Mail Pokémon Dollar50 Like Mail Like Mail Pokémon Dollar50 Reply Mail Reply Mail Pokémon Dollar50


Each day, each resident present may drop an item in one of ten locations in the Forest to be picked up that day. The items dropped mostly correlate with the items sold at the Market by the same resident in Black City.

Item Location Games Stardust Stardust Leo W Dive Ball Dive Ball Jacques W Thunder Stone Thunderstone Ken W Heart Scale Heart Scale Lynette W Yellow Shard Yellow Shard Collin W Quick Ball Quick Ball Ryder W Nest Ball Nest Ball Piper W Green Shard Green Shard Marie W Tiny Mushroom TinyMushroom Dave W Net Ball Net Ball Shane W Dusk Stone Dusk Stone Herman W Repeat Ball Repeat Ball Miki W Poké Ball Poké Ball PierceSilvia W Rare Bone Rare Bone Britney W Great Ball Great Ball Robbie W Fire Stone Fire Stone Vincent W Water Stone Water Stone Ralph W Ultra Ball Ultra Ball Miho W Sun Stone Sun Stone Lena W Leaf Stone Leaf Stone Karenna W Moon Stone Moon Stone Rosa W Shiny Stone Shiny Stone Molly W Big Mushroom Big Mushroom Gene W Blue Shard Blue Shard Eliza W Dawn Stone Dawn Stone Grace W Oval Stone Oval Stone Carlos W Red Shard Red Shard Doug W Honey Honey Frederic W Timer Ball Timer Ball Emi W


The following Berries can be obtained by showing a certain Pokémon available in White Forest at the moment to the Mayor. This can be done once every day, but the Pokémon must have been caught on the same day.

Item Location Games Chesto Berry Chesto Berry Given by the Mayor W Pecha Berry Pecha Berry Given by the Mayor W Leppa Berry Leppa Berry Given by the Mayor W Lum Berry Lum Berry Given by the Mayor W Bluk Berry Bluk Berry Given by the Mayor W

Pokémon White 2

In Pokémon White 2, there are four stalls, each unlocked after completing a certain area in the White Treehollow. Each store sells one item per day. Items on the left are sold on weekdays, while items on the right are sold on weekends. The areas to unlock the stalls are Area 2, Area 5, Area 8, and Area 10, respectively.

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Store 1 Leaf Stone Leaf Stone Pokémon Dollar1000 Deep Sea Tooth DeepSeaTooth Pokémon Dollar1000 Store 2 Water Stone Water Stone Pokémon Dollar2000 Deep Sea Scale DeepSeaScale Pokémon Dollar2000 Store 3 Shiny Stone Shiny Stone Pokémon Dollar4000 Dragon Scale Dragon Scale Pokémon Dollar4000 Store 4 Oval Stone Oval Stone Pokémon Dollar6000 King's Rock King’s Rock Pokémon Dollar6000


All Pokémon are common, but their appearance is determined by certain residents. The Pokémon cannot be avoided through use of Repel or similar methods.

Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate Sp Su Au Wi Pidgey Pidgey B W Grass Grass 5 LeoSchool Kid m OD.png Nidoran♀ Nidoran♀ B W Grass Grass 5 JacquesScientist m OD.png Nidoran♂ Nidoran♂ B W Grass Grass 5 KenVeteran m OD.png Oddish Oddish B W Grass Grass 5 LynetteLady OD.png Abra Abra B W Grass Grass 5 CollinClerk m OD.png Machop Machop B W Grass Grass 5 RyderBlack Belt OD.png Bellsprout Bellsprout B W Grass Grass 5 PiperClerk f OD.png Magnemite Magnemite B W Grass Grass 5 MarieScientist f OD.png Gastly Gastly B W Grass Grass 5 DaveRoughneck OD.png Rhyhorn Rhyhorn B W Grass Grass 5 ShaneSchool Kid m OD.png Porygon Porygon B W Grass Grass 5 HermanBackpacker m OD.png Togepi Togepi B W Grass Grass 5 MikiLass OD.png Mareep Mareep B W Grass Grass 5 PierceRich Boy V OD.png Hoppip Hoppip B W Grass Grass 5 BritneyClerk f OD.png Elekid Elekid B W Grass Grass 5 RobbieYoungster OD.png Magby Magby B W Grass Grass 5 VincentAce Trainer m V OD.png Wurmple Wurmple B W Grass Grass 5 SilviaSchool Kid f OD.png Lotad Lotad B W Grass Grass 5 RalphPokemon Ranger m OD.png Seedot Seedot B W Grass Grass 5 MihoNursery Aide OD.png Ralts Ralts B W Grass Grass 5 LenaAce Trainer f V OD.png Slakoth Slakoth B W Grass Grass 5 KarennaBattle Girl OD.png Whismur Whismur B W Grass Grass 5 RosaVeteran f OD.png Azurill Azurill B W Grass Grass 5 MollyBackpacker f OD.png Aron Aron B W Grass Grass 5 GeneHiker OD.png Trapinch Trapinch B W Grass Grass 5 ElizaPokemon Ranger f OD.png Bagon Bagon B W Grass Grass 5 GraceSocialite OD.png Starly Starly B W Grass Grass 5 CarlosBackpacker m OD.png Shinx Shinx B W Grass Grass 5 DougClerk m OD.png Budew Budew B W Grass Grass 5 FredericGentleman OD.png Happiny Happiny B W Grass Grass 5 EmiBackpacker f OD.png Surfing Wooper Wooper B W Surfing Surfing 5 Lena, Frederic, Herman, Grace Lotad Lotad B W Surfing Surfing 5 Ryder, Karenna, Doug, Marie, Molly, Eliza, Collin, Jacques, Rosa Surskit Surskit B W Surfing Surfing 5 Leo, Silvia, Dave, Britney, Robbie, Miki, Lynette, Pierce, Gene, Piper, Miho, Shane, Ralph Corphish Corphish B W Surfing Surfing 5 Vincent, Carlos, Ken, Emi A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.


Pokémon White

Trainer Pokémon School Kid Shaye School Kid Shayeシンジ ShinjiReward: PokémonDollar.png1300Triple Battle 560 Scrafty♂ Lv.65 No item 563 Cofagrigus♂ Lv.65 No item 579 Reuniclus♂ Lv.65 No item Nursery Aide Briana Nursery Aide Brianaユカリ YukariReward: PokémonDollar.png2600Triple Battle 609 Chandelure♀ Lv.65 No item 573 Cinccino♀ Lv.65 No item 584 Vanilluxe♀ Lv.65 No item

Pokémon White 2

Main article: White Treehollow → Trainers

All Trainers encountered in White Forest are encountered within White Treehollow.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Black 2 & White 2 chapter

White Forest appeared in Deduction Time, where it was revealed to have been frozen by the Plasma Frigate. Iris, Alder, and Gorm broke out of the frozen White Treehollow, where they had been training while the forest was attacked. In the process, it was revealed that Alder had passed his Champion title on to Iris.

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring White Forest in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Related cardsCards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded naponewsonline.org listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats. Card Type EnglishExpansion Rarity # JapaneseExpansion Rarity # Azelf Psychic Plasma Blast Rare 38/101 Megalo Cannon Uncommon 030/076


  • The Pokémon that can appear here correspond to the specific team of the NPC who generates that Pokémon in Black City.
  • If the player invites people from either Black City or White Forest to go to their game and talks to them, they will say they met the player from the game they came from, even if that player hasn’t reached that location yet.
  • White Forest is the only forest in the Pokémon games to contain a Pokémon Center.
  • If White Forest is visited in Pokémon White for the first time, the first patch of grass or the first water tile the player enters will always result in an encounter with a Wild Pokémon.
  • White Forest’s German name, Weißer Wald, is alliterative. It shares this trait with its counterpart, Black City.

In other languages

Language Title Mandarin Chinese 白色森林 Báisè Sēnlín France naponewsonline.org European French Forêt Blanche Germany naponewsonline.org German Weißer Wald Italy naponewsonline.org Italian Foresta Bianca South Korea naponewsonline.org Korean 화이트포레스트 White Forest Spain naponewsonline.org European Spanish Bosque Blanco Vietnam naponewsonline.org Vietnamese Khu rừng Trắng Unova Trio naponewsonline.org Basic naponewsonline.org Insect naponewsonline.org Bolt naponewsonline.org Quake naponewsonline.org Jet naponewsonline.org Freeze naponewsonline.org Legend naponewsonline.org Basic naponewsonline.org Toxic naponewsonline.org Insect naponewsonline.org Bolt naponewsonline.org Quake naponewsonline.org Jet naponewsonline.org Legend naponewsonline.org Wave naponewsonline.org SettlementsNuvema Town • Accumula Town • Striaton City • Nacrene City • Castelia City • Nimbasa City • Anville TownDriftveil City • Mistralton City • Icirrus City • Opelucid City • Pokémon League • Lacunosa Town • Undella TownBlack City • White Forest • Aspertia City • Floccesy Town • Virbank City • Lentimas Town • Humilau City Routes1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7 • 8 • 9 • 10 • 11 • 12 • 13 • 14 • 15 • 16 • 17 • 18 • 19 • 20 • 21 • 22 • 23 Bridges and tunnelsSkyarrow Bridge • Driftveil Drawbridge • Tubeline Bridge • Village Bridge • Marvelous Bridge • Marine Tube LandmarksDreamyard • Wellspring Cave • Pinwheel Forest • Liberty Garden • Desert Resort • Relic Castle • Battle Subway • Lostlorn ForestCold Storage • Mistralton Cave • Chargestone Cave • Celestial Tower • Twist Mountain • Dragonspiral Tower • Moor of IcirrusChallenger’s Cave • Victory Road (BW • B2W2) • N’s Castle • Royal Unova • Giant Chasm • Undella Bay • Abyssal RuinsAbundant Shrine • Poké Transfer Lab • P2 Laboratory • Entralink • Unity Tower • Floccesy Ranch • Pledge Grove • Virbank ComplexPokéstar Studios • Castelia Sewers • Join Avenue • Cave of Being • Pokémon World Tournament • Reversal Mountain • Plasma FrigateClay Tunnel • Underground Ruins • Strange House • Relic Passage • Seaside Cave • White Treehollow • Black Tower Access toNature Preserve Project Cities and Towns naponewsonline.org This article is part of Project Cities and Towns, a Bulbapedia project that aims to write comprehensive articles on every city and town in the Pokémon world.

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