The World of Kings: Which class is better

The World of Kings: Which class is better
The World of Kings: Which class is better

The World of Kings is the most recent mobile MMORPG, which attempts to focus on a friendlier freemium model and away from old pay-to-win kind of stuff. It places dependence on premium cosmetics rather than acquiring a weapon with maximum capabilities and destroying everyone coming your way. Besides that, we are going to tell you about the classes in this guide. Moreover, we will also let you know which class is the best one.

The World of Kings – Classes

We are going to guide our readers about the existing classes first, and when we are done briefing our readers about different classes, we will guide you about which class is better than others. The World of Kings consists of nine different classes to pick from, which are as follows.

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1. Warrior

Warrior works as the tank of the group. They have good control over their opponents, and it does little damage but can slow them down as well. The Warrior class has an abundance of health and excellent protection due to its massive shield.

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2. Rogue

Rogue is a ranged character that has a good attack and can move swiftly. It can attack opponents massively from greater distances.

3. Fighter

The fighter is a class who loves chaos; its defense is weak but can exert the right amount of damage due to its offensive characteristics.

4. Wizard

This spell-casting class is a ver6 offense class, but it has minimal lives. They should be used intelligently by placing them back during the battle to save them and exert maximum damage to opponents.

5. Mag

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Like the wizard, the mag also casts magic spells, which can exert a good amount of damage with greater control. But it would be best if you learn to use them as every branch has different combinations of spells with different results. This needs to be used with some experience, as this is a tricky class. You have to cast multiple spells to deal with the maximum amount of damage.

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6. Dark Sage (Necromancer)

This one is an interesting class. It has good control and is capable of exerting damage to a crowd of opponents at the expense of its own life. It can also heal defeated allies.

7. Cleric (Healer)

They act as supporting characters. As the name suggests, it provides protection and can restore the health of allies. They can also heal multiple allies together with their special power. Their attack is less vicious than other support classes, but they also have few mass attacks.

8. Paladin

This is the holy class and one of the toughest to beat as it can exert a good amount of damage on foes, restore health, and raise defense using special skills. It has potent mass attacks that can attack multiple foes at a time. This class is for those players who like to be more offensive, but they should be placed in the middle on the battlefield.

9. Archer

This class is considered as the best doctors in this game, due to their ability to attack one or several foes from farthest distances. It has an amazing attack rate and can also work great as a doctor for ranged fighters. They can be placed at the farthest battle lines.

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Things to Know Before Choosing a Class

We discussed a little about each class above. But this is not enough to choose which class to play with, as we don’t know anything about you. We don’t know if you ever played this kind of role-playing mass game, or is it your first time trying a hand in this kind of scenario. We don’t know if you are familiar with the gameplay and mechanics of these sort of games on mobiles. Long story short, all of the above classes work differently for different players considering their experience and mindset. Let us sort that out for you to pick the best class for you:

  • Beginners

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If you are a beginner, then melee classes are for you as they are the easiest to learn, and you can easily polish your craft with them. They will give you time to gather yourself in case of any chaos as they will not be killed right away due to their large size. These heroes will keep your opponent engaged, and this will prevent fragile characters from being targeted easily by enemies. With time you will learn to use spells, which will inflict more damage on your foes.

  • Experienced Players

If you are someone who has been playing this kind of game for a more extended period, then you must go for the classes which have characteristics more suitable for your style of playing. It would be best if you have specific priorities and preferences because you have been playing for ages. So, you have to choose what is closer to your distinctive approach towards the game. You must not forget that this game is unlike any other role-playing game. Like, paladins are the most deceitful rivals, whereas vampires are a support class.

  • Playing For The Doctors

This strategy is a massive responsibility, so I would advise you not to go for it if you don’t want to get stuck with this responsibility of treating your team members from time to time. Because all your allies will be waiting for you to heal them in time after getting attacked and if any team member dies, it is only the doctor’s fault. So, choose this class wisely.

  • Heroes With A Powerful Attack

Heroes are more offensive, but they have a limited number of lives, so you must be cautious while playing with them. They are magicians who can make different castes of spells to inflict maximum damage to opponents from distances. You have to protect them by placing them behind your main batches and using their powers wisely at the right times. Don’t let enemies come closer to them as they have low health indicators. You will need a certain amount of experience to use them correctly.

  • Lukari

The Lukari class is considered limited range fighters, and you should protect them from chaos. They can inflict maximum damage from a great distance and can also heal your allies from a distance. But like magicians, they have a limited number of lives.

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Finally, Which Class is Better?

The World of Kings is interesting, full of strategies, and a very popular game. There are 9 classes for you to choose from. It is noteworthy that all the classes are pretty balanced as they all have their advantages and disadvantages. They all are very excited to play with and are worthy of your attention. Remember, the outcome of a battle depends on the amount of Combat Power of the hero as well as the hand of the character you are playing with.

This game mainly depends on the time you invest in it, your strategy, understanding, and experience of the gameplay. It will be hard to reach a conclusive result from the team games while going solo. We hope this guide will be helpful to you.

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