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Top 20 Yandere Boys in Anime | Napo News Online
Top 20 Yandere Boys in Anime | Napo News Online

We can’t leave out all those obsessive and occasionally murderous yandere boys, now can we? Unlike yandere girls who tend to be a bit more explosively violent in their rage, yandere boys tend to burn at a low smolder. Often composed in their stalking and their violence coming off as “just being over protective,” they can be just as prolific killers when it comes to their love.

20 – Akito Sohma from Fruits Basket


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Akito is easily one of the more famous yandere boys out there. Although frails and sickly, he runs the Sohma clan with an iron fist of manipulation and hurt feelings. So why does he bottom out our list of yandere boys? Well, because he isn’t actually a boy.

19 – Clear from DRAMAtical Murder


Clear is a strange man, as his gas mask might suggest. Despite Aoba not knowing him at all, Clear insists that he is his master. As such, Clear will do anything for him.


18 – Tyki Mikk from D. Gray Man


Tyki Mikk is the definition of being two-faced. His “white side” is a goofy man that likes to gamble while his “dark side” is sadistic with a lust for blood. However, as one of the villains of the series he doesn’t show much of a love for anything, making him not quite as yandere as he is a psychopath.

17 – Suboshi from Fushigi Yuugi


While not the most chipper character in the series, Suboshi is fierce, impulsive, and stubborn, but not immediately yandere. His violent nature only appears when his younger twin brother Amiboshi is in danger. If it means protecting Amiboshi, he will kill anyone, even his fellow Seiryu warriors.

16 – Light Yagami from Death Note

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Light is the subject of much debate in terms of his yandere status. Some say that without his death note, he was a fine young man, making his transformation that of a yandere. Others say it just fed his sleeping psychopath and that he is in fact just crazy. The jury is still out on if one can be both psychopathic and yandere, since psychopaths can’t love. One thing is for sure, if you are in between Light and his goal, he will kill you if he can, and ambition can be a form of love.

15 – Kyouji “Spiegel” Shinkawa from Sword Art Online S2


After being bullied at school and pressured by his parents to succeed, Shinkawa retreated into Gale Gun Online where he covered for his real life weakness with virtual strength. There within he met Shino and formed a stalker-like attachment to her. This ultimately culminated in the attempted murder-suicide that was foiled by Kirito.

14 – Creed Diskenth from Black Cat

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Creed’s obsession with Train started young back when he was an eraser and Train was the XIII Chrono Number. He admired him to the point that he referred to him as his “partner” even though Train barely knew who he was. Eventually, in order to garner his attention, Creed kidnapped Rinslet to force a meeting. While mostly insane, Creed is never more disturbing than when we know what he is saying is the truth.

13 – Grell Suteliff from Black Butler


Originally posing as Madam Red’s ineffectual butler, it is later revealed that Grell is a Shinigami and is in fact helping Madam Red carry out the Jack the Ripper killings. While the friendship between him and Madam Red is strong, Grell has an unhealthy crush on Sebastian, referring to them as Romeo and Juliet. While at first they fight each other in a blurry hazy of fighting and flirting, later they become wary allies, though Grell still maintains a sadist’s attitude.

12 – Mikaela Hyakuya from Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign


Although sweet and kind as a human, Mikaela became a different sort as a vampire. As he was turned against his will, Mika comes to hate both vampires and humans. While primarily self-loathing and particularly broody, when his thirst becomes too much to bear, Mika will attack anything in sight in his blood lust.

11 – Mitsuhide Akechi from Samurai Kings


Unlike other representations where Mitsuhide is cold, calculating, and dignified, in Samurai Kings he is shown as a sadistic psychopath. He is impeccably loyal to his lord Nobunaga, but is shown to possibly be the greater evil as he revels in the suffering of the people.

10 – Izaya Orihara from Durarara!


Izaya often doesn’t like to do the dirty work himself, but instead likes to manipulate others into doing terrible things, often just to see what would happen. However, when confronted, he does have a small knife that he is not afraid to use with great joy.

9 – Toma from Amnesia


Typically, Toma has a very laid-back personality, and he cares for both Shin and Heroine like siblings. However, when it comes to Heroine, he has a bit of a dark spot. At one point, his obsession boils over with him keeping her locked in his home. At first, he drugs her to get her to sleep most days away, and then when she confronts him, he keeps her locked in a cage.

8 – Griffith from Berserk


Griffith is a man of ambition, not so much a man of love. However, he does not like to lose things that he perceives as his. When Gutts makes the decision to leave the Band of the Hawk, Griffith kind of “loses his shit,” so to speak. His resulting reckless behavior leads to his arrest, imprisonment, and torture. After later being rescued and seeing the affection between Casca and Gutts, he then literally plunges the world into hell.

7 – Seiji Yagiri from Durarara!

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Unlike DRRR’s other yandere, Izaya, Seiji is often more violent in his actions instead of manipulative, for he is actually capable of love. He is in love with Celty’s head and believes that it was attached to the body of his stalker Mika, who you may remember is a yandere herself towards Seiji. However, he later finds out that this is a lie, but accepts Mika anyway while still maintaining threat of pain and death to her if she tries to harm the head.

6 – Alois Trancy from Black Butler II


Alois and his emotions are wildly unpredictable, with his only constant being his affection for his butler, Claude. When his mood swings from his cheerful disposition, it typically results in brutally violent acts, but while easily angered, he loses interest quickly.

5 – Seijuro Akashi from Kuroko’s Basketball


Seijuro cares about his team mates. Some might say he cares about them too much. While it is his own aspirations that drive him to make his team perfect, when he feels like he might be left behind, he gets a bit insane. It gets so bad that he once threatened to remove a team mate’s eye.

4 – Rolo Lamperouge from Code Geass


While Rolo knows full well that he and Lelouch are not real siblings, he clings to the thought with great obsession. If Lelouch orders it, Rolo will do it, even it means endangering his life or mass murdering anyone that would oppose his brother. While that is fine and doesn’t necessarily make him a yandere, the great pleasure he takes killing in the name of love does.

3 – Keisuke from Togainu no Chi


Despite a particular weakness and lack of fighting skills, Keisuke is incredibly loyal to his orphanage friend Akira. Whenever Akira is involved, Keisuke’s shyness turns to boldness. When Akira is in trouble, his weakness turns to uncontrollable violence.

2 – Vincent Nightray from Pandora Hearts


Although younger than Gilbert by one year and raised apart, Vincent Nightray possesses a singular obsession for his brother, to the point where it can bring out the dark, unstable side hidden beneath his smiling facade. At one point, he is seen walking around a battlefield gouging out eyes and cutting intestines with scissors stating that this was not his fault because he was doing it to save his brother.

1 – Shuu Tsukiyama from Tokyo Ghoul


Like Yuno Gasai did with yandere ladies, when Shuu Tsukiyama appeared in Tokyo Ghoul, he became the definition of a yandere man. As the famous Gourmet ghoul, Shuu acts like a composed intellectual with opulent tastes, but only to mask the disturbed and narcissistic man inside. In Tokyo Ghoul, we watch as he develops an obsession with Ken Kaneki’s flesh and blood. He even goes so far as to carry a handkerchief covered in Ken’s blood to sate his desire to devour him. What better way to possess someone then to consume them, right?

Did we miss your favorite yandere boy from anime on this list? Tell us all about his hot body and possessive love in the comments section below.

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